Super detailed wedding photo shooting strategy, there is always a trick to help you

Brother Hao and I are both designers, and I have been doing photography in my spare time, a perfectionist Capricorn, a detail-controlled Virgo, in order to choose a set of wedding photos, it is really painstaking, not necessarily expensive to shoot the best, cheap to shoot the worst, the most critical is the photographer’s technology and your cooperation.

1. How to choose the location for wedding photos? Domestic or foreign?

Because everyone’s preferences are different, some people like national characteristics, some people like island style, etc., if you are domestic, it must be more cost-effective, and there are many places suitable for travel photography. For example, Xiamen is the place with the most choices for travel photography in China, Gulangyu Island, botanical garden, beach, the scenery is very comprehensive, and the consumption is not high. The scenery of Yunnan is very beautiful, a lot of natural scenery. If you want wedding photos to be special, you can choose your favorite photographer and makeup artist to shoot abroad, but the cost is really high, and it is not acceptable to ordinary people to charter their air tickets and accommodation. If you are on a budget, I also recommend going to a European country where everyone wants a one-of-a-kind wedding photo. So where to shoot, you still have to follow your heart. We had an approximate budget in mind, looked at some popular shooting locations, and considered all the actual situation, and finally decided that the shooting location was [Sanya], with coconut groves, reefs, beaches and other small scenes.

2. How to choose a photography agency?

This is really the point, and the wrong choice really ruins everything. I usually like to play Weibo, Meipai, Kuaishou these short video software, all kinds of searches, see a lot of shooting videos, so for the shooting style has a certain positioning, consult a lot of travel photography companies, customer service is very enthusiastic, the case samples provided are very beautiful, just here to give you an important tip “Each of the samples provided is beyond imagination beauty, but the models are beautiful how to shoot are good-looking, and some samples are bought with money, not at all they took their own photos, so be sure to watch the real guest films”

The effect of ordinary guests shooting can better reflect the level of the photographer, must be the style you both like, otherwise after the shooting of the later disagreement, there is no way to modify, and then reshoot, is not scratched, so don’t be afraid of trouble, shop around, look at the people you know around to shoot and choose more secure, will not encounter the embarrassment of serious discrepancies between the real picture and the sample. I just saw that my friend took a good feeling, so I asked for contact information, Taobao directly paid the deposit, the store is quite large, and the environment is also very good.

3. Do I have to take wedding photos early?

Wedding photos are taken at least 3-5 months before the wedding date, because it takes at least a month for the photographer to arrange, refine and produce, and after selecting the film, you may put forward some ideas yourself, and the retoucher will further modify, and it also takes time, so take wedding photos early! We booked a photographer three months in advance, but there was a New Year’s holiday in the middle after the shoot, so the photos came out a little late, and I regretted that I might as well have been earlier.

4. About air tickets

We are Hohhot direct flight to Sanya, flying nearly 6 hours, because in January, there are many northerners who go to Sanya for the winter in winter, and it is also the peak season for Sanya tourism, so the price of air tickets will be more expensive, we did a comparison of air ticket prices on, Tuniu, Fliggy,, and 2 people round-trip about 6,000 in (Some friends also recommend that we fly from Hohhot to Haikou, and then from Haikou to Sanya, it is not much cheaper to turn around in peak season, and it is too tiring). The day before departure, because of the weather and snow, the next day the flight was canceled, this sudden situation is really difficult to predict, I really collapsed when I saw the text message, because this problem caused my subsequent itinerary to change, the photographer we booked is very full, super difficult to adjust the schedule, and finally the ticket was changed, postponed for a day, and communicated with the customer service of the photography company, the customer service is super nice, help me think of a way, so that it can be solved smoothly, so what to plan again, there will be some unexpected situations, Don’t worry, solve the problem is the most important thing. If you want to go to Sanya for a cheaper ticket, it is best in June or July, it will be the off-season, that is, there is a point, the sun exposure is very serious.

5. About the hotel

It is really important to travel to the hotel, the photography company arranged a hotel for us for 3 days and 2 nights for the convenience of shooting, and there was a hotel pick-up service, so we did not book the hotel in advance, just wanted to book the hotel directly in the local area after the shooting. Sanya hotels are really good, we booked a sea view room for a few nights. In fact, every day except for sleeping at night, there is not much time to stay in the room, and it is so close to the sea, there is no need to only watch from afar and not play profanely. If the weather is cloudy, the closer to the sea, the wetter it gets, which is very uncomfortable. There are many family hotels in Sanya, it is best to stay in newly completed ones, and their hardware facilities are relatively good. Book Sanya hotels through different ways to book, the price will be some differences, many accommodation apps, after more comparison, will be booked to affordable and comfortable hotels.

Recommended – Sanya Kangnian Hotel, there is a super cool infinity pool on the roof, only the pool and the sea, you can reach out to touch the sky, it is definitely a photo mecca. There is also a large swimming pool and a children’s playground theme pool downstairs with the right water temperature.

6. About driver’s license

You must bring your driver’s license when you go out, because you see a lot of shared cars, or self-driving is the most convenient, you can go wherever you want, we don’t have a driver’s license, fortunately, there is a Didi taxi software is very convenient, so much cheaper, and not afraid of the driver detour, you can also chat or something, sometimes you can also encounter some high-end Didi cars, very comfortable, feel quite good.

7. Preparation

Imitation: After setting the shooting time, go online to see those better wedding photos, look at the shape and posture inside, but learn from it (I just didn’t watch these, coupled with my body is too stiff, resulting in many of my unnatural movements, and the effect of the film has not reached my ideal state)

Underwear: Silicone chest patch I bought online, it is recommended to choose a better viscosity, just because a colleague took a wedding dress, I heard that the one she bought was good, so I asked for a link, I don’t think this thing needs to be bought too expensive. We want to shoot some underwater, so underwear and underwear should also have a few more sets, but also pay attention to the choice of color, preferably traceless white or flesh color, because some wedding dresses are very light and close, and they can’t be repaired in the later stage.

Sun protection: sun protection sun protection important things said three times, January temperature during the day about 26 ° C, morning and evening is still a little cold, it is recommended to bring a coat, although the temperature is not so high, look at the sun is not very strong, but ultraviolet rays are still strong, easy to darken, sunscreen is best applied once in 2 hours, I bought Oriflame’s sunscreen before leaving, the effect is very good.

Shoes and socks: Be sure to coordinate with the height of your significant other, and you must bring a pair of high heels if you are too different. Or bring a pair of platform wedge heels, wedding dresses are generally very long, so that walking is easier and people are tall. Brought a few pairs of black and white socks, this one for men. Body hair: Remove the hair (armpits, back, legs) that will be exposed and visible during the photoshoot, and use body lotion to soothe the skin. Nails: This depends on the personal situation, if you want to do it, make a simple style can be, not too complicated, the color is not too dark, single color or light color, so that with the wedding dress is also good.

8. Choice of wedding dress

We arrived at night, so the trial wedding dress was arranged on the next day, to drive away the fatigue of the journey, you can choose the wedding dress that needs to be photographed in a good state, (try on the wedding dress remember to wear non-marking panties and new bra) There will be a professional dresser to assist you in choosing, otherwise there will really be difficulty in choosing in many wedding dresses, you must choose a good try, not too heavy, otherwise it will really be very tired, and you have to choose according to your own figure, others wear good looks may not be suitable for you, comfortable and suitable is the most important, mine is a wedding package, It contains 5 sets of clothing for men and women, two sets of white wedding dresses, 1 set of red and 1 set of purple, and one set is underwater, once again remind everyone that if you don’t choose a long tail, the outside shooting should still be easy to carry, and the color of men’s suits will match with wedding dresses.

9. Makeup

Wash your hair the night before shooting, don’t use conditioner, pay attention to rest, go to bed early, drink less water, otherwise your eyes will be swollen, apply a mask, so that the next day’s makeup will be more suitable, because the photography company is next to the hotel, quite convenient, the next day at 7 o’clock to start makeup, the stylist is a boy, but the makeup is super serious, I like natural makeup, he gave me makeup, really feel a good feeling of lightness, see the makeup I like, the mood is also very good, in fact, chat more with the stylist, tell him the style you like, It is important to draw you a makeup that you like, so that the photo will be better.

10. Photography

If you’re not sure if the photographer can understand the feeling you want, show him the picture you like before you take it, so it’s safer. The hand bouquet in the photo is charged separately, 300 yuan a bouquet, I because I want to shoot underwater, plus a bunch of beach, so the total is 2 bundles, the first set of underwater photography, without further ado, first a few wedding pictures.

The wedding dress is really another feeling in the water, and this one is my favorite outfit.

My hair was cut very short last year, my hair used to be very long, when I shot this style, I really thought that it was still long hair to look good, babies who are ready to take wedding photos, must have long hair, so that it is convenient to style, this should be beautiful if it is long hair, so I have a little regret.

The colored yarn series, at first I wanted to choose all the white yarn, but then I listened to the advice of the dresser, this set of colored yarn was retained, and the effect was not bad.

White yarn is always the protagonist of the wedding dress, the simplest color, but also the most holy symbol.

The white gauze set I like the most, on Kuaishou popular, at that time when shooting was also very difficult, the photographer thought of shooting this effect, walk far to rent an electric car and ladder, behind a wonderful photo, is the photographer’s hard work.

Although Brother Hao and I love Haide, so this time the most is to shoot in the sea, but it is really not easy, especially the whole body is lying in the seawater, I am afraid of water, as long as I lie down, I am very afraid when the waves shoot over, so I don’t know how many mouthfuls of seawater I drank, it took half an hour, and finally gave up the effect I wanted.

The most satisfying group photo in the sea, but when the waves come over, you can really feel that the power is too great, I just want to say that there is a price to pay for good photos.

Shooting night scenes is very painful, there are mosquitoes, all kinds of bites, all kinds of bites, all over the bite bag, and the weather is dark can not see anything, tired for a day, the mood will inevitably be affected, but must be well adjusted, otherwise the film will be very poor.

12. About film selection

After the wedding photos are taken, the next day will be the selection link, which can also be said to be the most unpleasant link, do not get tangled, the expression is unnatural decisively deleted, the action or scene is repeated many times, deleted to not repeated, the general refinement is 40-50 pieces, we are holding the principle of not adding money, my husband and I delete wildly, they will promote you to add money for better quality frames and albums, upgrade I think it’s really useless, the film selector sees that this method does not work on me, and I am not happy, and the tone and attitude are not good, And changed to other routines my husband, said that my husband is embarrassed, and finally added a 1K film, which made me angry at that time, I was about to quarrel with him, so advise you, really don’t add money to ask for photos, and both people must be firm not to be fooled. (PS: I really want to say to the current photographers, don’t force sales, this is really disgusting and will be very bad.) )

13. About the later stage

The later stage is also a more troublesome place, on the day of selection, I will give you about 6 good P pictures, let you see if it is okay to repair according to such a tone, those pictures are indeed repaired well, and I said a few of my own suggestions. The film selector said that he would mark these to the retoucher, and about 1 and a half months later the photos came over (because there was a New Year’s holiday in the middle), and it was really good to see that the pictures were really good, many pictures were not that tone, and some of the effects I proposed to add or decrease at that time were not changed, and the details were not carefully repaired, so two-thirds of the pictures let him re-edit, and listed the places where each picture needed to be changed 123. You must zoom in on it yourself, you can’t completely count on the retoucher, but fortunately, the retoucher is very patient and repaired according to my ideas, and in the end it is quite satisfactory.

14. Essential equipment for a seaside vacation

Sanya really does not have many places to play in addition to the sea, but the beach is definitely good to take photos, we brought a camera + tripod, take a group photo or record a video. Beach hats not only shade the sun, but also give you a lot of inspiration for concave shapes. Sunglasses, don’t want to take photos to become blind, don’t want to have crow’s feet must be worn. The long beach dress with bright colors, the couple model I bought on Taobao, the quality is good, the wear is also very good, the sea breeze blows, you can go to the sky. Beach shoes are the most convenient, you can wear them into the sea when walking on the beach, you can also take them off at any time, and they look good for photos. The waterproof case of the mobile phone is almost a god-like existence, protecting the mobile phone from being “eroded” by the sea, whether it is playing in the sea or snorkeling in the sea, you can take the mobile phone to travel.

15. About food

For foodies, the important thing is not to play or eat, seafood is fresh, fruits with plenty of tropical light are really delicious, sweet to burst, and in the evening there are a variety of special snacks, huluo powder, coconut jelly, refreshing and cooling. Sanya Bay will have that kind of tricycle, saying that 3 yuan can send you to the food street, when you arrive on the first day, you can’t find anywhere, almost go to sit, so then Brother Hao stopped me, and later I learned that the food street is completely slaughtering customers, eating seafood there is really pitted, don’t go, don’t take a tricycle. If you want to eat seafood, go to the first market to buy seafood and find a shop to process it, or eat a seafood buffet in the hotel, which is also very good.

I really wrote this strategy seriously for a long time, dedicated to you who went to Sanya to shoot wedding dresses, maybe it will help you a little. Like many couples, we have experienced a lot from love to marriage, happy and sad, quarrels and tears, but in the end I still want to keep going, grateful for everything, may everyone have someone to love, and may you treat the people around you with sincerity, believe in love, and marry love!