Short hair stop perming “full of curls”, this year’s popular Morgan texture perm, fashion to reduce age and beauty

Short hair is lean and neat, very fashionable, and it is also a very popular hairstyle type now. However, after cutting short hair, many people have to use perms to beautify their hair due to hair quality, hair volume, head shape, face shape and other reasons. But the problem comes, as long as it is hot and instantly looks old, it makes the girls who love beauty miserable.

In fact, showing old age is not a problem of perm, but the curl shape and perm method are not selected correctly, which will lead to the permed hairstyle being old. For example, a hairstyle full of curls, this hairstyle is biased towards traditional style, if your temperament is insufficient and your skin tone is dull, it is easy to show aging.

Stylish age-reducing Morgan texture hot

In this issue of hairstyling topics, I will share with girls with short hair a very popular perm method this year – Morgan texture perm. This hairstyle has no obvious curl, but the hair root is fluffy and the ends have only a natural curvature, which can not only increase the height of the skull ceiling, but also produce a very good sense of layered space, with fashionable hair color, it is difficult to be old-fashioned.

As mentioned above, perm is old because it is full of curls. The large curls look young, but the thicker the curl, the more hot the hair roots, but will affect the fluffiness on the top of the head. In order to solve this problem, this year’s short hair fused Morgan perm technology and textured perm together, completely solving the problem of full curly old and large curls that cannot be permed at the roots.

For example, in the short hair pictured above, the root of the hair uses the method of morgan perm to increase the fluffiness, and the top of the head looks good with a high face shape. The ends of the hair are permed with large textures and curls, and with this reddish-brown hair color, it is fashionable and age-reducing and high-end.

Looking at this hairstyle, the U-shaped area on the top of the head uses the Morgan perm method to increase the height of the top of the skull, so that the outer contour of the hairstyle has a fluffy feeling. The ends of the hair use a textured perm to perm a natural curve, which is like a curly and non-curly effect, which can avoid the old-fashioned feeling of traditional curls.

The black hair color is a bit dull and easy to get old. And stylish hair colors can offset the old-fashioned feeling of most perms. Therefore, the perm and hair color of this hairstyle do not show any signs of aging, and are full of fashion.

If you want to reduce the age of short hair perm, in addition to Morgan perm + texture perm, the hair on the top of the head must be long enough to produce a flexible sense of line. If you cut it too short, the texture will be messy, the sense of flow will be lacking, and the hairstyle will be easy to look old.

For example, in the hairstyle pictured above, the length of the top of the head is at least 5 cm, the roots are permed with morgan to increase the fluffiness, and the ends are permed for a natural texture. If the hair is too short to perm such a curve, the curl will become smaller, and the hairstyle will not look good. Therefore, when designing short hair, it is necessary to make the length of the top of the head reach more than 5 cm, and the permed hairstyle will reduce the age.

When blanching a morgan, you can use a standard Korean morgan bar, or you can use a traditional hair root perm to perm, or use tin foil to twist the hair root to get a fluffy effect. The specific method to use depends on the designer’s habits and the needs of the hairstyle.

Texture perm is simple, you can use thicker hollow bar curls, you can also wrap the hair with cotton paper to play hollow curls, there are no specific requirements and standards, as long as it can perm the texture. For example, in the picture above, the hairstyle, the sideburns and the back of the neck are cut relatively thinly, this part does not need to be permed, and the perm is mainly concentrated on the top of the head, so that the perm will not be old.

In addition to the details and hair color to pay attention to in the perm, the style of the hairstyle is also important. When cutting, be sure to design according to the hair quality and face shape, and the effect of cutting the hairstyle and perming is perfect. If the hierarchy and hairstyle are not cut properly, the effect of perm will be greatly reduced.

Let’s take a look at the hairstyle in the picture above, the sideburns are cut short and thin, the length of the top of the head is at least about 6 cm, the hair roots are permed and fluffy, the ends of the hair are permed with a natural texture, and with brown hair color, it is not only fashionable and shows the volume, but also very age-reducing.

Short curly hair that tends to age

The above shares the popular Morgan texture perm method and hairstyle this year, and analyzes each hairstyle and introduces the way to perm. Let’s take a look at the short curly hair that is easy to show aging, and it is best to think twice before perming, so as not to overturn the perm.

For example, this hairstyle is particularly prone to overturning, because the curl is too small, the fluffiness is too large, and the hair color is too dark, which brings an old-fashioned feeling. Even if your appearance is high, it may lower your appearance because of an unsuitable hairstyle, which is what netizens often say: the hairstyle is not the right appearance to be scrapped!

This kind of curly hair is very picky, and ordinary people really can’t control it. Because this kind of hairstyle is a typical big mother’s head, only seventy or eighty-year-old people can control the taste of this type of hairstyle, so you must choose carefully.

Ironing such a small curly hairstyle, even if you dye the most fashionable hair color, it is difficult to restore the old-fashioned feeling brought by the small curl. Don’t say that young people can’t hold it, even middle-aged people in their forties and fifties can’t control this hairstyle, so it’s best to avoid choosing this hairstyle that is easy to show age.

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