The top stream of the New Year’s Eve party also overturned! Wang Yibo was so fat that he couldn’t see the jawline, and Yang Mi’s “clip sound” was ridiculed

The New Year’s Eve party on major platforms can be described as exciting, almost all efforts are made to attract the attention of the audience, and the various highlights of the party are also endless, and the topics are constant.

Beijing Satellite TV multiple satellite TV simulcasts

Beijing Satellite TV adopts a number of satellite TV simulcast methods, and there is a row of flowery and green satellite TV logos on top, which is really imposing.

Yang Mi’s singing skills were complained about

Yang Mi and his friend Zhou Bichang collaborated to sing a song “Little Lucky”, which has a sweet style. Yang Mi also pouted, flying through the air to kiss Zhou Bichang, it was really sweet. But Yang Mi’s voice could not conquer the audience, and as soon as he opened his mouth, he was ridiculed, and some netizens described it as follows: “standard clip sound”, “nail scratching glass”… Think about it, and you know how bad it is.

Wang Yibo was so fat that he couldn’t see his jawline

As an old friend of Hunan Satellite TV, it is logical that Wang Yibo appeared on the stage of Hunan Satellite TV’s New Year’s Eve. But this time Wang Yibo is obviously blessed, the whole face is much rounder, even the jawline has almost disappeared, and he is still recommending milk tea when he appears, is this a buyer show?

It is worth mentioning that the ring on Wang Yibo’s hand is still “Brother Tiantian”, which means that although he left the hosting team of “Tian Tian Up”, he still misses “Tian Tian Brother”.

And crossing the Chinese New Year’s Eve is also the debut scene of Wang Yibo’s new song, and when singing and dancing, the fact that the face is swollen is even more exposed, and the high hairline is also visible.

However, the focus of netizens was all off-track, whether the singing was good or not, everyone had not had time to evaluate, first concerned about whether Wang Yibo was fat or swollen, and shouted: “Lose weight!” “It seems that Wang Yibo’s fortune is really beyond the imagination of many people.

“CP” stew

Major platforms have launched “popular CP” across Chinese New Year’s Eve very tacitly, which is really a pair of sweet.

Qi Wei and Li Chengxuan, the pair of real CPs, sang “Mohe Dance Hall”, the shape was retro and elegant, and all kinds of affectionate eyes looked at each other during the period, making the host shout: “Knocked.” ”

Song Zuer and Wang Anyu’s “Fly with You to the Wind” made this pair of CPs successfully out of the circle and became one of the popular screen couples. This time, the two sang a song “The Wind Blows a Summer” with the youthful summer beach wind, and during the singing process, cute hand holding, sweet eyes, and mutual comparison, there should be interaction, and the love atmosphere is full, which is worthy of super sweet after-sales!

“Fish Farming” CP sweetly collaborated on a song, and the pink bubble was about to overflow off-screen. After the two collaborated on the TV series, they collaborated on a new movie “Love in Years”, so the two also promoted the new drama on the same stage by the way.

Xue Zhiqian becomes a magician

Xue Zhiqian’s stage has always been unusual, and once he began to sing and perform and stepped on the building to walk up, this time he turned on the magic mode, lying down and suspended in the air, this alternative performance method is quite impressive.

A number of celebrity “doppelgangers” on New Year’s Eve

This New Year’s Eve party has a number of stars “doppelganger” went to different parties, first of all, Zhang Yixing, three parties before and after, the actual live broadcast is on Oriental Satellite TV, and the party regular Zhou Shen, who crossed many parties in one breath, worthy of being a powerful party, loved by the organizers. The on-site strength is also first-class. There are also stars such as Zhang Liangying and Zhang Qi, all of whom have “doppelganger” performances.

The major platforms also work hard to pull people, but the final stage presentation effect still depends on the specific performance of the artist, sometimes things backfire, sometimes overjoyed, everyone just looks at it normally.

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