New mom good thing recommendation 2: Little white bear thermostatic milk adjuster

Good thing recommendation 2: Little white bear constant temperature milk regulator milk warmer flagship store baby bubble milk powder machine constant temperature kettle brewing milk warmer

This is also my pregnancy began to stock up, it turns out that it is really easy to use, I have been using this to drink water in the confinement, it is very convenient and do not have to wait, or hot and cold water debugging, I have been fancy for a long time the thermostat, is the white I like, the texture of the hand is also very good, are electronic touch screen, very convenient, come back to study it, it is easy to use, get up at night to make milk thief for the child fast. On such a cold day, I always have hot water to drink during the day, killing two birds with one stone. With memory function, there is no need to readjust when the power is off. It is worthy of being something I have been planting for a long time, recommended to Bao’s mother to buy, looking at the monthly sales of tens of thousands of sales estimates, I don’t need to recommend it, haha.