Boys’ simple and comfortable matching in autumn, it is enough to have these sets

In fact, boys’ collocations are often not as fancy as girls. As long as you choose the right clothes and add simple color combinations, as well as accessories as highlights, you can also wear a simple and clean feeling.

The 3 sets brought today and the most simple and attractive pieces are combined, if you want to improve your clothes this autumn, let’s take a look at how Xiaobian matches!

LOOK1.Black jacket + gray sweatpants

The simple black + gray combination wears a full sense of simplicity ~ harmonious and consistent color combination, without too many color combinations, it looks very refreshing and handsome!

The top black jacket highlights the clean match, and the white T-shirt underneath richly matches the layering. Wear yours with grey sweatpants and the extended fit immediately accentuates the legs.

If you also like a combination of simple styles, then you must try this combination!

LOOK2.Black sweatshirt + dark gray jeans

The black and gray combination can be said to be the most common combination in autumn and winter, and finally the use of simple printed accessories is enough to be clearer and brighter in the crowd~

The black printed sweatshirt is layered over a white T-shirt, which subtly plays a role in the dark gray jeans.

Finally, white sneakers and baseball caps are used to echo the effect, and the overall matching is harmonious and intentional, highlighting their masculine charm.

LOOK3.Black jacket + black cargo pants

Similarly, if you want to experiment with the mash-up mode and don’t want to think about color matching, you must try this set.

Black cargo pocket jacket, simple and very high-end, and the use of black cargo pants, the straight fit highlights the simplicity and neatness of our matching.