Invisible storage folding bed yyds, study room with this design, one room for dual use

Artwork information

Project type: four-bedroom two-living room duplex

Design style: minimalist style

Project Area: 230㎡

Resident population: a family of four

Design team: Wang Yunhe, Guo Qian, Xi Yan

Construction unit Builder: Hengdian Decoration Company

Project Location: Handan – Shangpin Xinyuan

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After returning to China, a young returnee bought a beautiful big house and wanted to design it well to provide a comfortable living environment for his parents and sister.

After seeing the apartment structure, the designer team quickly provided some solutions to the shortcomings in the space structure of the first floor and the second floor, and basically confirmed the design cooperation at the first meeting.

△Original structure diagram of the first floor


Original unit type

From the point of view, the kitchen and the storage room are adjacent but not accessible, and the space of each is small. The east-west setting of the restaurant location will cause insufficient space use, and it is inconvenient to enter and exit from the dining room to the kitchen.

△The layout plan of the first floor

After resetting

The kitchen opens up two small spaces, and the restaurant is re-rotated 90 degrees to reset, and the load-bearing pillars are cleverly used to make dining tables. The change of space setting has greatly improved the sense of quality and use of the house.

△Original structure of the second floor

Second floor

Original structure

It is two bathrooms, which are repeated in space, and the designer merges the two toilets to make a dry and wet separation.

△The layout plan of the second floor

After the renovation,

The master bedroom, balcony, and study adopt the principle of multi-functional space design, and the second floor area is designed as a complete “small home”, even if it is imported in the future, it will not affect the personal living space of parents and sister downstairs.

Designers abandon obvious “style” constraints,

The design of the space revolves around “sense of premium” and “sense of ritual”

Space said


Living room.

Hearth spirit

The first floor is mainly occupied by parents and sisters, and as the main activity space and reception space, the overall design idea should present an atmospheric, transparent and fashionable feeling, and use furniture to enhance the spirit of the hearth.

Considering the spiritual needs of the elderly and the interaction of family members, the design of the sofa area in the living room adopts the traditional TV + sofa model. The difference is that the designer has simplified the TV background wall, and the yellow oak color wall panel is embedded with a shelf that can be freely added and subtracted for the display of simple furnishings, making the TV background wall area that was originally criticized by the new home decoration design concept become smart and stylish.

The choice of sofas and coffee tables is the highlight of this space and the bright color of the entire space. The blue + orange yellow sofa is simple and flexible, and the sofa lean that can be placed at will not only changes the limit of the number of people who use the sofa, but also makes the scene reconstruction in this area more arbitrary, which can not only find their usual exclusive position, but also facilitate more people to sit and lie together during family gatherings. The lightweight and stylish geometric triangular coffee table that can be split and combined at will is also easy to use for space transformation.

After the baptism of the epidemic, everyone is tired of the unchanged home space, and more pursues the freshness brought by the flexible home scene. The fireplace space created by the designer has also been well verified during the pandemic.

The design of the staircase is inspired by the keys of the piano, the Z-shaped step design increases the depth of the steps, and the intelligent light illuminates with it, which not only ensures the safety of travel, but also increases the rhythm of the staircase.


A new way of life

The kitchen and dining room are the spaces that designers focus on and the most important places to create a sense of ritual for home. In the designer’s view, a good open kitchen should be an extension of the main space, harmonious with the main space, and unified on the moving line, making cooking a family communication activity. The designer broke the convention and removed the walls of the original kitchen and a small storage room to create a Chinese and Western open kitchen. Through the open layout, the interaction and connectivity of family members are enhanced, so that the owner can see the busy figure of the family in the kitchen in the living room, forming a silent communication.

The two load-bearing walls that cannot be removed extend out of the island and the dining table, which can accommodate the usual meals of the family, and can also extend the table to meet the family meals of more people during the festival. Integrated cabinets and wine cabinets, built-in kitchen appliances make this space meet the needs of powerful storage and is very neat.

The designer’s superb storage technique is like a secret skill, so that all the items in this space have a reasonable position, so as not to cause the space to be cluttered after use. In the design, the designer fully investigated the habits and eating habits of the cooks, and professionally designed the kitchen countertop, seasoning area and vegetable preparation area.

In addition to the refined design of the storage space, in terms of lighting, the designer uses the form of main light + auxiliary lighting. The simple and fashionable spherical chandelier of the restaurant and the built-in ceiling lamp of the Chinese and Western kitchen areas form the main lighting, which can not only create a simple and fashionable space atmosphere, but also adapt to the environment of the kitchen with a lot of oil smoke and high water frequency.

The self-sensing light strip installed at the bottom of the hanging cabinet, and the auxiliary lighting of the area composed of sensor lamps installed inside the cabinet and wine cabinet, make it very safe and convenient to cut vegetables, wash dishes, find spices, and collect tableware.


Meticulous detail

Sister’s room

“Do the most meticulous design for my sister”, for this sister who is still in school at home, the owner gave the most meticulous care, from function to collocation, and the designer repeatedly emphasized all the most detailed arrangements.

Orange with a light gray tone, combined with a simple and restrained wood texture, achieves a temperature balance suitable for living. Considering that my sister is still in school and has a greater demand for the storage of books and sundries, the designer specially designed a bookcase with multiple storage and an extended desk.

The designer also planned a spiritual garden for his sister on the wall – a large cork board, which can be played by her sister at will, favorite idols, her own works, awards… can be posted at will, satisfying the self-release of the heart.

Parents’ room

The calm wood color and light color bedding show elegant taste, and the design of the entire parents’ room is simple and generous. The soft texture lines of the background wall add a delicate and flexible mood to the space. No main light design, the space is more concise and free.

As the design of the parents’ room, mainly considering the parents’ living habits, the design of adding a TV on the wall adds a lively feeling for parents in the bedroom.

Considering that the owner’s parents like to serve flowers and plants in their leisure time, the designer designed the green shelves on the balcony, which reduced the placement area and added a touch of vitality and vitality to the room. Opposite the green shelf is a massage chair purchased for parents, which is convenient for physical health care on days when they cannot go out.

Man Space.

Home at home

The space on the second floor consists of a bedroom, a study, and a separate bathroom, which is the man’s own living space. In this space, the designer’s ingenuity is that it not only considers the current personal hobbies and living habits of the male host, but also carries out a forward-looking design of the space for at least five years, which can easily cope with the changes in the future family structure.

The balcony of the bedroom is divided between the floor and the indoor area, which can be used as a tea space for small couples to spend alone in the future, and can also become a play space for babies in the future. Night lighting equipment is set on the edge of the floor, and with bedside lamps, it can solve the problem of night lighting.

The bedroom space is mainly based on coffee color, and red wall cloth is selected at the connection between the bedside wall panel and the wardrobe to enhance the festive atmosphere of the space.

Click on the empty space to discover unexpected designs in the study

The designer has never forgotten to make the space more comfortable and quality. The extended desk and the two computers for work needs at the same time are also loose. A whole wall of bookshelves fills the space with a strong sense of books.

The setting of the study adopts space superposition, which can be used as a study room, guest room or future children’s entertainment space, and the invisible folding bed on the wall also meets the function of the guest room.

Outdoor renderings

List of good things▿

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The designer said



What adjustments have been made to the space?

Designer Wang Yunhe:

First, we redesigned the staircase at the center of the vision, turning it into a piano key

Loud voice, great love speechless

The emotional expression is the artistic conception of the beauty of silence over sound.

Second, considering that the dining room, kitchen and adjacent small rooms are small in size and underutilized, the three spaces are opened up and combined.

What are the unique designs in the space?

The bed in the study on the second floor is multifunctional and can be turned into a storage device, which is very practical!

The owner needed a place to tidy up his appearance, so we designed a mirror in the door panel of the wine cabinet, which is a mirror when the light is not turned on, and there will be light when it is turned on.

What specific designs promote people’s happiness in the space?

The owner came back from studying in the UK, he wanted to put a fireplace in the living room instead of TV, but I recommend keeping it, although we rarely watch TV, but when we get home, we can watch TV and chat with our parents together, which can better enhance emotional communication.

Although her sister is studying abroad, the owner hopes to leave a room for her in her hometown, and there is a lamp that will always be on for her sister, hoping to bring her warmth in her heart.

Because we have our families to guard one side for us, we have the courage to run around, three or three two under our feet, the heart and mind in the distance, an inch of joy in one year, no matter where we are, the meticulous care of our families will always haunt each other, may the family be in the new house, the sun is full of the road, warm as ever.

About designers


There are joint designer members

Hengdian Decoration Design Director/

Wang Yunhe

Bronze Award of the 7th China Interior Design Biennale Competition in 2008

2010 work (Flowing) Winner of the Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards

2011 Sohu German-Italian Cup 8th China Interior Design Star

The 8th China International Space Design Competition in 2013

The 10th China International Architectural Decoration and Design Art Competition 2015

2015 Mengtian Design Cup Design Competition Design Silver Award

Top 10 Creative Studios in Hebei Province from 2016 to 2017

2018 Tencent Home Design Annual Design 2nd Jinteng Award “Design Competition Style Award” nomination

2018 American Certification Association Certified International Designer

2018-2019 4040 China (Hebei) Outstanding Young Designer

In 2019, the design successfully obtained the original work registration certificate certification

In 2021, the 5th Home Decoration Industry Hongding Innovation Competition was the TOP10 old renovation

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