After stepping on the pit once, this time I want to smash the kitchen partition wall, install a three-link sliding door, and do not make a hanging rail

Netizen A: After stepping on a pit, this time the decoration will smash all the kitchen partition walls, and install a three-link sliding door.

Netizen B: Change 3 doors in 5 years, this time the sliding door will definitely not be equipped with hanging rails!

Netizen C: I asked the experts in the building materials market, the small kitchen should still be equipped with a three-link hanging rail door, which is spacious and convenient to push and pull!

The summary of the three netizens represents the voice of many owners, for the kitchen, the three-link sliding door can be said to be a new Internet celebrity! The so-called triple sliding door is that three glass can cooperate with each other on three tracks, pushing one other two doors to move synchronously, which not only saves effort but also opens up more space.

The ordinary three sliding doors do not have such good handling, completely rely on their own pulleys to operate, and it is more laborious to operate, the most important thing is that only one can be pushed at a time.

Isn’t the advantage of the three-link sliding door reflected? What is valuable is that its space utilization rate is relatively strong, which can expand the kitchen space as much as possible and can also play a partition effect. At the same time, the appearance value is also super high, especially the extremely narrow linkage sliding door, to simplify from complexity, fashionable and beautiful.

There are still some deficiencies for the newly promoted Internet celebrity three-link sliding door, because there is an additional three-linkage system than ordinary doors, so the price is also much higher. Because the three-link structure is also relatively complicated, it is more troublesome to repair in the future, if it is installed, it is best to negotiate the warranty with the merchant.

For sliding doors, many netizens are more concerned about whether to install hanging rails or floor cabinets, I believe that most people, like me, must prefer hanging rails!

For me, who is currently using the ground rail sliding door at home, I am too looking forward to a set of three-link lifting rail sliding door. It’s not because the ground rail will bulge out from the ground, passing by here is easy to trip if you are not careful, and over time it will hide dirt, and it will be enough to clean up when the time comes.

If the hanging rail will not appear in the above situation, the appearance is really nothing to say, the following is the most realistic presentation from the renderings to the real scene, you can compare it.

However, there is a special case here, if your kitchen has made ordinary non-reinforced plaster ceilings before installing the hanging rail door, it is not recommended to make hanging rails at this time! Specific analysis of specific reasons:

Because the load-bearing of the hanging rail door is mainly fixed and load-bearing by the top of the wall, and the ordinary gypsum board ceiling without reinforcement has a low load-bearing capacity, there will be potential safety hazards if it is not firmly fixed.

If you want to install the hanging rail door on the gypsum board ceiling, you must communicate with the ceiling master in advance and reinforce the position of the hanging rail door installation, so that the later installation of the hanging rail can be installed on the gypsum board ceiling normally.

Now many owners are willing to spend this money, and they are not afraid of trouble, after all, after installing a three-link sliding glass door for the kitchen, it can realize two modes of open and closed, just like the 12㎡ kitchen below, the sliding door is open, visually at least 20 ㎡ large!