The first half of the year for epidemic protection concept stocks was mixed: mask revenue declined, and the disposable protective gloves market maintained high growth

Per reporter: Jin Zhe Per intern reporter: Chen Hao Per editor: Tang Hui

Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in the world last year, epidemic protection concept stocks have delivered a bright financial report last year. In the first half of this year, with the increase in vaccination rate and the sufficient supply of epidemic prevention products, the revenue and profit of companies mainly engaged in low-value medical consumables such as masks, protective clothing, and isolation gowns generally fell sharply in the first half of the year. The disposable protective gloves market continues to maintain a high growth trend.

The “Daily Economic News” reporter also noted that after experiencing a sharp rise in revenue and stock prices last year, the stock prices of various companies have generally fallen sharply this year. Industry insiders pointed out that in the post-epidemic era, it is difficult for epidemic prevention products to continue to maintain high performance growth during the epidemic, and will gradually return to rationality.

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