SILKY MIRACLE silk home furnishing products, even international supermodel Xi Mengyao can’t put it down

What’s cooler than air conditioning and watermelon in summer?

It is a room with a cool silk quilt

Gorgeous satin-like texture

Skin is smooth and cool

Give you a refreshing hug on a sweltering summer night

Cool silk soft satin

The soft cherry blossom powder allows you to enjoy the petals dancing and the dark fragrance floating in a gentle space. Together with the warm lighting, the fresh atmosphere of the bedroom is filled with the fragrance of flowers.

The soft white silk echoes the tranquility of the bedroom, blending seamlessly with the wood-colored floor and furniture. SILKY MIRACLE summer silk quilt, each strand of silk is strictly screened, only ten percent of the silk can be selected, and kneaded into the handmade silk quilt known as “PURE SKIN”, delicate and skin-friendly, caring for the delicate skin of little babies.

Elegant gray coffee

The elegant gray café permeates the pure and elegant bedroom atmosphere, diving into the night to dispel impetuosity and exhaustion.


The feminine pink four-piece set will take you back to your girlhood. Echoing the smart and fresh green plants at the head of the bed, isolate the noise and bustle, and whisper softly with the romantic pink tone in the space, creating the ultimate gentle sleep experience.

The closeness of the rich idler is soft

Pajamas represent a woman’s inner world, and only truly confident and strong people dare to wear white.

International supermodel Xi Mengyao has become the brand spokesperson of SILKY MIRACLE, with a high-end sense of black and white pajama sets, showing the diverse charm of modern women.

End the day and enjoy the closeness that only you know. Pure blue silk pajamas, as soft and smooth as a second skin. The diamond-shaped check is lively and eclectic, refreshing and not sweet. The fusion of silk and skin, delicate and silky.

Gentle and sexy sweet potato purple silk pajama set, the overall slim three-dimensional cut, in the silk luster and elegant characteristics, the use of three-dimensional cut made of subtle swing collar, fit the body curve while having a flowing beauty. Wear it and let life shine.

Who doesn’t want to kill the waves by the sea in summer? The ritual sense of life is not only at home, SILKY MIRACLE allows little fairies to have silk pajamas that are both beautiful and comfortable during their journey.

Pure white silk pajamas, with an unimaginable sense of cleanliness, waves crashing on the reef, blowing a light sea breeze, is the best time.

Silk pajamas should be matched with silky bedding to achieve ultimate comfort

Pay attention to high quality of life and fashion, you will definitely fall in love with her

Live well and feel it with your heart


SILKY MIRACLE silk home furnishing products, even international supermodel Xi Mengyao can’t put it down! What do you think?