Light fashion, slow life, Corning Visions Crystal Health Pot warming the heart

With the rapid development of the urban economy, the acceleration of the pace of life and the increase of work pressure, everyone is like a clockwork timer, busy and anxious. More and more “urban diseases” such as “air conditioning disease” and “fatty liver” have become new killers of urban health. This also makes people aware of the importance of eating a reasonable diet and exercising moderately. At the same time, nourishing soups and medicated porridge have also begun to become a fashionable health regimen.

And the American Corning tableware that is committed to bringing high-tech and health concepts into the kitchens of ordinary people, in order to help the whole people to maintain health, specially launched the Corning Visions crystal health pot. High-quality and innovative waterproof stewing function fully maintains the nutritional original taste of food. Bring you a new trend of light fashion, slow life comfort and wellness. Stop occasionally, simmer a delicate and attentive nourishing soup for the little baby and his family, taste the sweetness and deliciousness of the soup, experience the long-lost pleasure and beauty in the slow life, return to the true color of life, and enjoy the peace and tenderness from the bottom of the heart.

Constant temperature slow cooking, nutritious taste

Soup is a science, from the matching of ingredients to the heat of pots, and even the tableware is exquisite, and the nutritional original taste of the soup depends on the important link of stewing, and the nourishing soup and medicinal porridge need to be simmered slowly and carefully boiled. How to make the nutrients of the ingredients not lost, the taste is sweet and soft, the pot of stew is particularly important.

Corning Visions 1.2L health stew cup can be made by waterproof stew, through the constant temperature heating of water vapor, the heat will penetrate evenly and stably into the health stew cup, fully lock the nutrition of the ingredients without volatilization, and restore the original taste of the ingredients. The unique protruding support design at the bottom of the 1.2L health stew cup can avoid direct contact with the bottom of the outer pot when stewing in water, which will not cause excessive heating of the ingredients, and the nutritional structure of the stew will not be destroyed. To achieve better slow cooking, give the little ones and expectant mothers who need careful care a comprehensive nutritional tonic at home.

Corning Visions releases far-infrared heat energy during the heating process, which converts large food molecules into small molecules, making it easier for the human body to absorb, allowing food to be heated quickly and saving energy. The soup made with Corning Visions Crystal Wellness Pot is rich in flavor and clear in color, which makes people feel very excited. Compared with other pots and pans, the soup is more nutritious, the color of the soup is clearer, and the taste is more delicious. The tender and soft texture will also make the baby love to eat. Say goodbye to the fast pace and welcome a healthy new regimen, starting with a delicate tonic soup simmered over low heat.

Heart-warming design, enjoy trendy life

The handle of the Corning Visions Wellness Pot is curved and tilted, making it easy to lift the pot. The design is full of sense, but also injects elegance and fashion into the pot and pan. The built-in lid design makes the soup not easy to overflow, so you can enjoy a good life of slow cooking. In order to adapt to the cooking habits of Chinese, Corning Visions Crystal Health Pot has specially deepened the height of the pot, which can be used to put a large volume of complete ingredients such as whole chicken, whether it is one person or multiple people at home.

Transparent and safe, fearless of large temperature differences

The Corning Visions Wellness Pot is made of the Corning family’s most proud transparent glass ceramic material, and the transparent body of the pot provides an unobstructed view of the cooking process, from raw to cooked. There is no need to lift the lid to check the raw and cooked food during the stewing process, and the nutrients are retained in all aspects. Ultra-heat-resistant glass ceramic material, the pot itself does not contain any metal substances, will not precipitate harmful substances when heated, will not react chemically with acid and alkali food, whether it is homemade ingredients or nourishing medicated food can be applied, to ensure the health and safety of your diet.

The ultra-heat-resistant glass-ceramic Corning Visions Crystal Health Pot can withstand temperature changes that can be both cold and hot. The pot taken out of the refrigerator can be reheated or cooked directly on the gas, microwave oven, oven, electric ceramic stove, etc., and will not be deformed and cracked due to the temperature difference between hot and cold. Compared with other materials of pots and pans, Corning Visions Crystal Health Pot has a zero-pore material, which is not easy to leave stains and odors when stewing fishy ingredients, and is easy to clean, saying goodbye to the laborious and time-consuming dishwashing life, and fully enjoying the fashionable and slow life.

Corning Visions brings you a new concept of health and wellness for light fashion and slow living. Let a nutritious soup porridge be delicious and delicious at the same time, but also immersed in warm love and care.