Don’t just wear a fisherman’s hat when it’s cold, I love this hat that Xianya Xiaozhan collided

Did you know that Xinya also started a Vlog business? It is mainly used to share and record their daily life, and the video style is also quite elegant style, very similar to the feeling of DV shooting in the 90s. Usually cool and sexy on the stage, Xinya is the neighbor’s kind sister in the Vlog, and the cute and thoughtful contrast cute has made the new channel open and has gained 900,000 followers!

Xinya wore a conspicuous fluorescent knitted hat in the second Vlog, took photos of her boyfriend E’Dawn, and sprinkled a wave of sugar on everyone, which was too sweet.

Last winter, you also wore the same color and different styles long ago, do you really not consider coming to a couple hat?

Song Yanfei also wore a variety of hat types in her recent airport street shoot, from hot weather to cooler weather, the material of the hat began to become soft and warm.

In fact, investing in a timeless hat will not bring less joy than buying a piece of clothing for the same price. Just look at the inventory of Carrie hats in Sex and the City.

So what styles should I start with when it’s cold? Looking at the leopard berets on Alaïa’s runway, are they still perfect for this autumn and winter?

Alaïa 1991 Autumn Collection

There are many kinds of checks and tweed hats on the autumn and winter runway, which are warm and versatile.

Emporio Armani Fall 2019 collection

Michael Kors Fall 2019 Collection

The silhouette and color are even more innovative, and the more you look at it, the more you want to buy it!

Sally LaPointe Spring 2020 Collection

So what hat to wear when it’s cold? Take a look at the wave that Sister Ba gave you a plate

Super beautiful and super fire


Cap model



Go for it! ⬇️

Fluffy fisherman’s hat

To say that the hottest hat in the past two years, it is not the fisherman’s hat! This kind of item that can add material to the basic Outfit is still indispensable in autumn and winter. Blogger Patricia Manfield took the lead in getting the autumn and winter fisherman’s hat.

Although nylon, cotton and other materials can be worn all year round, celebrities and bloggers almost have one all summer, but as the weather gets colder, you must also consider whether to keep warm.

So choose lamb fleece material, your warmth problem will be solved, wear a red fisherman’s hat with blue in winter, which is quite eye-catching.

It can define the face shape and cover the forehead, and it will not be ostentatious to wear with Marina Serre’s iconic crescent base, and passers-by will look back a few more times.

In the past, people liked to use baseball caps to represent sports items, and now fisherman hats can also be used.

There is also this domed brightly colored fisherman hat, which looks particularly well-behaved and cute with a small suit and checked skirt.

However, another fisherman’s hat printed with an old flower pattern is still quite difficult to hold, because the color of the old flower style is generally earthy tones, and it is easy to look dull if the clothing is not well matched.

Don’t worry, you won’t look old-fashioned with plain clothing, such as a trench coat, a high-end and coordinated earthy color.

Or you can choose an earthy fisherman’s hat with a geometric pattern, and if you feel stuffy, you can wear white shoes to brighten it.


In addition to his berets, Kangol are popular with major stars, and fisherman’s hats are also very favored, and Lily Colins brings his hat to play with friends.

It also often appears in street photography, but bloggers prefer to wear it after it is cold.

When Kangol is mentioned, the Kangaroo logo will make people mistakenly think that it is from Australia, but in fact Kangol is the same as Dr. Martens Martin boots


of British brands.

Kangol was founded in 1938 and is


The old brand, whether it is a fisherman hat or a beret is a classic.

Kangol can be an enduring choice, and the soft and stiff hat shape is the foundation that distinguishes it from other brands.

The most iconic thing is

100% wool

Woven fabric, Julia Bergshoeff’s white fisherman’s hat is the hottest.

It has a warmer performance while ensuring the stiffness of the hat type, avoiding the embarrassment caused by collapse and wrinkles that will occur in general styles.

At a time when fashion is entering the first year of genderlessness, boys can also wear it.

In addition to white, there are many bright colors to choose from, making it the most beautiful boy on the gai in winter.

Angolan acrylic blend material is also a good choice, just looking at it will make you feel that this winter is no longer cold.

If you don’t like dark colors, you can choose camel color, because camel color is also a representative color in winter.


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Reference price: $60.00


Reference price: $64.00

Temperament of the woolen berets

The cover of Harper’s BAZAAR 1992 features supermodel Christy Turlington wearing a black beret and velvet gloves, which is a classic.

The beret was also once considered a sign of elegance.

But at a time when berets are no longer just synonymous with elegance and celebrity, they can also be cool, and Bella wears silver leather pants with checked berets, even a little rebellious.

Zendaya’s own superior skeleton wears a velvet suit, retro and modern, which is unforgettable.

Kiko’s variety of berets makes her quirky.

Kerry Pieri, the fashion feature director of the American version of “Harper’s BAZAAR”, wore a white beret when he went to the runway, which is also beautiful in the snow!

Of all the colors of the berets, the most “stable” and versatile color is, of course, black.

If you don’t know what color to buy, then black is the best choice for you, and you can’t freeze anywhere when you wrap a scarf in winter.

Trench coats, suits and everything can be matched, and changing pants into long boots is the finishing touch to the look.

The leather one is more suitable for cool girls than the woolen material, and this year’s popular XXXL waist seal can also be worn.

A black and white outfit or an all-black look is cool, and even a pompous puff-sleeved top can be suppressed.

A white beret is perfect for winter, and it’s especially energetic with white pants.

Look at the bloggers in the street photography, the bottoms are also white, and the wool material and leather collide is also more eye-catching.

Black and white gray have seen enough, then there must be bright colors to break the winter dullness.

The clever use of contrasting colors is also a clever way to wear them.

In addition to the color difference, girls who are afraid of cold can choose thicker materials, after all, keeping warm and fashionable is the ultimate goal.


Originally from France, Laulhère was founded in 1840 and is the oldest beret brand in France.

So where did such a historic brand originate? In fact, Laulhère originated in the foothills of the Pyrénées mountains in France, where shepherds who lived for a long time invented a round flat wool cap to protect them from moist air. This wool cap then developed into the most French berets.

And with the delicate little touch, Laulhère’s berets are made from half-mile merino wool and contain a leather ring to fit snugly against your head.

This hat is not only waterproof, but also resistant to deformation, even if it is rolled together and tucked into a pocket, it can be shaped like the original.

In the 1967 film “The Thief”, the heroine Bonnie wore the Laulhère berets, which caused a “Bonnie fever” in the 60s.

Hanna Lhoumeau wears his family hat and goes out in style.

Watch the Laulhère’s buyer show, and you’ll find that the girls are wearing their hats and drinking tea in various tea restaurants, as if they have become the symbol of “French” girls.


Eva Merino Wool Beret – Red

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Merino Wool French Military Beret – Black

Reference price: £29.95

Warmth + Heightened = Knitted Cap!

Hailey and Justin both love wearing knitted hats.

Bella actually likes to wear knitted hats in private, how can she cover her body tightly as a member of the hot girls, even if she wears a sweatshirt, she must roll up to expose her abs.

In winter, who will not have a knitted hat in their hands. Like a solid color knitted hat, simple and versatile, it is the highest used in daily wear.

Whether it is black, white or gray, it looks good anyway, and it is suitable for most people. Knitted hats are originally gender-neutral items, and boys can wear them fashionably several times.

In addition to the basic colors, low-key colors such as gray yellow, gray and blue are not easy to make mistakes in daily life.

If you want to be different, you can choose fluorescent colors and various bright colors, because bright knitted hats are easy to stand out in the crowd.

With a low brightness color, even if you have multiple colors, it will not feel fancy.

A bright knitted hat is equivalent to applying red lips, and in winter it saves the time of using makeup to enhance your appearance.

The petite girl, wearing a taller knitted hat, the whole person looks a lot taller, and the spirit is also raised.

Knitted hats with hairballs are also cute, and if you wear them in winter, your parents will pay you money.

Ader Error

Ader Error is currently a big hit in the current Korean brand, and its funny design patterns and bold colors have made it have more and more fans. Although it was only established in 2014, in just two years, their fun and fun retro designs have become popular among young people, and when you are tired of sexual coldness, you can try this brand to add a dose of flavor to your life.

Rather than being called a designer brand, Ader Error is more of a creative cooperative. There is no specific designer, but a team with different backgrounds, ranging from catering, painting, graphic design and more. It is precisely because these non-professional designers come together that such a whimsical, young and interesting ADER error was born.

Even the buyer shows of knitted hats are so different, no wonder young people like it.

In addition to the basic style, the “weird” and fun knitted hat is also attractive.

Not only that, Ader Error also launched socks, mobile phone cases, umbrellas and other peripheral accessories, which are unique and the details are quite cute.


Drawstring tie pullover cap

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Reference price: ¥1,124

Well-behaved and cute newsboy hat

In the Max Mara backstage photo, Gigi Bella Kaia wears a newsboy hat of different colors, youthful and energetic, more playful and neutral than a berets.

Jennifer Lopez wore a furry newsboy hat and looked warm.

Kaia’s even the most basic outfit, wearing a newsboy hat can make the whole chic.

Fan Bingbing’s oversized newsboy hat is also a big hat trend this year, big enough to be fashionable enough.

Speaking of this hat style, some girls may worry about the risk of pressurizing the newsboy hat.

In fact, wearing some short long sleeves and short jackets will play a visual transition role. Even if you wear a jumpsuit, you need to emphasize the waist line with a belt bag or belt, and black hats and black booties are items that echo the top and bottom.

Choose leather is more handsome, and using a coat to match a gauze skirt in winter can mix and match a different feeling.

If you choose a newsboy hat with decoration, pay attention to the color and layering of the clothing: large-frame glasses + gray newsboy hat is enough for literary art.

Neutral newsboy hats, corduroy flared pants and block heeled pointed shoes, British girls are undoubtedly there.

Ruslan Baginskiy

Ruslan Baginskiy is from Ukraine and has been a popular Ukrainian hat brand for a long time, the most representative is the abbreviated “RB” logo.

Also spoiled by many celebrities and bloggers, Jennie in Black Pink wears their hat.

Vera Brezhneva’s animal element newsboy hat is challenging and the least likely to bump.

You must know that a well-made hat ornament can always be matched.


Leopard print newsboy hat

Reference price: ¥2,283

Two-tone newsboy hat


Reference price:¥1,270(

I won’t worry about what kind of hat to buy this winter!

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