Very good McDavid multifunctional fitness gloves

I didn’t pay attention to my weight for a long time, only to find that the body fat rate had reached 23.1%, the level of obesity, taking advantage of the hot weather, the fat loss plan started.

I prefer cycling, lifting irons and rowing machines to running rather than running because these exercises don’t hurt my knees. As a “equipment party”, before the implementation of the plan, it is natural that “the soldiers and horses have not moved, the food and grass go first”, and buying equipment is the most important: cycling, lifting iron and rowing machines need a good pair of gloves, in addition to preventing palm friction blistering, injury, after wearing gloves, the palm will not slip due to sweat and other reasons and can not grasp the equipment, the action can be more standard, the large weight will be more stable, for the effect and safety of fitness sports have a lot of help; Coupled with the habit of work (dry mechanical background), it has become natural to get used to wearing gloves.

Mike Dawell is a very professional protective gear brand, this time to buy gloves, I chose Mike Dawell products. At 165 pieces, the price feels good compared to other protective gear and cycling gloves.


The packaging is unusually environmentally friendly, and the express plastic bag is put on the brand plastic bag + delivery note and it is in my hands.

The gloves are snap-on, perfect for open-shelf display.

Paper jams also seem interesting…

I’m a small hand, and I chose size M.

Like most sports gloves, McDawell gloves are designed with a “thick palm, thin back”.

The back of the hand is made of elastic mesh fabric, which is breathable and comfortable, and the sweat wicking effect should be good, enhancing the good experience during exercise. The thumb indicates that it is a thickened towel material, and it is very convenient to wipe the sweat dripping from the corners of the eyes during exercise.

The palm part, the sports gloves part is the most easy to wear, so a wear-resistant material with a certain thickness and similar to “leather” is used. The most conspicuous are the honeycomb anti-slip pattern and three thickened palm pads. The middle finger and ring finger also use an easy-to-take design that lengthens a small section of material, and after exercise, when the glove is full of sweat, it can also be grabbed and pulled out, which is more convenient to use.


My palm circumference is 19.5cm, and my fingers are short.

Wearing the M size just fits and is very comfortable.

The back of the hand also fits well. Because it is a multi-functional glove, McDawell does not add a long protective wristband, but uses thickened non-elastic material and rubber velcro on the wrist to achieve the effect of balancing protection and flexibility.

The knuckles are reasonably long and my small short hands are fine. The edge banding at the port will not be very thick, and the fingers are comfortable to the touch.


The quality of my bell pot is not very good, although the handle part is durable, but the feel is hard and slippery, if you use it empty-handed, it can be difficult to hold firmly after the palm sweats, which affects the quality of the action. It’s much better with gloves, the grip is consistent and doesn’t slip. The quality of movement completion has also improved, and the effect of practice is naturally not the same.

Although the handle of the rowing machine has foam, the surface is also smooth, and the friction is not very large. The lines on the palm of the glove firmly grasp the smooth foam, and the thick palm pad makes it more comfortable to grip.

Cycling is the sport I can stick to the most, and the previous fitness gloves, because the wristband is too long, wide and hard, it is not easy to use when riding. And Mike Dawei, the wrist part is flexible enough under the premise of certain protection, and it is also comfortable to wear when riding, and various riding postures can be held.

The soft pad in the palm of the hand can effectively absorb the vibration from the handlebar.

My car is an aluminum fork, after wearing gloves, even if the front wheel air pressure is a little, the small vibration caused by uneven road surface will not be obvious, the palm is not numb, and the long-distance riding experience has been significantly improved.

Going out to the outdoor team to hike, sometimes going to some bushes, climbing up and down with hands and feet, or needing to use crutches, survival knives and other tools for a long time, this pair of gloves is much more solid. Even if you are not careful, you can avoid many “small accidents”. Personally, after wearing gloves, I will let go of things a lot, and I will not tremble because I am worried that my hands will be worn or scratched, and my efficiency will be much improved.



1. Exquisite workmanship, good comfort, very fit, breathable without grinding hands, the appearance is also very good-looking.

2. It has a moderate protective effect, but also has enough flexibility to be able to exercise and ride. It is used outdoors and other occasions.

3. Three different sizes and models are available.

Personal Opinion:

Just having an easy-to-get design on the middle and ring fingers seems to be convenient and incomplete, and in extreme cases there are still some stumbling. If you add it to your index finger and little finger, it will feel more “easy to take off”.