Baby underwear brand recommendation

There are many companies specializing in the production of maternal and baby products on the market, and there are many brands, and a variety of products with different characteristics give mothers the conditions to choose, but they make mothers always wander, and they have been pondering how to choose the right one for their babies from many products. To this end, Xinbei Xiaobian specially looked at many brands of baby underwear, and recommended high-quality products to all mothers, hoping that mothers would benefit from it.

1. Heart shell baby water soft cotton jumpsuit

How is the name of this brand the same as the name of our heartshell network? Yes, you guessed right, this is our own brand of clothes. It’s not that the editor is thick-skinned, it’s really that this dress is so exquisite that it is shamelessly recommended to the mothers. The product is made of 100% water soft cotton, safe, hygienic, natural, does not contain fluorescent agent, soft feeling, no ball and no deformation, strong toughness; The color is natural, environmental protection without additives; Diamond-shaped crotch design for easy diaper changing and putting on and undressing; The one-piece foot style makes it easy to move your baby’s feet and is less susceptible to cold. Xinbei underwear is a first-class A-class product, and mothers don’t have to worry about quality at all; In addition to one-piece clothing, Xinbei underwear also has shoulder buttons, monk clothes and other styles, and there are a variety of choices to meet the needs of babies in different seasons and ages.

2. Antarctica baby underwear

Nanjiren is one of the earliest underwear enterprises established in China, with a 17-year history of development in China, and underwear has been welcomed by customers across the country for many years. The product is also made of pure cotton, safe and natural, soft and delicate in the hand; The product is a strappy design that does not create any safety issues; Piping cuffs stitching, delicate double stitching, not easy to deform, durable.

3. Tongtai color cotton baby underwear

Tongtai Company is an infant clothing company founded in 1986, which is more famous in China. The product material is pure and natural, does not contain fluorescent agents, no irritation, and can effectively fit the baby’s delicate skin; Boneless seamless splicing tool that will not cause friction and damage to the skin; The hem adopts a rounded design, which will not warp the edges and is more snug; The product can be cut according to the needs of Baoma, and it is more convenient to decide whether to open the gear or not.

4. Ying’s baby underwear

This is a product with fine workmanship, which is generally well received by the majority of users. The product is preferably environmentally friendly cotton fabric, which meets the standards of infant A clothing, with high quality, soft and safe; The collar style made according to the characteristics of the baby, does not grind the chin, wicks sweat and breathes; Strap design, can meet the needs of different body shapes; The stitching is fine, the workmanship is fine, and the reverse side is smooth and flat, which makes the baby very comfortable after wearing it.

5. Disney baby underwear

Needless to say, the Disney brand has a high reputation at home and abroad. Its underwear is also made of pure cotton, skin-friendly, antibacterial, anti-wrinkle, light material, very soft feeling; The texture is smooth, sweat-absorbent, breathable, and the baby can stay fresh all day after wearing it; High-end technology, safe printing and dyeing, dense stitches, will not cause any damage to the baby’s skin.

6. Qiqi bear baby underwear

Qiqixiong’s clothes do have both practical and beautiful functions, and are good products with good quality and low price. First of all, from the clothing design, the whole clothes are designed into a cute cartoon-type shape, and the color matching is very elegant and fresh; The shoulder closure design and knee pads on the trousers are suitable for babies in the crawling stage. Then let’s talk about the process of the product, using environmentally friendly printing and dyeing, zero formaldehyde, no color loss, no damage to the skin; With pure cotton fabric and delicate threading, the product is the same inside and outside, which is indeed a good choice of underwear.

Although only six products were introduced, products from other brands (e.g. Snoopy, Miffy, Goodbaby) were good. In short, when choosing, we should compare the characteristics of the products, and then according to the baby’s dressing characteristics, mothers can choose good products that are assured.

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