The “ice cream” in the suit belongs to the summer redemption of gentlemen


I didn’t plan to open an article about seersucker, after all, it has been mentioned before about summer fabrics and collocation, but I found that many readers will have a grudge about it.

Originally, largely because its appearance was too bright. For many beginners, the first image of seersucker that comes to mind is

Blue and white pinstripe + bump texture

Indeed, although gentleman’s dress is still a niche culture in China, there is no need to care about the eyes of others.

But when you are wearing a blue and white seerser suit and facing the mirror, you see yourself like a walking ice cream on earth, it is estimated that you will not be able to accept it for a moment…

In fact, users who have been in the pit for a while and know more about suit fabrics know that there are many styles of seersucker yarn, and they are not limited to this retro macaron color matching.

So it is estimated that this article should save some potential fans of Bubble Yar… After all, the cooling sensation it provides for gentlemen is really rare.


The vintage origin of seersucker

If you want to restore confidence in seersucker, you may wish to understand why there is an innate vintage tone in seersucker.


The name comes from the Persian شیر shîr and شکر shakar, which literally means “milk and sweets” to describe the striped pattern of the seersucker fabric:

The feel is mixed with milky tenderness and the roughness of the candy

It is said to have first appeared in the heat


Area, locals will use

Cotton yarns or silk yarns with different twist shrinkage are blended

Therefore, after the fabric is finished and washed, it forms a unique wrinkle feeling

(It resembles a wavy finish composed of small bubbles).

Have you noticed that when we say that this striped seerser is “retro”, we occasionally add a “


” as a prefix.

It is said that since the 19th century, the working people of the United States have begun to appreciate the beauty of bubble yarn. At that time, people who worked outdoors or in hot environments in the summer wore clothing made of seersucker fabric.

Especially during the development of the west and the gold rush, this blue and white “

Hickory stripe (Hickory stripe)

“Bubble yarn is on a par with denim and has been chosen as the main material for workwear fabrics.

Although it is also a wear-resistant and resistant cotton cloth,

But seersucker is lighter and more breathable than heavy denim

Many workers and engineers also pampered it.

You must know that the steam age is not easy to mess with, and before the air conditioner appeared, they all had to call a bubble yarn dad.

After becoming the uniform of the railway system and the oil gas company workers, the blue and white seersucker style penetrated deeper into the hearts of the grassroots people, laying the groundwork for occupying the wardrobe of the upper class gentlemen.

James Stewart

Finally, in 1909, the port city in the southern United States –

New Orleans

The first seersucker suit was born.

Live as a local clothing store owner

Joseph Haspel

In the face of the malice brought by the hot climate, iron heart

The seerser fabric that was originally widely used on workwear is reconstructed into a dry and comfortable commuting suit

HASPEL has been developing and innovating seersucker fabrics for more than 100 years, which is now entrusted to the fourth generation

Sure enough, as soon as it came out,


The seersucker suit won the favor of southern merchants and gentlemen.

Natural folds do not need to be bothered too much, business travel can be folded at will, free of ironing portable and easy to care;

It also avoids the discomfort of ordinary cotton clothes in sweat, and the fluffiness provided by the folds reserves enough space between the body and the clothes to maintain air circulation and dry the body.

HASPEL’s seersucker propaganda poster at the time. It is said that his father once rushed into the sea in a seersucker suit, and in just a few hours it dried naturally. We don’t know the truth of the story, but you just need to know that seersucker is indeed one of the coolest summer suit fabrics.

In to

Brooks Brothers

Under the promotion of seersucker suits led by retailers, this very personal “poor man’s suit” entered the eyes of the Ivy League Academy.

The flowy light-toned seersucker single west is full of marine style, which is naturally a must-have for Preppy; And the professor usually sets this to show the professional, with the eye-catching Bowtie, casual and stylish. Even the sophisticated Duke of Windsor fell into its charm.

At this moment, seersucker has become one of the tools of high society to create summer looks, and it is a perfect example of successfully interpreting the mainstream menswear culture from the working class from the bottom up.

The Duke of Windsor in a seersucker piece

Neither in

Miles Davids

The At Newport 1958 album cover was also featured in the film To Kill a Mockingbird (1962).

Gregory Peck

The role of the lawyer played can see the figure of bubble yarn.

Gregory Peck in a seersucker three-piece

For the American political class, even after the advent of air conditioning, the demand for it plummeted, seersucker was still considered an acceptable suit fabric, and the Senate was specially established at the end of the 20th century

National Seersucker Day。

It can be seen that seersucker does carry the feelings of many American people, and it is naturally not difficult to understand why it is linked to American retro.

About the choice of seersucker

According to the characteristics of traditional seersucker, I intend to improve the daily matching of seersucker from three aspects: texture style, single style and wear.

First of all, the texture pattern includes the hue, the thickness of the stripes and the spacing.

Want to avoid being too high-profile,

It is recommended to choose a blue-white tone with a closer saturation, the thinner and more the stripes, the easier it is to control

。 If you find it difficult to understand, you can directly look at the two comparison charts below.

Also a seersucker set, it is obvious that the light blue tone and white in the left picture tend to be unified, while the modern sense of the right picture is strong,

However, the strong contrast between the more saturated medium blue and white is quite eye-catching

Therefore, if you resist seersucker because of the high-profile visual sense, I would recommend following its usual retro tone and trying a softer, casual style to avoid conflict: such as light blue and pure white seersucker stripe pattern, blue with off-white or the same color, different shades of stripes.

Of course, the same is true for other macaron stripe color matches, which are now called candy stripes.

If you’re allergic to streak ten, plain seersucker pieces are probably a lifesaver for your summer gentry wardrobe

From a distance, it looks like an ordinary plain suit, fading the strong visual senses; Up close, the uneven lines add detail to the old-fashioned suit.

And in terms of collocation,

Disassembling the suit is also an effective way to reduce the difficulty of driving

。 Originally, seersucker is a casual fabric, and there is no difficulty in disassembling and mixing suits.

With the same color scheme as the seersucker stripe as the main axis, different shades and textures are used to create layers. Open the collar for a stylish holiday look.

Commute through the city in summer, warm brown tones match the hot summer atmosphere. But interestingly, the fabric itself will make you feel the different cooling sensations on the surface.

If you want to save your budget, a seersucker single syrup or Blazer is also a good choice

A seersucker jacket with minimal lining and close to the weight of the shirt fabric, as thin as a skin coat, but more breathable and dry

If you’re worried that the formality of the classic striped style can’t cope with the workplace, that

Dark plain seersucker must be able to save some calmness and rationality,

The refractive performance of the bump pattern also takes into account the sense of detail.

In addition to suits, many items will use this light and thin fabric, basically covering shirts, polo shirts, casual pants and even coats, coats, etc.

Whether it is the manufacturing process of the fabric or the form of the fabric, there is a more diversified presentation. What has changed is the style, what has not changed is the texture and coolness.

Isn’t it a pity to miss out on the gentlemen’s summer bounty because of stereotypes? Bubble yarn is much more than American style, hurry up and buy your own summer “dessert”!


Miles Davids