A new type of pants is popular this autumn called “khaki brown pants”! Women in their 50s and 60s dress more fashionably and high-class

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As a woman, instead of pursuing beautiful appearance, it is better to do exquisite connotation; Instead of pursuing the security brought by others, it is better to dress up your own life. No one can run through the years, but we can try to slow down and make our lives a little more refined. Dress up when it’s time to dress up, exercise when it’s time to exercise, these can allow us to meet the unknown self.

There are no difficulties that cannot be overcome in life, there is no sadness that cannot be let go of in life, women do not give up self-confidence at any time, and women who are confident enough are the most beautiful. Today, let’s talk about it

Older woman pants matching


As the name suggests, the so-called “khaki brown pants” refer to the style of pants with a pants color that is just between khaki and brown. This kind of pants are classic and fashionable to wear, and the khaki brown clothing color scheme has both age-reducing freshness and stable dressing texture, which is very suitable for older middle-aged women to choose, without worrying about revealing our real age.

1. Knitwear + khaki brown pants

In autumn and winter, knitwear is a good match for khaki brown pants, and the style of clothing between the two is very similar, and the combination of wearing is very harmonious. This burgundy V-neck sweater is elegant and casual with khaki brown pants, and the burgundy sweater can naturally bring out the redness of a middle-aged woman’s face. The khaki brown pants worn on the lower body are comfortable to wear, and the style echoes the burgundy sweater, making it very feminine to wear.

The white sweater is a classic top style that is popular every year, it is not picky about our pants style, and it is also very suitable to wear with khaki brown pants. This white sweater with khaki brown pants is casual and casual, the shape of khaki brown pants is slightly looser, the comfort of wearing is very high, and it also has a very good modification effect on the leg shape of middle-aged women.

2. Turtleneck + khaki brown pants

Turtlenecks can highlight the curve of our neck when dressed, and almost any age can wear the beauty of the curve of the body. This light blue turtleneck with khaki brown pants looks fresh and bright, the light blue turtleneck is very suitable for the skin tone of middle-aged women, and the waist is added as a belt to cinch the waist, which enhances the design of the turtleneck. The lower body is paired with khaki brown pants, which lowers the brightness of the light blue turtleneck, and the style of clothing is mature, stable and aura.

The turtleneck style suitable for middle-aged women is not single, and the black turtleneck is the most classic and versatile, which can help us adapt to many daily occasions. If middle-aged women feel that wearing a black turtleneck alone will be a bit monotonous, we can match a sleeveless vest on the basis of the black turtleneck, so that our upper body is more layered, fashionable and delicate and attractive.

3. Shirt + khaki brown pants

Among all clothing styles, the shirt should be a relatively large age range, no matter what age a woman is, she can choose to control it. This gray shirt has a simple and basic style, with pockets on the body of the gray shirt, and the style is simple and neat. The lower body is matched with khaki brown pants, which effectively enriches the color matching of middle-aged women and increases the stable texture of the outfit.

4. Tweed coat + khaki brown pants

For middle-aged women who often wear dark clothing, it is necessary to choose khaki brown pants. With the addition of khaki brown pants, our dark outfit looks no longer dull and old, which can not only enrich the color of the whole body, but also maintain the consistency of the overall clothing style of middle-aged women.

Even if it is also khaki brown pants, the shape of khaki brown pants is different, and the effect of wearing clothing will be very different. Generally speaking, if the middle-aged woman’s legs are slender and slender, we can choose the slim khaki brown pants style. On the contrary, if the middle-aged woman’s leg shape is a little blessed, then khaki brown pants with a loose pants design are our best choice, comfortable to wear without revealing our true leg shape.

A new type of pants is popular this autumn called “khaki brown pants”! Women in their 50s and 60s dress more fashionably and high-class