This year’s popular “cropped harlan pants” are suitable for girls with thick legs, looking thin and tall!

, but some girls have a little thick thighs, it is not very suitable for always wearing shorts, this year it is very popular to wear nine-point harem pants, choose the right style, thin and tall.

NO.1: Straight nine-point harlan pants

College-style casual pants, wearing the upper body is very age-reducing, the shape of the harlan pants, the straight design, has a good effect of covering the flesh and showing thinness, suitable for girls with thick legs, plus-size cargo style, handsome and fashionable, high-waist pants, cropped pants length, lengthened the proportion of the lower body, with a white T-shirt, simple and high.

NO.2: Suspender nine-point harem pants

Cargo style cropped harem pants, has become a very trendy pants now, very classic black, very versatile, large pocket decoration on both sides, very convenient concave shape, suspender style, different from conventional pants, handsome with a little playfulness, loose fit, very thin, with daddy shoes full of athletic style.

NO.3: Chiffon cropped halem pants

For sister paper with thick legs, it is actually not very suitable for wearing shorts, you can wear chiffon harem pants in summer, very loose design, you can modify your legs thicker to be thinner, low-key color, good looking and versatile, pleated pants, increase the sense of fashion, cropped pants, but also lengthen the leg shape, with slippers are also very high.

NO.4: Suit cropped harlan pants

Very suitable for office workers girls wear suit pants, high-waist pants, very high, black pants, very good with clothes, nine-point Harlan pants, suitable for small girls with thick legs, super cover flesh and thin, casual design, special lazy style, with white V-neck T-shirt, good looking and temperamental, casually with flat shoes is also very beautiful.

This year’s popular “cropped harlan pants” are suitable for girls with thick legs, looking thin and tall!