British canvas shoes that are not afraid of water?! Height increase within 4cm! Princess Meghan is pregnant and wears it, rainproof and stain-proof, showing long legs

In autumn, it’s time to take off your sandals and change into shoes that belong to autumn~

It is said that a pair of booties is indispensable in autumn and winter, but now it looks too heavy and stuffy to wear…

That’s when a pair of high-top canvas shoes is just right! Because wearing it is like wearing a pair of casual Martin boots, cool and sassy.

International supermodel Kaia Gerber is a diehard fan of high-top canvas shoes, making her originally slender legs longer, suits, shorts, jeans… It’s just everything~

Even if it is worn by ordinary people, it is particularly versatile, and it is an INS style blockbuster when shot casually.

In order not to collide with other people’s shoes, today is a special Amway this one


Country Rockfish high-top inner heightened canvas shoes

We’ve recommended the Rockfish basic canvas shoes before, and they’ve sold in just a few months

6000 pairs!

This high-top model is a new autumn product, fashionable and handsome, showing long legs, especially good for clothes!

These canvas shoes, with an invisible inner heightened design, can be quietly added when worn


, also particularly long legs.

Wearing it quietly becomes taller, small girls can also wear long legs, and the momentum of walking is raised by several gears.

And it still has

Water repellent function

, rainproof and stain-proof, wearing small white shoes on rainy days is not afraid of getting dirty!

In addition to high-top models, there are also classic and vintage models, and a variety of styles to choose from!

Rockfish is a household name in the UK, and Princess Megan of the UK was wearing their canvas shoes when she was pregnant! It means that it is really comfortable to wear.

Canvas shoes have been invented for 100 years, and such high-quality, high-value, cost-effective canvas shoes can really be popular for at least another 100 years, and will not be outdated at all~

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Rockfish was born in Cornwall, southwest England, inheriting the 19th century Wellington rain boots in the United Kingdom for a hundred years, is a world-famous British high street fashion rain boot brand. Her rain boots are fashionable and novel, classic and handsome, changing the bulky and dull shape of rain boots in the past, and are highly sought after by European and American celebrities!

In July 2010, Samantha Cameron, wife of the British Prime Minister, visited the United States with her husband and gave Rockfish rain boots to US President Barack Obama as a national gift

“National Treasure”


At the festival every year, supermodel Kate Moss loves to wear Rockfish boots, and her look is so handsome that she cried.

Anne Hathaway Street photo has also photographed these pair of rain boots, the dark green Rockfish color is stylish and versatile!

Chen Yihan, an ageless girl, also loves to wear Rockfish, and these red rain boots echo her bag just right.

100 years of handmade craftsmanship in the UK

Canvas shoes that can be worn even on rainy days

Compared to the reputation of the Rockfish Wellington boots, the new canvas shoes are more low-key. In fact, Rockfish began to develop a casual shoe that adapts to people’s travel based on the maritime climate (often rainy days) and rhythm of life in Cornwall, England.

With Rockfish’s natural rainproof genes,

This water-repellent canvas shoe is born! It doesn’t look so formal, but it’s versatile to wear,

Sunny or rainy

Whether it’s commuting to the city, going on an outing, traveling or working… It’s all perfect to wear it.

So on rainy days or when the ground is wet, you have another option! Isn’t it cool to wear little white shoes even on rainy days?!

Because it uses fluorocarbon (fluorocarbon) water-repellent fabric, like a waterproof membrane attached to shoes, water molecules cannot be immersed.

Splash water on the upper, the water jet slides instantly, and the upper remains dry.

Then compare with ordinary small white shoes, ordinary canvas shoes water droplets will seep in, and this shoe water droplets condense, rolling off themselves without staying.

The water-repellent fabric of the upper is also breathable, distributed with nano-sized dense holes, which can quickly discharge sweat, so don’t worry about covering your feet.

The Rockfish canvas shoes are also made of natural rubber that matches their classic rain boots for a comfortable and durable feel.

There is also the use of British traditional vulcanized shoes handmade technology, which means that a pair of Rockfish small white shoes has to go through nearly 100 processes to be made.

Each pair of Rockfish little white shoes has an English smile toe design, simple and fashionable, casual with a little ladylike elegance, making the shoe shape more slender and thinner.

Unique 4-layer soft elastic inner elevated sole

Show long legs, walking for a day without getting tired

If “waterproof function” is a small surprise, then “absolute soft and comfortable” is the first reason why Rockfish little white shoes are worth buying!

The shoes are light and soft, it is particularly comfortable to step into, walking on the stone road of the community park, you will not be clumsy, you can feel the protection and soft elasticity from the sole, wear it to go shopping all day, and the feet will not be too sore.

All canvas shoes have an elastic and breathable 4-layer sole structure, and the resilience of the insole is really great, which will provide enough support for the feet when walking, and it is not easy to get tired after walking for a long time.

And this little white shoe is also designed according to the soft design of human body mechanics, comfortable and close to the foot, high elastic sole to increase softness, slightly thickened design to fit the natural shape of the foot, light foot feel is really who wears who knows!

The entire series of small white shoes uses natural rubber outsoles, which are non-slip, wearable, and more comfortable!

Rockfish small white shoes are comfortable and soft, and they are very suitable for walking long distances, just as Rockfish was founded on the idea: to encourage people to walk freely, to nature, to the wild, to explore every city in the world.

British Rockfish little white shoes

5 flash sales

Today I bring you 5 star little white shoes flash sale from Rockfish, in addition to the high-top inner height increase introduced above, there are also the previous basic little white shoes return.

Section I

Rockfish high-top splash-proof little white shoes

Increase in height within 4 cm

In the Rockfish small white shoe series, the most exciting, different, and Rockfish-style is this water-repellent canvas shoe, this time the new model is the high-top inner height model introduced above.

Simple and stylish, the upper foot is particularly long legs.

This water-repellent little white shoe adopts the unique process of Fluorocarbon coating, so that after water droplets fall on the upper of the canvas, it will slide down directly in the shape of water droplets.

rainproof and anti-dirt,

Don’t worry about your shoes getting wet on rainy days.

Different from the classic low-top little white shoes, the new high-top model has added an invisible inner height insole of 2.5cm, plus 1.5cm of the sole, and the total height has instantly grown by 4cm! After wearing it, your posture instantly becomes tall!

After the leg line is lengthened, the temperament is also a lot more confident, whether it is with pants or skirts, casual or formal are very good~

The classic smile toe design inadvertently has an elegant style, elongating the leg shape and showing the thin feet!

In terms of detail design, the upper and tail strap are iconic logos, chic and atmospheric.

The lace holes also have the Rockfish logo to enhance the sense of quality.

There are classic black and white colors to choose from, and it will never be OUT fashionable ~ The official Tmall discount price is 499 yuan! And today’s flash sale price only

299 yuan!

Slow hands!

Rockfish high-top inner raised canvas shoes

Available in black / white

Original price: 699 yuan

Flash sale price: 299 yuan

Section II


Small white shoes that are water-repellent

It can also be worn on rainy days

These are Roclfish water-repellent basic low-top canvas shoes and are one of the most popular.

The upper foot is small and fresh, and the slender shoe shape will also make the feet look very delicate, and the overall simple design is very versatile.

The special 3D composite sole combines softness, sweat absorption, elasticity and breathability, so you don’t have to worry about the discomfort of stuffy heat and humidity caused by wearing canvas shoes, and it is not embarrassing to take off your shoes in the rainy season.

Although they are canvas shoes, the essence of these shoes is that they rarely have a unique “water repellent function”. This water-repellent little white shoe also adopts the unique process of Fluorocarbon coating, so that after the water droplets fall on the upper of the canvas, it will slide down directly in the shape of water droplets.

However, there is one thing to note that water-repellent shoes are suitable for wearing on light rainy days or wet ground, and cannot be worn as rain boots.

The fabric of the shoe body is high-quality canvas, with a clear texture, fine weave, dry and breathable. The smiling toe cap design inadvertently has an elegant style, elongating the leg shape and showing the thin feet!

There are granular, striped rubber protective strips around the shoe body, which can prevent collisions and make the shoe more durable.

In terms of detail design, the tail of the shoe has an iconic logo, which is simple and atmospheric.

The Rockfish waterproof canvas shoes are available in black and white, which are very versatile and stylish.

White classic, looks good no matter how it is matched.

Black has also become popular recently, and it is a versatile classic like small white shoes.

Rockfish low-top water-repellent little white shoes

Original price: 599 yuan

Flash sale price: 269 yuan

Section III

Rockfish vintage heightened little white shoes

Fashionable and tall and thin

The fabric of these little white shoes is also a finely woven canvas, which is soft and breathable, strong and wear-resistant.

The special feature is the slightly thick-bottomed design (3 cm height), but it is not very exaggerated, and it is more retro and sophisticated.

Visually elongated legs, temperament exudes an uninhibited love of freedom!

Looking at the details, the biggest difference between the water-repellent little white shoes is the toe, wrapped in a wavy rubber protective strip, and the shape is very special.

There is also an embroidered logo on the side of the shoe, which is very delicate, and the heel also has a leather logo, which is very elegant.

3cm thick bottom, with a heightening effect.

Purchase price: 299 yuan

Section IV

Rockfish classic little white shoes

Soft and comfortable, showing small feet

This Rockfish classic version of the little white shoes is very light and light, the toe is loose, and it will not squeeze the feet when worn, not only the foot feeling is perfect, the pure British style appearance is also bursting, just look at it will fall in love!

The reason why a classic is a classic is because of its versatile temperament, simple and clean basics, and daily fashion that can be easily obtained without effort.

Whether it’s wide-legged pants, small leg pants, denim and suit pants, they can be easily combined with classic little white shoes, and the upper foot is particularly light.

All in all, the classic is a panacea, and anyone can get together!

It is also a classic smile toe, which looks slender and has rubber protective strips to reinforce, which can play a collision avoidance and make the shoes more durable.

The details also include holes for laces, and there is even a logo engraved on it.

Like the water-repellent model, the classic has a highly recognizable red-tailed logo logo on the tail.

Section V

Rockfish lazy little white shoes

It can be done without a pedal to increase the thickness of the bottom

The so-called lazy model, is a kick, the biggest feature of this style is: no need to tie shoelaces!

Clean upper, with fine seam holes, suitable length and short, almost omitted laces, a fresh literary style.

The toe and tail have striped rubber strips that prevent collisions and make the shoe more durable.

The elastic elastic design of the shoe collar can be worn with one pedal, and the laces play a decorative role, which is full of casual and free feeling.

The lazy model has a black stripe design on the side, which is also a popular and fashionable design recently, which is simply the finishing touch of this little white shoe!

The tail of the shoe, like the vintage heightened model, has a logo leather paneling design, which is very personal.

Size Chart:

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rainproof and anti-dirt,

Don’t worry about your shoes getting wet on rainy days.

Available in black / white

Flash sale price: 299 yuan

Original price: 599 yuan

Original price: 599 yuan

Original price: 599 yuan

Flash sale price: 269 yuan

Rockfish vintage heightened little white shoes

Rockfish classic little white shoes

Rockfish lazy little white shoes