“Mom” jeans in fashion this fall?

The increasingly violent retro style resurgence seems to remind us of the old tide

Stream, really good.

The hot Y2K trend of summer has not completely subsided, and the first wind of autumn has already blew – the flared jeans that my mother loved to wear when she was young is about to make a comeback.

Take a look at some recent private street shoots and blockbusters to see that as the weather gradually cools, these practical and versatile classic jeans have ushered in a resurgence moment.

When the “daddy” retro trend in the fashion circle has passed, it is now the turn of moms to PICK “debut”, and these flared jeans full of memories of the times are undoubtedly one of the best portrayals.

I have to say that this flared jeans has a strong retro atmosphere, and it is one of the best representatives of French Chic, and it can also adapt to the needs of different occasions, which is indeed worth paying more attention to after autumn.

When buying a piece, you always have to start by choosing a style, especially flared jeans, which are relatively picky.

Let’s get an overview of the jeans styles that are trending this autumn and see what the hipsters are wearing.

The waist line is a little higher, and then a little higher

The editor does not deny that flared jeans will have the risk of showing thick legs, so in order to maximize this “crisis”, it is a good choice to take the initiative to lengthen your legs.

The most direct and effective way is to wear high-waisted flared jeans.

Even the “leg essence” we usually envy is sparing no effort to wear high-waisted styles, and we have no reason to “slack”.

In addition to lengthening the leg proportions, high-waisted jeans also have a “hidden skill” – protecting the waist and abdomen from cold.

Don’t underestimate this, in the gradually cooler autumn, keeping warm is a very important part of dressing.

THE 9 – Cher Kong / Anzaki

The 70’s vintage high-waisted jeans from Levi’s® are a standard leg-length must-have.

The slim straight leg is cut with a high-rise silhouette to create a full-score leg line.

The legs are a little longer, and a little longer

In fact, not all ankle-bare pants show leg length, especially flared pants that are already picky.

For most of us girls of average height, flared pants stuck at the ankle will only have an overly obvious cutting effect on the legs…

Although the picture on the right is not jeans, it is the same when it comes to showing leg length

Items like flared jeans that tend to expand laterally should actually do the opposite, stretching it as long as possible to achieve maximum visual longitudinal extension.

In this way, not only can you properly avoid the embarrassment of showing thick legs, but you can also hide a pair of heightened shoes under the legs of longer pants and quietly grow taller.


The material is a little lighter, a little lighter

The reason why some jeans appear fat, in addition to the problem of tailoring, is also closely related to the material of the pants themselves.

While most jeans are pure cotton (some add a little stretch), we can prioritize thinner styles that will look lighter on the upper body.

The lightness of jeans depends largely on the flow of the legs.

It is best to go to the store to feel the material of the pants itself before buying, and try not to buy those styles that feel very thick and heavy to the touch.

This Unikko Pants from Marimekko is actually a good choice.

The light texture combined with the refreshing light blue background can bring a rare touch of lively beauty to autumn.

In addition to choosing the right style, the matching of flared jeans is also difficult in the eyes of many girls.

Perhaps these combinations can help you open your mind and wear these jeans more daily.

Wear it with a long-sleeved shirt

A slightly awkward transition season in the South, it seems

There’s no better piece than a long-sleeved shirt.

What’s more, this combination of long-sleeved shirt and flared jeans is one of the best CPs for interpreting French style, and it is an indispensable wearing template after autumn.

The design of long-sleeved shirts is different, some are commuting, some are idyllic, but they can be matched with flared jeans with French retro temperament very harmonious and decent, and the visual effect is very gentle.

The jeans pictured on the left are from the CALZEDONIA Denim collection

With a denim top

Once upon a time, the combination of denim + denim was considered a sign of “soil hi”, but now this way of wearing is no longer what it used to be, and it has become a routine that fashionable people should not miss.

At this early autumn season, it is enough for friends in the southern region to match this flared pants with a denim shirt, and look at the French style bloggers on INS who wear it like this.

When the weather gets cooler, the versatile denim jacket is ready to appear.

With a light jacket

The temperature in the northern region is already very low, especially the temperature difference between day and night is getting bigger and bigger, and a jacket that can protect the wind and keep warm has become a very important existence.

With the retro “buff blessing” of flared jeans, you don’t have to worry about the style of the jacket and the conflict between pants.

For commuter girls, a blazer can be combined with flared jeans, elegant and harmonious and can also be very temperamental.

Of course, our choices don’t stop there, sports-style, street-style, all of them

to get ready.

Huo Wenxi, who is 40+ in the picture on the right, also looks good in this way

With a knitted top

The knitted tops mentioned here are actually very wide, from knitted vests to pullovers.

Of course, the editor expanded the scope to this point because each region has a different climate, so everyone can adjust it according to the actual situation when dressing.

The jeans on the right are from: VVNK Jane Plus

The soft knitted fabric mixed with the rough denim fabric has a different visual style, but the combination is very clever.

A tank top with flared pants will feel very school-style, while a pullover sweater is a gentle and intellectual style, there is always one for you.

The jeans on the left are from GUESS

The first pair of jeans in autumn, will you buy these “mom’s favorite” flared pants?

Source: Oriental IC, Visual China, brand provided