Winter super hot a dressing scheme, “long coat + short sweatshirt”, to keep the demeanor young

For dressing and matching, people with different matching levels will naturally have different feelings, if you feel that your personal matching strength is not high, you can directly copy some super hot daily dressing schemes. Compared with this winter, there is a way to wear it, called “long coat + short sweatshirt”, fashion age reduction and very graceful.

Sweatshirts can only be used in spring and autumn, but in winter, they can be used in another way, that is, as an underwear. Putting a long coat on the outside will keep a very conspicuous layer.

White hooded sweatshirt, it is the most refreshing color, the composition of the shape is not dull, not old, but has a pure style, especially with the yellow long coat, this atmosphere will be more lively.

Generally, in order to reduce the pressure or difficulty of matching coats, everyone will use some hooded sweatshirts with very basic and single colors as underwear.

The color is nothing more than the classic colors of black and white. If you use a white hooded sweatshirt, you can directly match the mid-length style black coat outside, showing your open demeanor, casual posture, and stronger aura.

However, black hooded sweatshirts will have superior dirt resistance advantages over white, and can also increase the modification effect on the contour of the body, so that women’s outfits can always present a cool and thin effect.

Black hooded sweatshirt, the use of color is a little dull, pants can take a color scheme, to extend the vertical proportion, to create a more obvious high effect. The long coat of the coat does not have to take the same black, but change to brown, caramel, camel, which can be more generous and not single.

Black hooded sweatshirts, in fact, have very advantages, one is that the color matching may be more than other colors, and the other is that the requirements for women’s bodies are not high, and women’s various body dead corners can also be wrapped.

However, it is best to have a certain color difference between the coat and it, so as not to have obvious homogeneity, the monotony of the color is significant, resulting in a mediocre outfit.

In the use of sweatshirts, it can be done in the same way as long coats, but the exact same color stitching does not have to be taken between the two.

There can be contrast in dark and light colors, light and darkness, maintaining the simplicity of matching the same color, and will not lead to the same color number and showing a boring feeling. And the addition of sweatshirts effectively makes the atmosphere lively, and will not make women’s outfits as calm as stagnant water.

In addition to adopting a deduction scheme between the same color, it is also possible to use a combination of colors of the same nature, specifically, white and beige belong to the same camp, they can create a milder and more refreshing style.

A long beige or apricot coat with an off-white hooded sweatshirt underneath is a very age-reducing and gentle way to wear. The key is that such a clothing combination never restricts the swing of women’s arms, and it is very comfortable and relaxed to wear.

When taking advantage of the combination between a long coat and a short sweatshirt, you can leave the jacket open directly, which is to make the sweatshirt appear underneath and create a more minimalist effect.

These two outfits use the color of the more familiar coat, and this color can also be used by women until they are forty or fifty years old, and as they get older, they can control this type of item more outstandingly.

At the same time, you can also superimpose a variety of underwear in the sweatshirt, and the addition of turtleneck clothing, especially the high-neck undershirt is used close to the skin, which is very comfortable and the layering is also balanced.

This winter, there is a way to wear it, called “long coat + short sweatshirt”, with the support of long coat, the shape will have a warm effect, with the addition of hooded sweatshirt, the outfit will be very age-reducing style, super young.