Do you wear Antarctica thermal underwear? Quietly tell you something you don’t know

The Antarctica in your house may be fake. Nanjiren is a famous thermal underwear brand, but this brand was discontinued twelve years ago, but now it is still popular throughout the country, with revenue as high as 1.3 billion, and the gross profit margin is comparable to Moutai, up to 90%.

To say that this Antarctica, he is really a ruthless character, in order to pursue high gross profits, cut the production and sales links, and directly sold the hangtag. Whether you are clothing, home textiles, electrical appliances, it gives you a license A OEM price increases several times, manufacturers will naturally flock to it, relying on this empty gloves white wolf model, the license fee profit is more than 70%.

But this Antarctica’s ambition is far more than that, what he wants to do is the low-end version of the Xiaomi ecological chain, which integrates suppliers and distributors, builds an industrial chain, and grasps the right to speak with a common weight, and the income is rising again and again.

As Antarcticans earn more and more, some people praise his model, of course, others say that this is a suicidal business, because the reputation is still getting worse and worse. So which side are you on?

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