How many do you have? Inventory of the world’s top ten famous light luxury women’s bag brands (Part I)

Seeing this title, I believe that some friends want to ask, “What is light luxury?” “What is the concept of light luxury?”.

Light luxury is when our spending power is not enough to spend a lot of money, when buying big brands, within the scope of economic ability, buy some small light luxury goods, they are often of high quality design, but the price is far lower than that of big brands.


For girls, bags are undoubtedly the best items to show their taste of life! Among them, light luxury women’s bag brands can be said to be more than a “volume”, the following is the world’s top ten famous light luxury women’s bag brands sorted out by 5 sisters, see which ones you have bought~


At present, the most popular light luxury bag brand can be said to be none other than Coach, since the change of designer, the style has changed greatly, the original audience is very wide, after the change of style, it has attracted many customers who love her.


MK is a cutting-edge fashion brand in the United States,

Michael Kors has more than 500 stores in 89 countries around the world.

Sales and popularity have far surpassed brands such as COACH in some countries. In many cities in China, there is a faint trend of rotten streets like MK.

But I have to say that the design is really good-looking, simple and atmospheric and outdated.

Tory Burch

Tory burch’s price has gradually climbed in recent years, and it is a bit niche in the United States, but it is full of design and proud enough, unlike coach and mk will often discount, the US official website generally only has two discounts a year 3 discounts.

It often appears in many TV series, such as the previous hit TV series “Xiaoshede”, which is very suitable for urban beauty commuting.


MCM was founded in 1976


(fashion, creation, Munich) is a luxury defined by the spirit of German culture

Household items

With leather goods accessories brand. The brand combines the spirit of the times with


Origin, focusing on functional innovative design, and always chasing cutting-edge technology.

This brand is very German,

All products are made of the highest quality materials, and the MCM brand product line is mainly leather goods and clothing.

Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkover’s


Admired by a new generation of Hollywood stars, it is the United States

Fashion magazine

Frequently introduced

It Bag

。 from

Lindsay Lohan

Jessica Simpson


Vanessa Hudgens

Haydn Panettiere

Agnes Dean

Almost everyone has a Rebecca Minkoff bag.

Rebecca Minkoff’s Mini Mac series has always been a must-have for celebrity street photography.

It can often be seen in Hollywood street shooting.