Double 11.11: A Guide to Men’s Boots and Men’s Wear for Autumn and Winter — Timberland & Clarks

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Double 11 Feature: A Guide to Men’s Boots and Men’s Wear for Autumn and Winter – Timberland & Clarks

Editor’s note: Double 11 cat pre-sale, huge momentum, how to find the one with good quality, good price, and worth buying among these products? In addition to burning the small universe to find hard, Xiaobian also mobilizes enthusiastic and professional friends to recommend it to everyone. These friends use the evening rest time to find good things and write recommendations, which is very hard. Please applaud their selflessness and enthusiasm. In addition, remind everyone that the lowest price cannot be sold several times a year, and often requires sea shopping + long-term transportation; Tmall wins in easy purchase, fast delivery, and complete inventory, so don’t question the recommendation of copywriters because the price of Tmall pre-sale does not reach the lowest price. Well, we previously asked beauty expert @Wenyu to recommend Tmall pre-sale skin care sets; Running expert @ Lightyear, recommend Tmall pre-sale running shoes; Men’s shoe experts @TOMARINA, recommend Tmall pre-sale ECCO men’s shoes; Skincare expert @ Langben Bar Green Algaejun, recommended cleansing and serum; Beauty experts @shpsj recommend lotions and creams. Today, I invited men’s boot expert @cctv Ning to recommend Tmall’s pre-sale Timberland and clarks items.

Timberland Timpalan

Originally handmade in 1918, Timberland’s leather boots are machine-aided, but still retain the characteristics of the original boots, including the use of injection molding technology and the use of high-quality leather, while still showing the excellent quality of waterproof, tough and durable.

When it comes to Timberland, 90% of people are probably the first to pop out with a pair of big “yellow boots”. That’s right, I think the best Timberland does is the 6-inch boots of sorts. “Big yellow boots” is only a general name, such as the most classic 10061 is the premium (excellent) series, 18094 is the basic (entry) series, the sole is different, the lining is not the same, basic has no anti-fatigue insole (but not the egg), the basic price difference on Meiya is about $20. It is basically the same on the foot, if you don’t look closely at the sole.

Timberland I only recommend 6-inch boots of variety, why?

1. My personal preferences are also countless shoes, I always feel that most Timberland work boots have a poor ratio of less than 6 inches (in fact, other brands are the same), and a “soil fat round” of the short pier does not reflect the “domineering” that boots should have. 6 inches up, 8 inches, 10 inches boots, is too much, non-height legs can not be controlled. Otherwise, it will appear that the legs are very short, revealing the shortcomings of the figure.

2. Quality My pair of Timberland lace-up leather shoes, which are also considered “thick” series, have not been worn a few times:

When the Mini 4s store was talking about the price with relish, I suddenly found that the sole and upper of the goods were actually disengaged, and I suddenly lost my aura, which directly caused the Mini suitcase not to be delivered. The process of glue + seam can be taken off, which is really unforgivable, so the single shoes of the T family are no longer concerned. The other 2 pairs of T family boots have been serving very well, and when the underground garage leaks, stepping on the water at the foot level as a plumber is not leaking at all.

As for another classic of Timberland, the three-eyed dog-soled boat shoes, I don’t wear enough, the foot feel is good, and the durability needs to be tested by time.

Back to the point, even on days like Double 11, the classic 10061 is as always 10,000 years without big discounts, so let’s take a look at the BASIC series with good discounts. I have a pair of 6″ Basic lined with fabric and delicate to the touch. The sole is one-piece, there is no insole, but the sole is very soft, it is very soft without running-in, what needs to be run-in is the upper of thick cowhide, and wear thick socks for the first few times.

I saw 4 pairs in this pre-sale:

1. Timberland 6 inch boots 19076 Original price: 1890 Arrival price: 897

This is the version closest to 10061, the main difference is that the sole is a lumpy “natural rubber” sole, which is commonly known as a cow tendon sole, while 10061 is a two-tone rubber sole, commonly known as “dog tooth sole”; This goods is cloth lining; There is also no anti-fatigue insole. Other places are similar to 10061.

2.Timberland Warm Anti-slip Classic Outdoor Boots A115P/A116C Original Price: 1890 Arrival Price: 897

The beautiful version of 10061, I personally like black, not as thick as “big yellow boots”, more suitable for “thin” people to wear. And with the upper of the shoe plus the plaid element, the ugly and ugly big yellow boots suddenly became a lot more popular. Compared with yellow, black is more versatile and fashionable, and the yellow stitching black checkered is slightly obtrusive. And black is still very good-looking.

Timberland outdoor anti-slip classic boots A115E/A1161 Original price: 1890 Arrival price: 897

In the same series, the pattern changes from plaid to camouflage, and I personally like the yellow version. Suitable for people who love the outdoors. However, this shoe cannot be used as an outdoor shoe, so remember to remember. It feels like Timberland has been making some changes recently, and classic elements such as stitching, camouflage, and lattice have also been added, as if these elements will never go out of style.

Timberland Warm and Anti-Slip Classic Outdoor Boots A114R/A1153 Original Price: 1890 Price Arrival: 897

This MS is polar camouflage, brown looks better. The wiring of the leather surface and camouflage place splicing is also very meticulous, but netizens broke the news that the halving of this boot is just right, and it is recommended that friends who are on the basis of conditions can go to the counter to try the size.

Timberland Outdoor Non-Slip High Top Classic Shoes 6851B/A11E7 Original Price: 1890 Arrival Price: 897

The same 6-inch boots are more like “red wing” boots. Another style option is available. The overall look is much softer than the traditional rhubarb boots.

Timberland Outdoor Non Slip High Top Classic Shoes 6852B Original Price: 1890 Arrival Price: 897

It’s about the same as the above, but the toe cap is oily matte, distressed work boot style. Suitable for jeans with “oil version” and “ripped version”.

Timberland Outdoor Non Slip High Top Classic Shoes 6852A Original Price: 1890 Arrival Price: 897

If you don’t like a matte texture, there is also an oil surface option. It’s easier to take care of.

After talking about boots for so long, let’s piggyback and talk about clothes. I thought denim shirts and down vests would go well with Timberland’s boots, and Timberland’s family also produced them, making it easier to match with the brand’s stuff. Of course, if you are an expert in dressing, there will definitely be a better matching plan.

Timberland cotton long sleeve casual shirt A12NP Original price: 790 Arrival price: 375

Personally, I prefer the dark version, although it is not a traditional denim fabric, but it is softer and more comfortable, and it also looks like a denim shirt. This fabric and shoulder wiring is still good, and some netizens complained that young people are a little old-fashioned, and you may wish to try it at the counter when you have the opportunity.

Timberlan stand up collar down vest jacket A12KV Original price: 1690 Arrival price: 759

I really like the vest this dress, it has enough warmth, and it is convenient to drive without sleeves and so on. In the winter in the south, you should also wear a little more indoors, you know.

PS: By the way, it is rumored on the Internet that the outsole of “TImberland Earth Guardians Series Earthkeepers” will automatically shatter in 2 years, but one of my Earthkeepers boots is more than 2 years old, and the soles have not been found abnormal except for normal wear, and the stitches can also be stuck in the pinhole if they are worn out, and there is no scattering. After reviewing the consultation, Earthkeepers’ ethos seems to be that some of the raw materials are recycled materials, rather than saying that the shoes will automatically decompose.

The sole will decompose in powder form, which should be the characteristic of the PU material itself: it will decompose when exposed to water, no matter any brand, as long as it is PU sole. Baidu followed by this: “The soles of PU materials are bubbles, and they will decompose if they are exposed to water for a long time (just like the wall peeling off the wall, piece by piece), so as long as the shoes of large brands use PU materials, the soles will do a so-called “hydrolysis test” before they can be put into production.” ”

So, keep your shoes in a ventilated place! Keep it in a ventilated place! (Important things are said twice higher, do not believe, you will experience it yourself~)

Clarks had fun

Clarks Qile this brand believes that the majority of friends can no longer be familiar, what is worth buying is also recommended and recommended. This Double 11, the official store also launched a pre-sale, and the price is also good (I will say that the Qile UN shoes I bought by direct mail from the United States and Asia cost me more than 130 knives?). )。 The key is that the shoes sold in Chinese mainland are all G wide (E, 2E), which is more suitable for the wide foot plates of East Asian races than the F (D) wide shoes sold by Meiya and others. Of course, not East Asians and not everyone is wide-footed, for example, buying shoes should still suit themselves.

Although Clarks is a British brand, but unlike other brands that focus on serious British gentlemen’s shoes, his family focuses on casual leather, although Clarks also have formal men’s shoes, in fact, they are just derby shoes, not formal shoes in the traditional sense. Clarks also produced a serious Goodyear Oxford shoe, but it is really rare, let’s not talk about it. Therefore, my personal recommendation ignores all of Clarks’ formal business shoes and focuses on a few pairs of shoes that are comfortable to go to.

Clarks’ last has always been wide and flat, and it is very comfortable to look at. Among several casual shoe brands abroad, the width of the shoes is one of the best, and there is a feeling of bear’s paw. Belch…… It’s a little wrong, the back of a big bear, how is it an early advertisement for the Exxx brand in my memory?

clarks casual men’s shoes Sheppy Dry GTX

Original price: 1799

Price: 801

Clararks Dangjia Technology AIR cushion + GTX waterproof membrane is built, warm and comfortable and waterproof, autumn and winter rain and snow are really nothing. You know, one winter, it seems to be February, and it rained twice in the magic capital, one for 15 days and one for 2 weeks, which directly led me to buy a pair of waterproof boots. Finally experiencing Londoners’ thirst for sunshine… For this shoe, I prefer brown.

Clarks casual men’s shoes Narly Path GTX

Original price: 1999

Price: 900

Compared with the previous pair of mature (lao) stable (qi), this product is much “rough”, still has GTX waterproof film, and the rubber leather with a tire pattern under the upper of the shoe, with the suede at the collar, is really bohemian. Brown is still recommended.

Clarks men’s boots Rampart Up GTX Original price: 2399 Arrival price: 1140

Is this a real winter boot, or GTX waterproof, I feel that the GTX film flood can take the cigarette shreds… Plush inner, intelligent foot cushion (should be an insole), EVA outsole will not be crushed by water like PU outsole.

Many people like to wear hiking boots in the city, the appearance is silly and coarse, not to mention, that V-bottom slipped to death on the marble pavement! Or buy a little more stylish winter boots, very gentleman. The expression of Wang Sang’s soul disappearing here by himself…

(Here is also a recommendation for the spring 2014 Japanese drama “My Gentleman’s Fashion”, which introduces various men’s products.) The dise science education film rises in posture, and Wang Sang’s acting skills are superb. )

Clarks Casual Men’s Booties Stratton Limit Original price: 1599 Arrival price: 684

It can be regarded as a classic product of CLARKS, there are no features, it is comfortable. And thread sewing, recently got obsessive-compulsive disorder, non-thread sewing shoes do not buy. I don’t know if there are any fanciers.

clarks Monmart Limit English floral brogue men’s shoes

Original price: 1599 Price: 720

This product is actually called formal men’s shoes, lace holes with steel rims, thick dog tooth bottoms, wide cowhide edges, such obvious features, obviously the work shoes of the British working in the field. However, today, it is also a formal casual shoe that keeps pace with the times.

Lychee skin pattern, pressed up behind, it can be seen that the skin is not too good, but it is also worthy of the price. A circle of light-colored edges is very eye-catching, and the waterproof effect should be good, to paraphrase a saying in the watch industry: life waterproof level. The half-Bullock style design, although there are along bars, is probably not a Goodyear method, the appearance is only a party. The effect of counterweight raw cattle should be good.

The above is the little brother throwing bricks to lead jade, according to personal preferences, I hope that all friends do not want to shoot bricks horizontally, just caress the little brother.

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Timberland Timpalan