It can be disassembled and washed with high-value waterproof cotton mops, and it is warm and soft and comfortable to wear and increase in height

As soon as the weather is cold, you have to change into cotton drags after taking a bath, otherwise you will really freeze your feet.

And only when I get home and change into cotton slippers, I feel really cool,

Tiredness relieves most of the time

, the whole person is much easier!

But most of the cotton slippers are really

Not resistant to wear and dirt

, wear to the kitchen, toilet, it is easy to touch the water, as long as it gets wet

Huge difficulty cleaning

, not to mention, in the big winter, it is difficult to dry the shoes after washing.

Most cotton slippers on the market are basic

If it is not waterproof, it will be wet when it sees water

, go to the bathroom and kitchen and change your shoes.

If you accidentally buy a cotton drag made of black heart cotton, it is easy to open the glue, and it will smell when worn for a few days.

After being picky for a long time, I dare to say that the pair of cotton drags recommended today is good enough:

Not afraid of water

Can “disassemble” the washed cotton mop, resistant to wear and dirt, high value

, keep warm and wear to prevent odor!

What is “dismantling” and washing? It actually has two layers, and the coral fleece inside is super warm.

It can be washed by unbuttoning, which is easier than washing socks.

The sole is thickened to prevent water ingress, and the bathroom with stagnant water can be entered and exited at will without getting wet. Also anti-pollution does not like dirt, go out to throw garbage, take the express and wear it, not afraid of dirt.

Soft fluff, gently wrapped, warm feet and warmer heart; Lightweight material, thickened without aggravation.

It is also designed with a detachable careful machine, which can be easily removed in two simple steps, easy to clean and easy to dry.

People who wear it say that they are very comfortable, they are dressed well, and they buy another pair for their husband. If you want, you can buy it quickly.

Waterproof upper: resistant to dirt and not afraid of water

The inside of coral fleece locks and keeps warm, like stepping on a small stove

This cotton mop that can be removed and washed is used for the outer upper

EVA material, not wet in contact with water, not afraid of dirt

There is no need to change shoes when going downstairs to pick up the express, and the water resistance and dirt resistance are first-class.

The upper of the basic life waterproof removable slippers is not only waterproof, but also stain-proof, and even the sauce is clean with a light wipe.

4cm sole with thickened base life

, ordinary waterproof slippers are half short in front of it. Not only waterproof, but also good for heels and ankles

Soothes stress-relieving effects

It is especially suitable for people who often wear high heels and leather shoes.


The water aspect was not intuitive enough to compare height, so we put one on one foot and simulated walking on the waterlogged floor of the bathroom.

The result is that ordinary waterproof slippers are splashed with water, not only the fluff is wet, but even the socks are wet, bad reviews.

The basic life slippers rely on the advantage of its height, always keep dry, the fluff is not wet, and the socks are also safe.

Of course


The most important thing about the cotton mop is that it is warm enough.

Cold hands and cold feet, feet freeze the whole body will follow the snoring, people are easy to lose energy and often sleepy.

These slippers are made of high-grade coral fleece fabric, which is a common one

Fabrics used to make pajamas

No hair, no balls, wear super warm.

One foot through it, as if

Step next to the foot oven

, proper”

Small stove in winter

“, super warm!

Not only is it warm, it’s also very light, you can’t feel any weight with a hand pad, and you won’t have any burden on your feet.

Although the sole is very thick, it is also soft and elastic, and it can be bent with a little force, which is not the kind of hard and inelastic material.

With it, as soon as your feet leave the bed, you will get into the cotton shoes, without giving the cold air a slightest gap, so that your feet will warm your heart.

Experiments have proved that coral fleece fabrics also have a benefit, that is

The warmer it is

, temperature does not lose, like

The foot stepped on a constant warm baby.

Coral cotton inside

Fluffy and soft

, the breathability is also much better than cotton,

Wearing barefoot is not easy to simmer and sweat

, warm to lock in the temperature.

“Transformers” in the cotton drag world

The inside can be removed and washed Washing shoes is easier than washing socks

The last thing you want to get wet on a cold day is the most. Once the cotton mop is stained, it has to be washed by hand, if you are lazy and do not wash, the smell of feet and shoes, it is really so much~

This removable and washable slippers is much more convenient, and it is easier to wash directly inside than washing a pair of socks. No more

No need to wash bulky whole cotton shoes by hand

And the basic life waterproof removable slippers are different, it has a detachable design, a few easy steps, the fluff inside the shoe is removed.

The sole of the shoe is cleaned with a brush or the rag, and the shoe is easier to clean, rub it by hand or throw it into the washing machine.

Don’t worry about quality because it’s a detachable design. It adopts a point-to-point positioning design, and the inside will not run and will not be separated from the shoe wearing the insole.

If you want to wear slippers and run amok on the waterlogged floor, you must not only be waterproof, but also non-slip, otherwise you will accidentally fall on all fours, how painful it is.

Its sole is also very exquisite, like

It’s trucks

Three-dimensional wavy design like tires

, can firmly grasp the ground. Pregnant women and the elderly can wear it, non-slip

Security is high

There are some cotton slippers on the market that have a similar appearance to the basic life, not only the sole is not as thick as it, but the anti-slip is also very rough, and it is very bad to look at.


Put these two on the glass plate and tilt it 45 °, and then pour water to simulate the bathroom with stagnant water, and as a result, the basic life slippers cannot be pushed, while the ordinary slippers are not very good, and they slide down after a sneak.

Basic life slippers

The same regular slippers

Waterproof and non-slip or have to be basic life, buy it, go to the bathroom no longer have to worry about cotton slippers getting wet.


make move

No noise walking

, get up at night to go to the toilet, do not worry about noisy family sleep,


No scratches on wooden floors

30 degree wide toe cap slightly upturned design,

People with fat feet and high instep will not feel constrained when they wear it

, especially relaxing and easy to wear.

One-piece EVA shoe body, super toughness, glue, breakage, water ingress will not pass, wear is two or three winters.

Easy to wear, durable and super comfortable


Buy a pair that can be worn for at least 2 winter starts

, excellent cost performance.

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Thickened removable and washable home cotton mop