Don’t wear a basic shirt, try a French shirt, so that it is more feminine with an elegant and languid look

The shirt represents a dignified, formal feel, but this is only the impression that the basic shirt gives us. With the popularity of lazy and romantic French style dressing, a variety of French shirts with unique design sense have also become a taste choice in the fashion circle.

Tired of wearing neutral basic shirts, you will find that French shirts are easier to express a woman’s charm and charm. This summer, let’s look for some new outfit inspiration, don’t wear the basics of shirts, try French shirts, so that they are elegant and lazy and more feminine, maybe you can make yourself more beautiful.

Streamer shirt

Gentle yet sophisticated, with just the right sense of ethereal and dignified, that’s the beauty of a streamer shirt. If you prefer French elegance, choose it! A soft, draped streamer shirt paired with chic and comfortable wide-leg pants or straight-leg trousers is elegant and intellectually feminine, perfect for commuting. The streamer does not have to be tied in a regular manner, just let it fall naturally, it will appear more flexible and flowing. ▼

There is also a streamer shirt that designs the straps at the back of the waist, which can outline the attractive waist line and let the streamers hang down at will,

You can show off your beautiful body

。 In summer, choose gentle chiffon, tulle shirts and slim straight skirts to wrap your body and create an elegant femininity. ▼

“Puff sleeve” shirt

Sweet puff sleeves can often be seen in French shirts. This style of shirt, the shoulder position is very fluffy, there is a “sense of air”, in contrast, can set off the arms more slender, but also cover and hide the shoulder back and arm fat, very suitable for girls with thick arms. And puff sleeves can also visually “narrow” the shoulders.

When wearing jeans in summer, pair them with puff-sleeved shirts with short or medium sleeves to reduce the neutral and casual feeling of denim, and the overall look is both elegant and languid without losing its femininity. ▼

“Ruffled” shirt

Ruffles are also a common fashion element in French shirts, with a feminine and flexible sense of lines and three-dimensional layers. Summer clothing is relatively thin, and shirts with ruffled decoration can break the thinness of summer clothing and present a delicate layered beauty.

Because ruffles tend to stack up, when wearing ruffles in the summer, the bottoms must be simple enough. A white shirt with ruffled sleeves and off-white cropped pants can also be minimally matched to present a flowing and flexible beauty. A white shirt with a ruffled collar with a large neckline and high-waisted khaki slacks give a natural femininity. The ruffled white shirt with a small stand collar is very layered, and with black pipe pants, it is simple but not simple, showing the femininity of elegance and knowledge. ▼

“Doll collar” shirt

The biggest feature of French shirts is a variety of shaped collars and cuffs, and the retro “doll collar” is one of them. The neckline of the doll-collar shirt is low, V-shaped, which can modify the face shape and neck line, make the neck look more slender, and has a little girl-like “girly feeling”, sweet and cute, with a little playfulness, wearing is very age-reducing.

In terms of collocation, the best partner of the doll-collar shirt is a variety of handsome pants, using the handsomeness of the pants to balance the femininity of the doll collar. French girls like to choose a doll-collar shirt with embroidered lace decoration with high-waisted jeans or straight-leg trousers for a languid, retro chic look. ▼

“balloon sleeve” chiffon shirt

Unlike puff sleeves, balloon shirts are designed to create a fluffy feel at the cuffs without losing sight of the shoulders. The loose sleeve tube can perfectly cover the flesh and show thinness, and it is also suitable for girls with wide shoulders and thick arms.

The air of the balloon sleeve chiffon shirt can make your summer clothes look more breathable, unconstrained, and look comfortable and lazy, and it is elegant and fashionable with slacks or jeans.

Floral shirt

If you feel that wearing a white shirt all the time is too monotonous, we can also choose a French vintage floral shirt. Don’t think that the floral shirt is dirty, it is a very photographed piece in the French outfit and never goes out of style.

When matching a floral shirt with pants, make a color response.

That is, the color of the pants should be consistent or similar to the main color of the shirt, so as not to look dazzling. For example, a linen-colored floral shirt with khaki pants with a similar hue, a polka-dot shirt with a white background, and white jeans echo the color. However, jeans are an exception, they are more versatile, and they go well with red floral shirts. ▼

French shirts, each style is full of elegance and romance. In the summer, let’s stop wearing basic shirts, try different styles of French shirts, switch to matching styles, and find a unique elegant and romantic femininity that belongs to women.

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