How do men choose a suit collar coat that suits them in winter? Take a look at these 4 options

Cold wind after winter

, let most gentlemen feel

Warm and cold-resistant clothing is not a down jacket

…… Although the down jacket is good,

But if you are not careful, you will dress as a Michelin baby

(Especially for strong gentlemen).

If gentlemen wear a decent one

Suit collar coat


The painting style should look like this:

The suit collar coat gives a straight feeling

The suit collar coat is warm and comfortable, and it is easy to wear with all kinds of clothing

Worried about not keeping warm?

Gentlemen, rest assured: a piece of excellent workmanship and exquisite fabric

Men’s suit collar coats will not make you sloppy and bloated, but also enough to make you warm and dashing through the cold winter.

In fact, gentlemen’s coats, there are many styles, today we will not talk too much about its history, temporarily ignore the length of men’s coats, genres, but where the collar type is shown in the following picture, here, we are all called men’s suit collar coat ↓

Common suit collar large collar type

Why do men have a suit collar coat in winter?

1. The suit collar coat is definitely the most classic clothing in a men’s wardrobe (which can be worn for 100 years);

If there is one piece of clothing that can be worn for 100 years, it must be an overcoat.

In the picture of the last century (1930s) European and American men’s suit collar coat shape ↑, and then compare the current popular men’s suit collar coat style, almost no change ↓

Such a garment that will stand the test of time is worthy of gentlemen.

2. The fabric of the suit collar coat is exquisite, enough to warm the body and resist the wind and snow of winter;

Common fabrics for suit collar coats are: cashmere, wool, blends, etc

。 Especially the wool and cashmere content of the suit collar coat, the warmth effect is better, and the high-quality fabric also ensures the crisp and comfortable wearing of the coat silhouette.

Purchase reminder: As a decent, value-preserving clothing for men, when conditions permit, gentlemen try to give preference to suit collars with higher wool or cashmere content, of course, wool and other fabrics blended fabrics, is also a very economical choice.

3. The simple silhouette of the suit collar coat and the visual sense of vertical lines can highlight the height of gentlemen;

The suit collar coat silhouette has a very smooth line

, rightfully so that all the gentlemen of mass body look

Very tall and neat↓

The skinny gentleman wearing a suit collar coat will also make you less thin overall↑

A slightly chubby gentleman, or a body with a belly, can also appear thin and tall in the visual modification of the straight lines of the suit collar coat

How do gentlemen choose for themselves a decent, stylish, classic suit collar coat in winter? Please refer to the following 4 selection suggestions:

Choice recommendation 1: Please choose the suit collar coat that best suits your length according to your height;

–> gentlemen under 175 tall:

Suit collared coat

A suit collar coat that reaches mid-thighs in length, or is slightly longer than a suit

, is definitely a wise choice for gentlemen who do not have an advantage in height ↑

Especially the cropped suit collar coat with slightly wider shoulders and a slightly cinched waist silhouette

, especially to make gentlemen who do not have an advantage in height look more lean ↓

The combination of booties and a cropped blazer coat complements the outfit of this casual delicacy that distracts attention from height ↓

Cropped pants and a cropped suit collar coat combination, the figure is tall, clean and neat↓

Can I wear a long model? Gentlemen who do not have an advantage in height should choose carefully …

–> gentleman taller than 175:

Whether it is a long (length to about the knee) or a short coat, the upper body can have a good effect ↓

Since there is a height advantage,

Of course, it is the long suit collar coat that best reflects the temperament of Mr. Height Advantage ↓

Note: If you don’t have the aura of a supermodel, please don’t use life as a catwalk, and choose an extra-long (length to about the calf) or oversized coat

Choice recommendation 2: Choose a suit-collar coat of the right size according to body type;

Although gentlemen vary in body type, choose a coat that it is good to have a slightly loose fit, a suit collar coat is too large and looks sloppy, and too small is funny.

If the body is thin: the lapels of the suit collar coat should not be too large, otherwise there will be a top-heavy feeling;

If the body shape is fat: remember to choose a simple decorative suit collar coat, simple straight lines can weaken the sense of transversity on the body shape;

Choice Tip 3: Choose a suit collar coat according to color

Black, blue, and gray are common colors for men’s coats:

Solemn, atmospheric.

But the color that is most suitable for Asian men, it is recommended to prefer navy blue, he is suitable for gentlemen of all ages.

Whether it is a long or short navy blue coat, it can be easily worn with the clothes that gentlemen already have ↕

If gentlemen want to wear different colors in black, gray and blue, they can completely try camel color

。 Camel suit collar coat looks like a suit collar coat than other colors

Younger ↓

Camel suit collar coats can also be matched with almost any color of gentlemen’s clothing.

Gentlemen over the age of 40 wear camel suit collar coats, and they can also wear fashionable and age-reducing effects ↓

In recent years, with the popularity of checks in menswear,

Plaid suit collar coats are also becoming popular ↓

Check suit collar coat although fashionable,

But the check pattern has a sense of visual expansion, and it is not recommended to try it for stronger gentlemen.

Gentlemen who do not have an advantage in height also wear cautious checked suit collar coats.

Gentlemen of 40+ can try suit collar coats with less obvious checks (dark checks),

The dark check can make the gentlemen of the 40+ look vibrant.

The variety of suits and coats stems from gentlemen choosing a coat that suits them. If you choose the right one, it’s easy to dress.

What other advice do gentlemen have when choosing a suit collar coat? You are welcome to interact with me in the message area.

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