Why do we think Dr. Tang in “Green Book” is handsome?

“His clothes were a kind of shield, and he was thinking, ‘I don’t care what you think of black people, look at me.'” I’m beautifully dressed, I’m well educated, my taste is good, you can tell from a mile away. ’”

“Green Book”, which just won the best picture at the 91st Oscar, tells the story of a black pianist and a white driver fighting racism in a lighthearted and humorous comedy way. The costumes of the actors in the movie are full of typical American fifties and sixties style, which can be described as remarkable, and then the little lion girl will talk with everyone and say~

The film opens with a series of plots, portraying the embarrassment and slovenliness of the white driver Tony’s life, his suit is very suitable for the character, no waist, straight up and down, casual and casual, typical American style. The tie is a fashionable small thin tie with a width of about 6 cm.

The middle cellist is an earthy suit top + earthy turtleneck sweater, and the little lion girl herself likes the texture of the earthy tone.

Don’s first formal wear before the tour was a well-tailored gray-blue suit with a French shirt and a black tie, and his refined elegance was fully displayed.

The V-neck sweater is a good match for spring and autumn, and the black and white check color block is very retro, and it looks elegant and fashionable with thick-edged black-framed glasses.

This night dress is standard green fruit collar tusto. In developed countries such as Europe, the United States and Japan, the Tusto dress is the preferred dress for men to attend formal occasions, while the design of the green fruit collar reflects the American style.

As you can see in the picture above, Don’s waist is tied with the Kama wrinkled belt that the United States likes to take with the ceremony. The chest pocket scarf is folded in a straight line, which is also very suitable for the wearing habits of the Tustore dress.

Replaced the tie with an Ascot scarf, also called a horse racing scarf, a very fashionable match.

Dr. Tang released from the bathhouse, this time is a polo shirt with a suit, I have to say that the military green polo shirt is really versatile, can be business or casual, salt or sweet.

In the play, he often wears a suit with a high neck, a turmeric checked jacket and a turtleneck sweater, which looks very retro, and wears a gold leather watch on his hand, which is relatively unified overall.

This is probably the only single-breasted three-button suit that has ever appeared in it, and interestingly, Tang is tied to the top button.

Wearing a three-button suit, usually we can tie the first button separately, or we can tie the second button separately, and there are also the first and second buttons. Here the little lion girl wants to interject, there is no taboo to fasten buttons, not that you can’t tie them all, but the whole tie may affect the visual balance.

It’s an interesting comparison. The Yankees in the picture above are wearing white tuasto, probably because the south is warmer, while Dr. Tang is wearing black tusto. You should be able to notice that the Tusto dress is matched with a black bow tie. That’s right, and it has to be black!

The highest standard configuration of tuxedos: U-neck white vest + white dress shirt + white bow tie, which is why tuxedo is also called White Tie.

In the final touching scene of the movie, Don appears at Tony’s Christmas dinner, with an earthy-colored coat and a low-key patterned silk scarf, always showing his identity in the details.

Little Lion Girl took everyone to roughly comment on the suits and dresses in the “Green Book”. It has to be said that clothing is a symbol of a person’s education and status.

“You are what you wear” – this is also the spiritual power that clothing brings to people.