Chinese style decoration design, blue and white porcelain effect, the whole house is exquisite and clean and beautiful

Whether it’s tradition

Chinese style

, or new Chinese style, related decoration cases are very many, so blue and white porcelain effect

Have you seen it? The white-dominated space is decorated with blue and white porcelain elements, creating a delicate and clean home environment that is very beautiful. Let’s take a look at this set of blue and white porcelain effects

Chinese style decoration design


The entrance wall is a set of blue and white porcelain decorative pendants, and the traditional classical charm is very chic.

The area of the living room is not very large, the overall design is mainly white, and then the use of blue and white porcelain elements and black to embellish, it looks very delicate and clean. The floor is decorated with gray tiles, a simple suspended ceiling is installed around the top, and decorative strips are used to embellish the traditional charm of Chinese style with modern design.

The TV background wall is decorated with integrated panels, and a simple TV cabinet is added, with a simple design without losing the sense of premium.

The background wall of the sofa is a hollow partition wall, the iconic element of Chinese style – the design of the window mullion, and the blue and white porcelain pattern in the middle, antique but not too heavy, the simple and elegant design effect is indeed refreshing.

Chinese-style sofas, coffee tables, blue and white porcelain round stools and table lamps, highlight the breadth and depth of traditional Chinese culture, and enhance the decoration level of the living room.

Fabric curtains with black pattern on white background, gorgeous crystal chandeliers, if the exquisite Chinese space will you like it?

Independent dining space, the overall color scheme is consistent with the living room. With a built-in white sideboard, a Chinese-style chandelier, a rectangular dining table and several dining chairs, the dining environment with the characteristics of traditional Chinese style is indeed unique.

The small study behind the background wall of the sofa in the living room, the design of the hollow partition wall is the most beautiful, and the partition constantly makes the study more radiant.

Two of the bedrooms are small in size and have suspended ceilings around the top, also embellished with decorative strips.

The decoration effect of the master bedroom, the bedside background wall decorated with Chinese painting pattern wallpaper is the most eye-catching, with Chinese-style furniture, creating a comfortable and elegant sleeping environment.

The bedside background wall of the children’s room is decorated with starry sky pattern wallpaper, which is lively and cute and childlike, and it is a little boy’s room at a glance.

Chinese style