66-year-old Zhao Yazhi looks like a grandmother, so young in a denim dress, and her head is tied like a little girl

Zhao Yazhi is a goddess in the hearts of a generation, now she is 66 years old, in ordinary people this age is already a grandmother, but Zhao Yazhi is still like a young lady in her 20s, not only the figure, good maintenance, but also very reduced age in dressing, a denim dress on the body can not see the real age at all, I don’t know I thought it was a little girl.

66-year-old Zhao Yazhi is really foreign, wearing a denim dress so young, and her head is tied like a little girl. For women of Zhao Yazhi’s age, denim blue is the best color, this basic cold color is very refreshing and neat, wearing on the body can present a refreshing feeling, so even if the denim fabric is slightly thicker, will not wear a sultry feeling in summer, Zhao Yazhi’s dress uses a very basic denim blue, completely unobtrusive, but worn in summer is very refreshing and neat.

It is very wise to use a belt to raise the waistline, especially when wearing a long dress, a belt of the same color can not only show a sense of harmony in color matching, but also show the effect of raising the waistline, fashion sense and practicality are very strong, especially for young ladies who want to show their legs long and tall, a reasonable match with a belt can play a finishing touch.

The basic pure color can wear a sense of stability, for older women, this color matching will also be very good to control, but less brilliant feeling, want to wear the basic pure color system to a brilliant effect, can properly integrate some brilliant small details, Zhao Yazhi this dress can be seen carefully can see some white outline design, with the basic color for outline, neither destroying the freshness of denim blue, but also avoiding the single color of the pure color.

This denim dress in front of the white row of small buttons to present a sense of three-dimensionality and sophistication, this very three-dimensional small button can make the simple denim dress look more attractive, the dress in the cut of the line is very soft, not aggressive at all, nor too much emphasis on the sense of superiority in the figure, simple but not simple.

The matching of shoes is also very key, Zhao Yazhi with a denim dress with a basic little white shoes, refreshing and clean color matching presents a very sweet feeling, this kind of small white shoes are very versatile, almost all year round can be boldly used items, a pair of basic small white shoes can wear both anti-aging and can wear the desired comfort.

Denim skirt + belt

Short denim dress is more suitable for some girls with good legs, straight and slender beautiful legs can be perfectly presented by the short skirt, the upper position of the waist with a wider belt, can not only raise the waist line but also show the slenderness on the waist, the wider the belt, the stronger the sense of fashion and trend, the more exquisite the belt looks.

Long loose jeans + ruffles

Long and loose fit usually corresponds to extreme comfort, this style is very friendly to slightly chubby girls, but small girls should try carefully, long and loose fit is easy to lower the height, petite girls are easy to wear a dragging feeling, the dress in the appropriate position with a little ruffles, decorate the delicate girly feeling.

Denim print dress + boots

Don’t think that boots are just autumn and winter matching items, in fact, fashionable little fairies prefer to match boots in summer, the contrast of the seasons can present a more fashionable feeling, the upper body with denim fabric printed dresses, printed elements make denim fabrics show more richness.

The above several denim dresses are introduced here, which way do young ladies like? Let me know in the message area.

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