How to wear high-end fan in autumn and winter, temperamental men prefer turtlenecks, and they look good when worn alone or underneath

In autumn and winter, it is inevitable to choose some thick items to shape the shape, but many times, with the enhancement of the heaviness of the piece, the fashion effect of dressing and matching will become more and more difficult to highlight, which brings matching problems to many men.

In fact, it is not difficult to wear high-end and fashionable in autumn and winter, and a turtleneck shirt can easily create a great look. Simple and generous turtleneck sweaters, whether worn alone or as an underwear, can present a good effect, which greatly enhances the texture of the outfit.

If you don’t have a turtleneck sweater in autumn and winter, this textured man’s wardrobe will never be missing pieces, which can make your sense of fashion soar and combine a variety of wearing styles to easily create a variety of styles.

1. Turtleneck sweater as the main match

Many times, men will be deterred by the high neck design of sweaters, after all, in the eyes of many people, the high neck design represents dullness and heaviness, combined with soft materials, it is more difficult to highlight the neat and capable atmosphere. In fact, turtleneck sweaters are quite practical, and can even be used as the main piece, easily presenting a literary and artistic styling effect.

(1) Choose a fit with a loose version

If you want to make a turtleneck sweater the main item and maximize the characteristics of this piece, pay attention to the choice of fit. Since this piece already has a high neck design, it is not advisable to choose too slim styles for single wear, but to appropriately enhance the sense of looseness to prevent too dull matching.

When used as an underwear, a turtleneck sweater can also attract attention, at this time, you should also pay attention to the choice of fit. The loose fit creates a more eye-catching effect as an underneath, and the simple and understated coat adds a much more chic and textured look.

(2) The light jacket does not affect the eye-catching effect of the turtleneck sweater

Of course, if you want to highlight the “main position” of the turtleneck sweater in the overall matching, you do not have to choose a loose fit, and you can also consider the coat factor and present a high-end outfit with it. When the jacket has a light feel, the turtleneck sweater will have a stronger presence in the overall match, even if it is a slim fit, the contrast between thickness and color will add a more fashionable effect.

Second, the multiple matching of turtleneck sweaters presents a textured shape

In addition to presenting the turtleneck sweater as the main item, in daily life, more people will choose it as an underwear, presenting a textured shape and enhancing the high-end elegant temperament.

(1) Unified color matching is more harmonious

When a turtleneck sweater is used as an underwear to highlight other pieces, pay attention to the combination of colors. Usually, it is “safe” to choose the same color scheme for the inner layer and the outer coat, which can make the look more decent and easier to match. At this time, the same color will not bring monotony, after all, the difference in materials is enough to highlight the layer.

Of course, choosing the same color system and different color matching will present a better layering. The color scheme of light outside and dark inside makes the shape look more textured, while the outer depth and inner light are more stable, seemingly not much different, but in fact each has its own charm.

(2) The contrast color combination is eye-catching

Although the turtleneck sweater may seem difficult to wear with a “jumpy” trend, you can try to contrast it with a jacket for a striking effect. The most classic black and white color scheme is a good choice, in the overall dark shape, the use of white turtleneck sweater as an underwear, not only high-end, but also full of trend.

(3) Black is versatile and does not pick people

To make sure you don’t go wrong with your outfit, a black turtleneck sweater is an ever-classic choice. Choose materials with a light feel and combine them with a slim fit design to easily create an unparalleled elegance, with a gentlemanly suit and a coat for a more high-class atmosphere.

Third, combine the trend of the piece, show different styles

The scope of application of turtleneck sweaters is actually not narrow, although it is usually combined with windbreakers, suits and other slightly formal products, which can show a refined and high-end atmosphere. In fact, boys who know how to dress also like to combine it with trendy pieces to show different styles.

(1) Wear it with a shirt and cargo pants to create a cool street style

A loose turtleneck sweater paired with an Oversize shirt creates a striking look. The casual outfit makes the whole person look dashing and handsome, at this time, the turtleneck sweater does not choose the common slim fit, but also matches the “loose” piece, showing a cool street style.

(2) Matching sweatshirts creates a big boy atmosphere

In everyone’s impression, the two pieces of sweatshirt and turtleneck sweater can never seem to be in the same frame, after all, many times, the functions of the two are similar, and men often only use one to shape the look.

Pairing a turtleneck sweater under a loose sweatshirt may surprise you, but I have to admit that this outfit is indeed very trendy, and it will fill the atmosphere of a vigorous big boy, showing a full age-reducing effect.

You can wear it with a crewneck sweatshirt to directly expose the sweater’s high neck design, showing a unique sense of layering. Alternatively, opt for a sporty stand-up sweatshirt that complements a turtleneck sweater to lengthen the neck proportions.

No matter how you wear it, the blessing brought by the turtleneck sweater to the overall temperament cannot be ignored, and the simple and generous design will not make your outfit look too ostentatious, but it can greatly enhance the texture and show an unusual high-end model. Try a turtleneck sweater this autumn and winter, and you’ll be able to create a variety of stylish looks.

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