Liulin County held the first youth mass wedding 32 couples walked the red carpet, and a golden couple sent blessings

On October 13, the first youth collective wedding in Liulin County, Lüliang City, was held in Nanshan Park in the county. With the theme of “Promoting the New Style of Civilization and Setting the Most Beautiful Willow Forest”, the mass wedding aims to promote rural revitalization, promote the creation of civilized cities, and advocate a new social trend of changing customs and changing customs to get married.

  A total of 32 couples participated in the group wedding in Liulin County, and a golden couple joined hands to send them blessings. On the morning of the 13th, 32 couples took an electric wedding car from Qinglong Street in Liulin County, passing through Hechang Street and Miaowan Village and arrived at Nanshan Park. During the event, the bride and groom signed the “Concentric Wall”, wrote each other’s messages about marriage, and exchanged rings after the three-pronged ceremony to exchange love. At the mass wedding ceremony, the leaders of the Liulin County Government issued the group wedding certificate of “Promoting the New Style of Civilization and Setting the Most Beautiful Willowwood” to the couples. After the ceremony, 32 couples planted a “happiness tree” together, and entered the palace of marriage hand in hand with the blessings of relatives, friends and citizens.

  It is understood that in order to conscientiously implement the requirements of the “Opinions on Promoting the Change of Customs” issued by the Luliang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Liulin County vigorously advocates the social atmosphere of new happy events and simple marriages, integrates excellent traditional marriage culture, family style and tutoring into the wedding process, and allows harmonious, civilized and thrifty marriage culture to benefit thousands of households by holding simple and moderate, civilized and healthy wedding etiquette. Before this mass wedding, Liulin County had issued a proposal to the whole county to change customs and customs, further promoting the work of changing customs and customs, such as new wedding affairs, simple funerals, and no remaining affairs, so as to get rid of such unhealthy customs as sky-high bride price, large-scale affairs, thin and thick funerals, showing off wealth and comparison, extravagance and waste, and the proliferation of gifts, so as to liberate the broad masses from excessive consumption and burdens of human favors.

Shanxi Evening News reporter Wang Jinlei correspondent Li Jinliang