In 2022, I recommend 9 light luxury bags with high cost performance

Sleek and minimalist

Coperni Swipe leather shoulder bag

Reference price: ¥3917

Purchase channel: Farfetch

Coperni has been popular since its establishment in 2013, and this bag must have been brushed on IG.

The two designers who founded Coperni are the former art director of Courreges, a name he became known to in the 60s


The brand of the master has created many classic looks of future city girls.

But don’t equate it with the average niche brand, Coperni

The design concept is novel

, the production process is in accordance with the standard requirements of “luxury”,

The price is very reasonable,

It’s not just about beauty just to get out of the loop.

The design philosophy of its home is always and

Digital, technology

Connected, this Swipe is typical of its home, inspired by the iPhone’s slide to unlock icons.

CF has also written about this brand before, and you can poke the blue words to do your homework


of the editorial office

Tea tea

I also entered an oval-shaped Swipe, although it looks good, but the armpit space is limited, and this one I pushed today

New Swipe

Widened the arc, and it will be carried up

More comfortable


The minimalist arc is futuristic

, super recognizable.

Bags of this fit are sometimes shaped with harder leather in order to fix the shape, and the body space is narrowed, which is not easy to use.

The Swipe body handle is molded in one piece and used

Soft calf leather

, not afraid of deformation, and the elasticity has become greater,


Relative also increased, the mouth of the bag can be naturally open, things

Good to put and take

, very convenient.

Whether it’s worn with everyday jeans or a cool dress, it’s not picky at all, you can

Sassy and stylish

It’s okay

Gentle and quiet

YEE SI Facet Classic folding bag

Reference price: ¥2725

Purchase channel:1¥D92NXN5O4UI¥/:/

I don’t know if you have the same habits as me, whether it’s a business trip or a tour, if you carry a big bag, you must have it in your suitcase

Bring an extra small bag

Carry it around like this

Important documents and documents

, After arriving at the destination and being settled, if you have a social reception in the evening, or want to go shopping around, carry a small bag and go out

Particularly relaxing

However, the bag is easily deformed by the luggage, and it is particularly distressing to watch.

So I super recommend YEE SI’s folding bag, fold it for a second

Three-dimensional to two-dimensional

, just leave a slit in the suitcase to fill it in,

Super practical

When not in use, it can be “invisible”, and it can be restored after taking it out

There are styles and styles

, but also completely without sacrificing the capacity of the bag, after loading the necessary small items, plus a Kindle is stress-free.

There is one more thing that must be boasted,

The top of the bag is a magnetic clasp

, Even if I accidentally knock over the bag, the items inside will not spill on the ground, but I take care of my kind of horse Daha.

In addition to “foldable”,


Also good thief.

I use it for my daily commute

Wide shoulder straps

, not strangling the shoulders can also free the hands; If you see the customer, remove the shoulder strap

Direct hand-carrying

It will be more formal.

Change it after work

Metal chains

, you can go directly to bungee hahaha.

Jil Sander patch pocket tote

Reference price: ¥5965

Jil Sander can be said to be

Minimalist style

of the originators.

The brand flows with German style

Calm and sane

The breath, whether it is clothing items, or bags and shoes, is often the first choice for commuting white-collar workers, and it feels very pro to wear it.

This tote bag in its house is very suitable for work needs to be fashionable, but yet

Don’t want to be too deliberate

, and a little formal sense of the donor.

Although it looks like a canvas bag, the black leather square in the middle makes it easy to become a “shopping bag” bag at once

A sense of careless sophistication

On the contrary, the bag lining is

All black leather

, not only to ensure that the bag is not deliberately high-quality, but also to control the three-dimensional version of the bag.

Even if you put it in a laptop like Macbook Air, there will be no bag falling down.

Practicality, aesthetics

Take care of it all.

The bag is equipped with a shoulder strap, and you can directly free your hands when you are tired of your hands,

“Canvas + Leather”

The weight is also greater than that of a full pitot bag

Much lighter

In general, it is especially suitable for donors who have been employed for more than two years and need to bring a computer to important formal occasions.

And black and white

The color scheme is also very classic

, dark coats in winter and light T-shirts in summer are refreshing and highlight, and there is a special one

Minimalist neatness

Calm the atmosphere

Tory Burch Kira shoulder bag

Reference price: ¥5200

Purchase channel:1¥W2D6XN5n6Ys¥/:/

Tory Burch’s Kira series is the kind mentioned earlier.

Durable and able to support the scene

” bag.


There are dark and light colors to choose from,


There are mini, small and large sizes that can cover almost the needs of most people.

Beijing has just started autumn, and when it is experiencing an autumn rain and a coolness, I recommend this one

“Lactose Brown”

It’s even more so than black

Gentle and light

A little, super suitable for the upcoming autumn.

Whether it’s a dark suit, a camel coat, or a casual light-colored sweater, you can’t go wrong, overall

Falling generously, very temperamental.



A stronger benefactor can be chosen

Kira lambskin



Soft and warm

, with this staggered herringbone design, it will not look bloated like many “pillow bags”, too casual, and give people a feeling more like one

Lady of Guiqi

However, if you need to go out to work frequently, such as site surveys, exhibition squats, etc., it is still recommended to choose first

More durable cowhide

, the temperament is also a little tougher and handsome.

Even if you are still crowding the subway and running the construction site one second, the next second you can see the leader in a big way, gather with friends for dinner, and you are not afraid at all.

The most boastful thing is that this trumpet can be put directly into one

iPad mini

, the standard compartment and storage pocket are available, the capacity can fully meet the needs of daily commuting,

Good dress and not afraid to press height

, it’s so amazing.

Nanushka Anja Baguette shoulder bag

Reference price: ¥3478

Nanushka We don’t need to introduce it too much, whether it is clothes or bags, it has been mentioned many times.

The brand has always insisted on adoption


, and better than the same kind of eco-friendly leather brand leather


, silky and soft to the touch.

When it comes to the touch of genuine leather, I still admire it the most.

Nanushka’s new Anja baguette bag this time is made on the face

Nice folds

, the weight of the folds is just right, the handle part is a little more, but the body retains some space,

Not too casual

The half-moon type has enough underarm space and a relatively flat body, so you can wear it in winter

A thicker coat

I’m not afraid of panicking, yes

Very well clamped

The body is softer

, If there are not many things at work, this bag is also very good, as long as it does not contain too large and hard objects, it will generally not be shaped.

In addition to wearing an overcoat in autumn,


It can also come in handy, and it will be more sassy to match with the material.

Belongs to can

Elegant and gentle

Dashing and handsome

A bag is all up to you.

Aspinal of London Matilda Tote

Reference price: ¥6575

Purchase channel:

Aspinal of London is super there

British taste

of the brand,

Elegant and restrained

, with a touch of nostalgia.

There is an English girl next to me who first bought this Matilda tote after joining the company, and has been using it until now, which is really full of feelings.

High-quality cowhide, reddish brown body, fashionable and high-class, whether it is for young people who have just joined the company, or old fritters in the workplace, this bag is temperamental enough, and

Don’t be afraid to be too mature to hold.

Its home bags are all


Yes, it is a treatment that only exists at the luxury level, but the price is steadily controlled at the level of 1,000 yuan,


Really very.

The whole body cortex everyone may be afraid of weight, this only bag

Excess hardware is reduced

, the weight was reduced all of a sudden, my friend got into this one, she said that this bag back computer is not tired of running outside for a day.

Everyone also knows that there are many foreigners

dress code,

Watching operas, eating Michelin, gathering friends and dressing in different styles.

This bag really accompanies her from the fresh person in the floral dress to the management wearing the formal full professional outfit

Practical and versatile

, appearance and function

Super ability to play


Vintage elegance

See by Chloé Lesly One-shoulder baguette

Reference price: ¥3455

Last time to everyone Amway

Commuting Pack Slip

, the new bag from the Chloé family is loved by everyone.

Actually a side line of Chloé

See by Chloé

It’s also worth shopping, after all, the price of the side line will not be too expensive, and the quality control has the strength to do a good job, just pick the one you like.

This Lesly is Chloé at first glance, and it is completely classic

Rock ‘n’ roll sweet girl

The body is a 90s baguette

Classic fit,

The addition of a buckle element reduces its casual feel of a gypsy style, and this bag is relatively speaking

A little tougher

, more suitable



Now there are many “retro” versions of cowhide bags on the market, and the leather looks plastic, and it doesn’t take long to really become “old”.

This bag is also made of cowhide, and the color is

Slightly worn brown

, dirt-resistant and eye-catching, and has the same pebblestone-like appearance

Beautiful texture

, at a glance, you can tell that it is really excellent cowhide.

It is quite possible that after many years, it is also enviable to carry it

Vintage package

I especially like the shoulder straps that come with this bag, also the design with wide shoulder straps, but the inspiration is

A strap derived from the guitar

In addition to comfort, there is more of an optimistic sense of freedom.

Wrapped body

Exquisite and beautiful

, the shoulder straps are uninhibited, and they are paired with one

Available as formal or casual


Whether it’s a shirt or trench coat for commuting, or a cooler piece on the weekend, you can flexibly change your style, and it’s also one

Super durable

, a bag that is used very frequently.

Coach Tabby 20 handbag

Reference price: ¥2700

Purchase channel:

Coach home bags are notoriously cost-effective,

Quality and appearance

In recent years, it has been getting better and better, and its bag is also hung by many commuters with their eyes closed.

The Tabby 20 series of bags is also its home


First, let’s say first, several colors are sold out, and those who want to start quickly grab it.

Why is it so easy to sell? Not because it’s true

Super attractive and temperamental

, also very good, is a very honest bag.


Squared and stylish

, don’t engage in those strange shapes, things can see the bottom at a glance,

Easy to find, easy to take

, after putting the necessary intimate items is more than enough.

Add a simple C-word logo to the flip cover, simple and low-key, very suitable for donors who don’t like conspicuous big logos, but want to have a little brand identity.

The bags of the Coach family are quite light, large bags and small bags, chain bags I have carried, even if I put more things, there will basically be no strangulation.

The package itself is very

Small and lightweight

, want to be elegant a little hand-held, will not be tired of carrying it, with a small floral skirt or formal small dress is OK.

Commuting requires catching the subway, and when you have coffee in hand, you can also do it

The cross-body is a little easier

, with autumn coats and sweaters

Very gentle

, and even a little American

Vintage feel

, very well handled.

Salvatore Ferragamo Vara shoulder bag

Reference price: ¥8108



, It’s really not me boasting, it’s wonderful.

I joined his house a few years ago, and I got into his short mid-heeled leather boots, which I relied on every winter to support my height with a sassy long coat.

Until now, the leather of these shoes is very online, and I feel that I can wear them for several years.

Not to mention its bags

, leather, craftsmanship and design

, is also worthy of the top word,

Very durable

This Vara can be said to be the collection of its home

Classic elements

At a glance, you can recognize its home

Classic butterfly clasp

, cute and gentle but not exaggerated, very beautiful to carry.

Trapezoidal package type

Also vintage package


, elegant and calm, not easy to go out of style.

This bag type is also the first choice for commuting handbags, which look small and win

The package type is regular

, put a small one


It’s no problem too.

Although the shoulder strap is not widened, it is wrapped up

Light enough

And the leather is soft and tough, whether it is shoulder back or hand, it is completely unrestrained.

Bags like this are perfect for pairing with a variety of things

A slightly more formal commuter outfit

, but the low-key and elegant design does not make the whole too rigid.

Occasionally wear a slip dress, if you want to be elegant, you can also carry it directly, it is completely one

Offensive and defensible

of the package.

Purchase channel: Farfetch

Purchase channel: Farfetch

Purchase channel: Farfetch

Purchase channel: Farfetch

It’s okay