Men’s autumn and winter clothing matching 6 leather clothing

Everyone is familiar with men’s leather clothes! It’s a must-have for autumn and winter.

The advantage of leather clothing is that it is not washed, haha, male compatriots must love it too much, and finally there is a clothes that can be washed without washing.

Many people in modern times like to wear leather clothing, leather clothes give people a feeling of spirit, ability, and temperament. In many movies in action martial arts films, the protagonist is wearing leather clothing, or leather shoulders, etc., which is very noble. How do we ordinary people dress to highlight the charm of men? Let’s look down.

The colors of the leather jacket are black, coffee, brown, and red. There are also many styles. Generally, men like to wear black leather clothing, the front placket can be a zipper design, there are also double-breasted, if you want to slim fit, wind and warmth This is the most suitable.

There are also many places where leather clothes are spliced, but they are quite designed, and the material is better, which adds to the fashion atmosphere. Wear this leather jacket with leg trousers and boots. Leather jackets can also be paired with men’s straight-leg pants and leather shoes, making it easy to create your autumn and winter fashion trend!

In addition to short leather clothing, there are also long ones, and the long ones do not have more splicing and decoration of short ones, which are more simple and atmospheric. It goes well with trousers and straight-leg pants and leg pants. Long leather clothes are suitable for tall men, if you are quite thin, wearing such a long leather jacket is very stable temperament of men.

The leather collar can be separated from the collar and the lapel, its design and style are relatively hard, the simple small standing collar, in autumn and winter touching your neck will not have a chill. In particular, the style of the placket is the most eye-catching. The placket is made of hard metal, and the gold electroplated zipper is dazzling, which is much more expensive than the regular zipper. The zipper is divided into straight zipper and diagonal zipper, and the diagonal black leather jacket has always been liked by many boys. Wear it with casual jeans or black straight-leg pants. It can bring out the charm of a mature man!

The material of leather clothing is PU leather, leather products, washed leather and pure leather. Looking at their own economic strength, comfortable and high-grade goatskin fabric is the best, the surface of the leather clothing is more lustrous, comfortable to wear, no winter coolness, and the feel is very soft. There is no heaviness on the wear, and it does not feel like a shoulder burden. There are single leather coats, cotton leather coats, and lamb wool inside, which can be worn at different times.

Like other clothing, leather clothing must also pay attention to maintenance, and if you want to take it out like new in the next year, you must pay attention to the washing of leather clothing. The neckline, sleeves and chest of the leather jacket are the dirtiest parts. The dirt above generally includes three categories: sweat secretions, various oil stains and dust. If you want to deal with it yourself, the simple way is to repeatedly wipe and dry the leather clothes with a wet towel, go to the supermarket and buy a bottle of oil specially applied to the leather clothes to coat, wipe them and dry the storage wardrobe.

Leather clothing is different from other clothing, other ordinary clothing can be washed, while leather clothing can not be in the water, because after the leather clothing is put into the water, the original loose fibers of the leather will stick to each other, making the leather clothing board hard and deformed. If the leather clothing is discolored or spots are formed if it is not washed properly, it will affect the wear. If it is not stored properly, the leather coat will be moldy, and then it will have to be eliminated and replaced with a new one.

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