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I heard that “Ode to Joy 2” starts broadcasting today, and I hope that Madam will come to pick up the little motor to raise his hand! I hope that the drama produced at noon can continue to maintain the standard, and be more delicate and deeper in the portrayal of the life path of the five of them, haha.

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The recommended products are Madam’s personal opinions for reference only, and the small motors grow grass according to their personal circumstances. The specific participation method of the Q&A room is shown at the end of the article~


In the dream he asked

Contour Stick Contour Stick !!! I’ve left a message so many times and I’ve never been flopped so sadly

Madam says:

Because I was also doing my homework some time ago, because many of the contour sticks that everyone knows are made in a certain country, so I also have to see if other products are not, otherwise…….

1. Maybelline Light & Shadow Contour Stick (about 129RMB)

Maybelline’s contour stick was bought by Madam when she bought eyeliner at their house, and then used it when she wore makeup at the annual meeting. The brightening effect is still good, and the contouring part is relatively natural, not too heavy. The shadow end is sometimes used as a concealer. However, the disadvantage is that it is a little dry, and if it is dry skin or the skin is not in good condition, it will be a little jerky that is difficult to push.

2.NYX Double Head Contour Stick (about 100RMB)

This one will be more malleable, and it is very moisturizing, and there is no need to worry if the skin condition is not good. Regarding colorization, NYX is a professional makeup maker, and coloration has always been great.


Hua Hua asked

There are a lot of acne on the back, and there are acne marks, what to do!

Madam said:

In fact, if I say that back acne, you can drink edible tea tree oil or hydrosol directly to improve the little motor, do you think I’m lying? But Madam tried it this way, and it has worked on some small pimples on the face and back. Of course, it is better to honestly apply tea tree essential oil to the small motor with a bad stomach and fear of danger. Tea tree essential oil The Florihana recommended by Madam last time is an edible grade essential oil, and interested small motors can go to the Xiangsheng Mall cooperated with Madam to check this essential oil. The entrance is inside the QR code of Xiangsheng Mall at the end of the article.

1.Pelican Forback Acne Soap (about 45RMB)

This acne soap has also been recommended by Madam before, and the price is not expensive. This one is specially designed for back acne, using a foaming net or bath ball to play a delicate foam after the upper body, very refreshing, a little mint and Chinese herbal flavor, can be used on the chest and back. It is a little dry after washing, and the body should be moisturized.

If you don’t think it’s easy to sell, buying a three-dollar sulfur soap in your convenience store downstairs also works well, but the taste is a little disturbing, haha.


A ~Hq~


The hair is always permed and dyed, so it is particularly dry, so I recommend good hair care and hair care

First of all, when it comes to hair perm, Madam recommends not to be too frequent, and it is more reasonable to perm and dye once every 3 to 6 months. Let the hair also rest and heal itself, followed by if the hair follicle is damaged, then the hair volume will be easily reduced, causing the hairline to move back, and there is no need to remind Madam to remind you of this. Then about the washing and care products Madam has also been pushed, and it is also sold in the mall, so you can buy it here or buy it yourself. In addition, to talk about an unpopular knowledge, hair also needs sun protection small motors, do you know? Whether it’s a hat or sunscreen spray or sunscreen, these can protect the hair, reduce color loss and reduce brittle hair.

1. Opa High Nutrition Wash Set 740g*2 (about 175RMB)

Don’t be shameful, Opba’s shampoo is also one of Madam’s red items, haha. This shampoo is Madam personally used and think that it is very good to use, because there is for perm and dye repair, so the moisturization is still quite high, the shampoo contains silk protein, so the word deep into the hair is still done well, after washing it is very fragrant, the hair is soft and not easy to knot, insist on using for a period of time will feel that the hair quality has improved. If you want to pursue a little better, you can buy the second generation of their upgraded home, and the repair effect is better.

2. Novella Hazelnut Silicone-Free Repair Shampoo Set 550ml*2 (about 199RMB)

Novella from Japan’s main light luxury cleaning and care has also won the first place in the cosme reward care department. Because the ingredients are relatively safe, it can be used even by small babies and pregnant women. Hazelnut this set of main is perm dyeing repair, the texture of the shampoo is very refreshing, not a lot of foam but feel that the scalp is very comfortable, Moroccan essential oil is added, for perm dyeing repair still has a good effect.



Madam, summer has arrived, and the skin at the joint of his arm is rough and dark, and it is particularly ugly to expose. Is there any way to change the rough skin on the elbow? Crab crabs

This is actually said quite a lot, because our joints also need maintenance and exfoliation, because the joint has a large amount of activity, so the keratin is easier to accumulate, and the small motors can properly go to the keratin. Let’s recommend a few milder products.

1. Cure Exfoliating Gel 200ml (about 198RMB)

Cure’s exfoliator is already a classic Internet celebrity, fragrance-free, coloring-free, and can be used on both the face and body. The method of use is to squeeze a sufficient amount to apply to the thick place where the keratin accumulates, and then massage in a circular motion, you can see that the waste keratin is brought out, and wash it with water. Because the moisturizing degree is relatively high, the skin will not feel very astringent after rubbing.

2.Oh My Baby Body Scrub 500g (about 200RMB)

This body scrub is also enduring, a large jar with very fine scrub particles and hot spring water ingredients, and the body will be much smoother after washing off after a circular massage. Large cans can be used to the earth



Mixed oil skin, external oil and internal dry, dry pain and dry pain, hydration is useless, can you use hyaluronic acid. Can you recommend hydration, kneel for flop!!!

Sometimes dry pain is not necessarily a lack of water in the skin, it may also be a damaged skin barrier or allergies. In fact, hyaluronic acid, also called sodium hyaluronate, is found in our skin, but it will slowly be lost as we age. In skincare, hyaluronic acid is a great moisturizer to help hydrate the skin. Therefore, for your situation, Madam will recommend you a relatively safe moisturizing serum to wet the compress to soothe and calm the skin.

1. Nature’s Name: Yeast Plant Rejuvenating Serum 300ml (about 59RMB)

Last time, the little motor of nature’s name mask bought it, do you think it is good to use? There are many small motors that feedback that their masks are quite comfortable to use, and the cost performance is also very high. And this essence Madam is also recommended to everyone after using it. Ye Yiqian, Wu Xin and Li Feier have also been recommended.

There are no fragrances and additives in it, so it is a relatively hypoallergenic product, and many of the ingredients contained are very mild, and there are many great moisturizing ingredients added. After applying a few wet compresses on his own, Madam will feel that the soothing and calming effect is not bad, and the lack of water in the skin has also improved. Small motors of interest are also available

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To make a purchase, it is still very cost-effective to buy a bottle now and get a box of compressed masks to help wet compresses.

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