Baby and Gao Yuanyuan, this pair of sneakers, please give me a dozen!

Angelababy took the stage to receive the award in a black slip dress

Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy attended the red carpet together

At the scene, Huang Xiaoming was not only very intimate with his wife at all times, but he was happier than he won the award when he saw his wife on stage to receive the award.

Huang Xiaoming also made a speech on his Weibo

For the topic of pregnancy, the two still did not make a clear reply, but from the Weibo topic a few days ago, the existence of the little baby is also a matter of nine times out of ten.

And the goddess of Yuanyuan, who has always been expected by everyone, is also always concerned by everyone in the matter of pregnancy. Recently, some Taiwanese media broke that Gao Yuanyuan was pregnant, which surprised many fans, but Zhao Youting’s agent also came forward to directly deny the rumors, no matter what, we hope that the goddess can be happy and happy.

In a few days it will be Gao Yuanyuan’s birthday, let’s wish Yuanyuan a happy birthday in advance, and the 36-year-old Yuanyuan has always left us with the impression of a fresh goddess. In the airport street photography on weekdays, we can also see that the dress style of Yuanyuan in private is also casual.

Versatile little white shoes never leave your feet:

High round round white shirt + wide leg pants with small white shoes

Gao Yuanyuan and Zhao Youting appeared at the airport together Denim jumpsuit with small white shoes neutral age-reduction

Whether it’s a slightly formal suit or casual jeans, little white shoes can be easily handled.

Look at this pair of white shoes, do you recognize?

That’s right, it’s the famous “coconut”

Speaking of this pair of sneakers, just over the weekend, the country has also released a new Yeezy 350 V2, with the hype model of sneakers in recent years upgraded, it is not so simple to buy a pair of shoes, because you have to lottery! This can be compared to buying a car, and it is rumored that a pair of yeezy shoes before is fried to tens of thousands, gee…

On the 24th, at ten o’clock in the morning, adidas China’s official website began to snap up the shoes, and then it was instantly emptied, and began to watch the screen brushing ceremony of various shoe sellers. From this, we can feel the change in the amount of this shoe this year, and the price on the market has also dropped significantly, so it seems that we may be able to buy yeezy in the near future.

Jin Xiaomei must be the beneficiary of Yeezy

The Beckhams

Gigi Hadid

It was previously reported that Kanye would launch a basketball version of Yeezy in 2017, and this news gave shoe fans a dose of stimulant. Recently, artist Patso Dimitrov can’t wait to reason about this design. According to his own vision, Patso drew a joint version of Yeezy X NBA team based on Yeezy Boost V2. Let’s get a feel in advance:

It is said that this pointed shoe shape is now successfully popular, the popularity is about to surpass the classic little white shoes, because the shape is biased towards the traditional running shoe shape, so after the foot absolutely brings you full of energy, there is a kind of not running and walking are sorry for this pair of shoes.

Taylor Swift

Eva Longoria

Sophia Ritchie

Now this shoe has been popular in European and American circles for a while, and now this sign has slowly spread to Asia.

Karen Mok co-launched her own shoe collection

Li Qin

Lin Yuna

Wearing it with leggings or shorts and skirts is really a perfect match, and the pointed toe sneakers are mainly light and thin, so reducing the weight of the lower body is naturally easier to see the mountains. Think about wearing a pair of loose jeans, fat legs and shoes that fit the foot, you always feel like you wear a pair of socks and go out.

Lee Ji-eun

To be honest, this shoe shape is more suitable for the foot shape, although the requirements for the legs are also very high, if the calves are slightly inflated, I am afraid that they will be laughed at after wearing them.

Single product recommendation

tory burch

Embellished mesh panels, neoprene slip-on trainers


Tory Burch’s grey sneakers are made from smooth and supportive neoprene and detailed with mesh panels on top, punctuated with tonal beads and glossy crystal embellishments. The rubber sole is strong and non-slip, so you won’t get tired even after a long trip to the city or sightseeing.

athletic propulsion labs

Techloom Pro mesh trainers


Mr. Adam Goldston, co-founder of Athletic Propulsion Labs, said: “If you want to improve your athletic performance to the best level, you must not do without APL shoes. These ‘Techloom Pro’ sneakers are seamlessly crafted from lightweight black and silver mesh for breathability; The propeliumâ„¢ midsole absorbs shocks for a comfortable fit, while the slightly angled heel keeps the foot in a natural state. It’s a great choice for running.

adidas originals

Neoprene, leather, mesh sneakers


Adidas Originals’ white sneakers reinterpret the label’s ‘tubular’ running shoes designed in the 1990s. It’s made from neoprene and detailed with a leather and mesh overlay. The elastic rubber sole and cage ties create a comfortable fit and provide flexibility in movement. Wear yours with slip dresses or faded denim for a vintage look.

For the proportion of elongated legs, sneakers are not without solutions, since the combination of high heels and sneakers— the birth of wedge sneakers, the degree of popularity is also quite large.

Li Bingbing

Zhang Tianai

Wang Ziwen

Tan Songyun

Many actresses in Europe and the United States will also choose it, such as supermodel Miranda Keer, former black-eyed peas female lead singer Fairy, actress Jennifer Garner… Wait a minute.

Miranda Kerr wears a dark blue turtleneck with a beige coat, black leggings underneath, and wedge sneakers.

Jennifer Garner wears a gray V-neck sweater with a denim shirt underneath, black pencil pants underneath, black pencil pants, black handbags, and black wedge sneakers.

Fergie takes her son out on the street. She wears a white sweatshirt with monogram T-shirt, white sweatpants underneath, a black handbag and Nike wedge sneakers.

Gwen Stephanie wears pink cat-eye sunglasses, a gray studded sweatshirt, a white vest, denim Harlan pants underneath, a handheld laser handbag, and black wedge sneakers.

Wedge sneakers may look even less “serious” because they just have the shape of a pair of sneakers, but they have no athletic function. However, it can save comfort while raising height.

Fashionist Olivia

Supermodel Coco Rocha

Lily Collins

Even with a formal suit, wedge sneakers can also be in harmony with the whole. Girls who want to wear skirts can also try it, but because the general disadvantage of torn heels is that they look clumsy, try not to wear them with long skirts, which will only make you look stupid.

isabel marant

Bobby suede wedge sneakers


Isabel Marant’s cult ‘Bobby’ sneakers are made from plush burgundy suede and topped with tonal ties. Boasting a concealed five-cm wedge heel and a stretchy rubber sole, they’re perfect for weekend casual or travelling. Wear yours with skinny jeans for a stylish look.

michael michael kors

Suede wedge shoes


Michael Michael Kors’ ripped heels have a wedge heel and rubber sole, while the outdoor-inspired ribbed panels at the ankle cater to the trend and the lace-up upper ensures a comfortable fit. Wear yours with jeans.


Sheepskin strap buckle high-top shoes wedge heel athleisure shoes


The old shoe craftsmanship makes the shoes highlight the vitality and makes people feel nostalgic and intimate shopping, reflecting a strong cultural atmosphere and romantic life mood.

Single product recommendation