Xiaoai smart speaker + tablet: Why is the 2 times configuration only 1.5 times happy?

Many people may have a small love speaker in their home, this thing is not expensive, the experience at home is actually quite good, ask the weather, as an alarm clock or something is still very convenient, however, many people are actually thinking, if you give the little love speaker a screen what it will look like, this time to start Xiaoai classmates touch screen speaker Pro 8 can be regarded as solving my big problem, that is, why is the 2 times the configuration only 1.5 times happy?

To be honest, I thought that this was too much Xiaomi tablet inventory, forcibly added Xiaoai speakers to sell, equivalent to bundled sales, but the experience is actually quite good.

As shown on the picture, Xiaomi did not put the full screen on the display this time, so the border is still a little wide, fortunately, the black edge is almost invisible, and the texture of the speaker on the back is not bad, not plastic, but seems to be wrapped in a layer of cloth, and the feel is not bad.

The application inside can only be said to make do, at present, my version only has Bilibili, iQiyi, Youku, Douyin, etc., most of them are video software, basically meet the video requirements of most people, music is the default QQ music, the resources are not bad, but the resources of station B are not synchronized.

In operation, in addition to the volume adjustment key and lock screen key on the back, the rest rely on gestures, sliding up from the bottom is to return to the main menu, and sliding from sitting to the right is to return, but the gesture is not as sensitive as the mobile phone, and during the operation, the return is often touched by mistake, but it is generally okay.

Xiaoai’s response and understanding is the best of all the artificial intelligence assistants currently contacted, including Baidu’s Xiaodu, Apple’s Siri, etc., of course, after all, it is just an assistant, and it cannot be guaranteed to be 100% accurate, and it is generally good to use.

As for watching the video, the official propaganda goes like this:

In fact, it is not perfectly adapted, and there will be about 1cm black bars above and below, but it does not particularly affect the viewing experience.

In fact, you think that Xiaoai speaker + screen will be double happiness, but you will find that no, at most 1.5 and even occasionally feel that it is not as good as a small love classmate speaker, because after you have expectations, it is not so satisfactory, but will be disappointed, coupled with stuttering, flashback, the experience is not satisfactory.

But the price of 599 yuan already gives you a general acceptance range, then it is used as an ornament (the time screensaver is still very good), a player in front of the bed, and even a multi-functional alarm clock, even the simplest little love speaker, that is also very good. After all, 1.5 times happiness is also happiness, right?