“Coat + sweatshirt” mature women catch up with the trend must-have, mix and match routines are so simple, super age reduction

Dressing is a very important part of women’s lives, as the saying goes, people want clothes, if you choose a set of matching that suits you very well, then the whole person’s temperament and aura will be refreshed, and can easily make up for the small defects in our figure and appearance.

For example, when older women choose to match, the biggest purpose is of course to reduce age, today I will take you to see, how to wear the most age-reducing coat and sweatshirt?

First of all, let’s take a look at what kind of sweatshirt to choose, generally used for the inside sweatshirt should not be too heavy, if the jacket is very thin.

It is recommended that you choose such a pullover sweatshirt in the picture, this kind of sweatshirt is very basic, generally does not bring great pressure to our matching, as long as a very daily coat, you can wear a very trendy feeling.

The second is the cardigan sweatshirt, the biggest advantage of the cardigan sweatshirt is to be able to wear the feeling of sandwich layering, and most of the cardigan sweatshirts are relatively short, more elastic, for women of different shapes and heights, are very friendly.

Generally, such a short sweatshirt, I recommend that you choose a long coat to match, which can show the advantage of body proportion through short inside and outside length.

So, when your jacket is a thicker fit, what kind of sweatshirt should we choose? Heavy coats are mostly strong, so don’t overwhelm them.

It is recommended that you try such a crewneck hoodless sweatshirt, which is relatively light and thin, and it will not make the outfit feel mixed.

In winter, because the pieces we choose are more abundant and diverse, the biggest challenge is to choose the color that suits you, and in the sweatshirt and coat, the first is still a smooth color outfit.

Both pieces are more aura, so the smooth color system can reduce the sense of conflict between matching and make the overall look more gentle. For example, a set of pure coffee color matching, wearing is very retro, in terms of temperament can be said to be a superb ride.

The second is the contrast between black and white, and the inner and outer coat choose a color with a greater conflict between shades and shades, which is very suitable for women who want to catch up with the trend.

The stronger the contrast, the stronger the visual conflict will be, and you can catch people’s attention in an instant and easily be the brightest boy in the entire street.

Finally, there is a combination of brown and gray, these two colors are very typical of versatile temperament color system together, but also show the feeling that 1+1 is greater than two.

Gray is very high-end, and at the same time wears a very relaxed and casual charm, and a light coffee color like the one in the picture creates a touch of light retro charm, which mature women can easily control.

The last link is to choose the perfect bottom, first of all, such wide-leg pants as in the picture, how can you not have a wide-leg pants that suits you in autumn and winter?

It can take away the defects, and the wide-leg pants themselves are a relatively elegant style, and the quilt is matched to form a stylistic conflict, making the whole outfit more eye-catching.

The second is suit pants, which is very suitable for working women, which can not only show the only exquisite and relaxed temperament, but also reflect the delicacy and competence of the suit.

It is a very neutral style of easy matching, with a small collision of colors, which is more trendy.

Now the matching style is more rich and diverse, and it is no longer limited by tradition, for example, we can match the neutral style sweatshirt with the ladylike skirt, which looks more relaxed and beautiful, which is very suitable for mature women to reduce age.

This is the coat + sweatshirt combination introduced to you, these two items are very versatile, and you don’t have to worry about being uncontrollable when you match them together, try it together.