Workers choose office chairs to alleviate sedentary occupational diseases, Moga S8 Max ergonomic chair in-depth evaluation

The extension of my working life did not bring me considerable wealth, but it brought about a personal and tangible occupational disease, which is probably the greatest sorrow of my kind of migrant worker. From graduation to now, my job has always been sedentary, and although it has taken several years to become a small leader, the workload has increased with the size of the company.

Some time ago, the company physical examination, the doctor told me that there was something wrong with the spine, there was a slight scoliosis, I was not impressed, I went home to check, only to know that my long-term back pain was related to this slightly scoliosis spine. So immediately reflexively returned to the hospital, the doctor told me that this slight scoliosis will not have much impact on the body, but must pay attention to the later life, especially sitting habits, to avoid long-term bad sitting posture to put more pressure on the spine, make the scoliosis more serious.

After thinking about it, I decided to buy a chair that would really help my spinal health and relax my body. Picked and chose and finally bought Moga’s flagship S8 Max ergonomic chair, the trial sitting feels good, let’s talk to you briefly.

Installation and debugging

The installation of the Moga S8 Max ergonomic chair is very simple, I have also bought so-called boss chairs and gaming chairs of various prices before, and when I first got it, I had a feeling – really difficult to install, all kinds of screws, locks, people with weak hands-on ability will really catch blind. All parts of the S8 Max ergonomic chair are packed in boxes for easy access.

The box comes with a five-year warranty card and instructions for use, but I am not used to reading these things.

Placed on the upper floor of the cabinet is the integrated seat back, which includes two parts: back and lumbar support.

Underneath are the assembled seat decks and armrests, and all screws are installed.

All I had to do was screw the two parts, attach them to the pulley base with an air pressure rod, and finally attach the independent headrest, which took about five minutes in total.

This is what the Moga S8MAX ergonomic chair looks like after assembly, from top to bottom, the headrest, back support area, lumbar pillow, seat, foot rest, and chair wheel set. The one I chose is a glacier blue color scheme, which is much more trendy than the traditional black and gray office chair, and the appearance is properly online.

Product details

There are many ergonomic chairs on the market, but most of them are upgraded versions of boss chairs or gaming chairs, which are comfortable to sit on, but the support for the human body is far from as good as imagined. And Moga can get a large number of users of the group, naturally has its own uniqueness, let’s talk about the interesting design of the Moga S8 Max ergonomic chair.

The overall material of the S8 Max ergonomic chair is not relatively common and cheap PP plastic, but 70% nylon + 30% glass fiber, and the strength and toughness of the material are well guaranteed. It is also very important to ensure that the product is not stained or damaged during long-term use, especially in offices with many people.

The headrest of the S8 Max ergonomic chair is no longer an integrated non-adjustable design with the back of the chair, and the height and angle can be adjusted by itself to adapt to the needs of people of different heights and head and shoulders distances. It can be lifted in two positions, the pillow surface can be rotated freely, and it can also be raised in five gears, so that everyone can find the height and angle of the headrest that best fits their cervical spine.

This design supports the weight of my head at the most comfortable angle, allowing me to relax my stiff shoulder and neck muscles by stretching back on my head after work, and take a relaxing rest.

The back of the chair is no longer the overall support surface, but divided into back support and lumbar support, more in line with the human spine curve, to know that the human spine is not completely straight, but with the waist and abdomen there is a clear S-shaped curve. This lumbar pillow of the S8 Max ergonomic chair is just supported at the S bend, so that the waist is no longer directly stressed, and the feeling of topping is obvious.

The back of the chair also has a reclining adjustable function, a total of four different pressure adjustment gears, using different tightness to adapt to the weight of different users, respectively can adapt to the weight of less than 50kg, 50-70kg, 70-90kg and more than 90kg. In this way, people with light weight do not have to work hard when leaning back, and heavy people do not have a sense of space when leaning back, which is a very intimate function.

The entire lumbar support also adopts an adjustable design, which can be adjusted by rotating the crossbar, so that the entire lumbar rest changes the angle with the change of the waist, and is attached to the waist as closely as possible, giving the body a better and more comfortable support and reducing the pressure on the spine.

The chair surface part is even more interesting, there is no hard object to support at all, but the arched mesh frame design is adopted, that is, a layer of high elasticity and high breathability mesh structure is covered at the border, and the surface has a flocking layer, which can not only fit the curve of the hips well, but also ensure the breathable effect, avoiding the embarrassing scene of skin sticking to the chair surface or pants being soaked with sweat in summer.

To be honest, this layer of fabric does not look strong, so I also specially checked, only to know that it is a K+R flocking special net imported from Germany, after a 120° heat shrinking process, the translucent fabric design can withstand up to 135kg, and will not appear deformation, which is very tough.

The professional name of this chair seat is boneless mesh frame cushion, which is also one of the core technologies of Moga, different from the common foam cushion on the market, the tension distribution of the mesh cushion is uneven. Simply put, it is the most comfortable when sitting upright, because the pressure value in the center of the mesh is low, and the mesh wraps the hips from both sides, reducing the discomfort of the waist and hips. And when your hips are tilted to the left or right, the tension and pressure value of the edge mesh of the seat cushion is high, which will exert a squeezing force on the muscles, which will make you feel slight discomfort, urge you to return to the correct sitting position as soon as possible, let your pelvis and spine naturally straighten, and use this subtle way to keep you sitting correctly and avoid scoliosis of the spine.

Below the chair surface is the core component of the chair lift rod, to know that the quality of the pressure rod is very important, not only related to the comfort of use, but also related to the personal safety of the user. The pressure bar of the S8 Max ergonomic chair is an imported air pressure rod, which has passed the four-level quality certification of TUV Rheinland, many people may not know much about this rating, simply put, many products on the market are level three or even level two, and this rating is the higher the level, the better, level four is the highest level of quality certification.

There is also this intimate foot rest, this function is simply standard in all kinds of comfortable seats now, after all, for office workers, taking a nap after lunch is simply the best way to relax. The foot rest of the Moga S8 Max ergonomic chair differs from other brands in a concealed design that can be gently withdrawn when needed. And the patented single-lever design is also used, so you don’t need to fork your legs wide open to easily take it out or stow.

The surface of the foot rest should be made of soft PU material, the height of the person is 174cm, the foot rest can bear the weight of the calf when resting, there will be no sense of suspension, or it is relatively comfortable. I checked on the Internet, the foot rest here is not completely flat, but adopts a downward slope design of about 30°, which can better fit the curve of my calf when I lie down, and will not cause pressure on the muscles of the calf area, this design detail is still commendable.

One of the most amazing features of the 5D armrests of the S8 Max ergonomic chair is that this humble little thing is not only comfortable for the skin, but also can undergo various deformations and adapt to the needs of different working conditions. For example, when I lie down and rest, I can turn the armrest outward slightly to give my arms a more spacious space; And when I work, I can lean the armrest forward and lean inward, so that I can put my elbows to operate the computer; When I swipe my phone, I can rotate the armrest super inwardly to fully support my elbows. It has to be said that the rotating design of up to 270° is indeed a design highlight.

Finally, the bottom of the chair wheel set, Moga S8 Max ergonomic chair wheel is silent wheel, using soft PU material, will not cause greater pressure on the ground during use, will not scratch the floor or tiles, and will not appear harsh squeaking during movement, is still very important for office use.

Adjustable design

A truly qualified ergonomic chair must fit the curves of the human body perfectly. But everyone’s height, weight, weight and thinness are completely different, and it is obviously unrealistic to solve all problems with one chair, and various adjustable designs are required. Each human contact surface of the Moga S8 Max ergonomic chair can be freely adjusted according to our needs, and we are still quite satisfied. In order to adapt to different heights, the back height of the S8 Max ergonomic chair can be adjusted up and down, and the adjustment range reaches 10cm, which can adapt to various body shapes from 160-190cm, ensuring that your head can rest on the headrest.

Also specially designed for size and size, the cushion of the S8 Max ergonomic chair can also be adjusted to accommodate different thigh lengths, allowing larger people to sit more comfortably.

It should be noted that there are three adjustment switches under the Moga S8 Max ergonomic chair, respectively controlling the tilt angle of the back of the chair, moving the cushion back and forth and adjusting the seat height, generally speaking, after choosing the mode that suits you, there is no need to make a second adjustment later, so the operation is not complicated.

The armrests on both sides of the S8 Max ergonomic chair can not only be tilted directly inside and out, but also the distance between the two can be adjusted left and right. For example, when a thin person uses it, you can move the armrests on both sides inward to make the space a little more compact and convenient for placing elbows; When a fat person uses it, he can break the armrest a little outward to give more space to move. The entire armrest can be rotated 270 degrees, which is still relatively rare on the same type of chair, and it is more friendly to users.

Then there is the foot rest, gently pulled out and turned outward, completely effortless. If you look closely, you can find that from the seat cushion to the foot rest, it actually presents a complete arc, and when I lie on the chair, I can be in a more comfortable natural sag angle from the hips to the calves, and it is naturally more comfortable to sit up.

Finally, the tiltable design, the Moga S8 Max ergonomic chair can be tilted at an angle of 136 degrees, which is completely enough for naps, with an extended foot rest, there is enough support for all parts after lying down, especially the waist is completely free of discomfort in the air.

Practical use

Let’s talk about the personal physical condition, the height of the person is 174cm, the weight is about 80kg, you can see that after sitting on the chair, all parts of the body can fit well on the surface of the chair, and there is no suspension or discomfort.

The side photo may be more obvious, the head and neck support, back support, and most importantly the lumbar support can fit the body well, and the height of the legs is also in a more relaxed and natural state.

Close-up of lumbar support. Many gaming chairs are equipped with a soft lumbar cushion, which is good at first, but will be squashed over time. This lumbar pillow of the Moga S8 Max ergonomic chair is not only designed with a low hardness fabric, but also can be adjusted at a variety of different angles, which fits well and supports the waist and reduces spinal stress.

When I use the office, I am used to leaning forward slightly, so that the lower back and lumbar pillow maintain sufficient contact, and the back remains in a sitting posture, so that the computer office for a longer time will not cause back pain.

If you feel a little tired after a long time in the above posture, you can push the chair forward and lean your whole body completely back on the chair to let your back get a little effective relaxation.

Finally, there is the armrest part, the multi-angle adjustable design allows it to bear the weight of the elbow well, and the soft armrest surface can also fit the contour of the muscles well, without causing numbness and stiffness.

Finally, there is a comfortable photo of lying down, although the S8 Max ergonomic chair can be tilted to a larger extent, but I still prefer this slightly inclined angle, which is very suitable for taking a break after work or playing with mobile phones, after all, touching fish is also one of the skills that professional workers must know.

Product summary

At present, there are many kinds of chair products on the market, all kinds of boss chairs, gaming chairs, ergonomic chairs, massage chairs, although it is crazy, but I am still slightly disappointed after using several. Purely from the point of view of the use effect, many product promotions are marketing slogans, and it is not very comfortable to sit up. And this Moga S8 Max ergonomic chair did give me a lot of surprises, the core concept of the product is spinal care, the use of multiple adjustable modules, to adapt to the needs of different groups of people in different environments, so that the pressure on the spine is reduced, to avoid damage in daily work life, coupled with good appearance design and solid workmanship, the future office fish will use it.