Sister riding the wind and waves with the same earrings, we helped you find them

Slay Sisters

The variety show “Sister Riding the Wind and Waves” is extremely popular

The actress turned on the girl group mode and shone with confidence on the stage

Blingbling’s earrings look expensive

In fact, the cheap ones are only more than 200

The expensive ones are also in the range of 1,000 yuan

It turns out that female stars are not so extravagant

Getting the same one just got easy


And the sisters picked a lot of models

All are original works by domestic designers

Support domestic products, starting with my sister



Mirror series

Zhang Yuqi “Qiqizi” performed the pair of earrings on stage for the first time, and the sense of existence was very strong… The concave and convex mirror has a metallic reflective effect, and it is difficult not to become a C position in the crowd (of course, it may also be because the earrings are too dramatic to hold). Because the diameter is large enough, it can also show a small face by the way 🙂

The brand of the earrings is OOAK, which was co-founded by Alice Xu, the manager of studying in the UK, and several returnees. In 2017, the jewelry brand of the same name was launched, and the price was around 200-1000+. Many celebrities have worn it and appeared in many fashion magazines.

Brand: OOAK

Price: 546 yuan

Purchase: Taobao Ooak flagship store


Studio Copula safety lock stud earring brooch

The earrings worn by Serenity “Sister Jing” during the first interview. At first glance, it looks like a headset for security personnel, and when it is worn, it transforms into a beauty agent. The “wire” part that hangs down is a brooch that can be pinned to clothes, and the design is very special. It’s more suitable for cool girls.

The brand STUDIO_COPULA of the earrings is from Shanghai. The design has a strong sense of futuristic technology and a postmodern experimental style. And each collection will choose a social topic to be reflected in the form of jewelry. Because of its strong style, it has also been picked up by many stars and magazines.

Brand: Studio Copula

Price: 898



Susan Fang pearl snowflake earrings

“Sister Jing” first stage, this set of hair bands and earrings like the ice queen, very fairy. The transparent bubble is Susan Fang’s signature design, which can be said to be the blockbuster model worn by this year’s stars. If ordinary people buy it, it is recommended to choose a slightly more everyday style.

Susan Fang is a Chinese independent designer who graduated from St. Martin and worked at Celine. In 2017, he established his own eponymous brand. In the past two years, it has been recognized by the fashion circle. The recognizable design is also very spiritual, and the effect of shooting magazines is first-class.

Brand: Susan Fang

Price: 1000-3000

Buy: Buyer’s Shop, Dover Street Market, NAP


Midnight Opera House teardrop earrings

The first performance of “Sister Jing”, the sisters wore yellow earrings at the party. There is a very distinctly exotic style. The color and shape are a little exaggerated, and it feels suitable for the sister with a strong aura.

The brand of this earring is called Midnight Opera House, or MOH for short. Designer Yu Gengyi used to do drama, film and television design, and he participated in the production of the headdress of “The Legend of Zhen Huan”. Therefore, the style of this brand also has a full theatrical aesthetic, Zhang Ziyi and Cate Blanchett have worn it on shows/magazines.

Brand: Midnight Opera House

Price: 2680 yuan

Purchase: Brand official mini program


Sei Carina Y heart-shaped openwork earrings

Another “Jing sister” Yi Nengjing brought a pair of hollow heart earrings at her first performance sister party. As an older sister who has debuted for 36 years, the earrings she chose are very girly, and they are not inconsistent with wearing them. The design of this earring is not as exaggerated as tranquility, and ordinary people can wear it calmly. And the price is quite down-to-earth.

The brand of earrings, Sei Carina Y, is a designer’s personal brand in Shanghai. Y stands for the designer’s initial, and Sei Carina means “you are cute” in Italian. The brand style is also very girly, and the earring design mostly uses Blingbling zircon.

Brand: Sei Carina Y

Price: 399 yuan

Purchase: Taobao store Sei Carina Y


MARSEVEN chain series

The hardest working sister Lan Yingying, the blue earrings worn by her sister party have a lively sense of shape. Gradient blue gradient chain, looks more lively and jumpy, wear it in summer. The same model of the star with a price of 200+ can be easily owned by young ladies.

MARSEVEN is a jewelry design brand in Hangzhou, and Lan Yingying wears this model in collaboration with designer brand YOUPPIE and artist Wang Wu. Incorporate the iconic elements of the artist’s installation into the earring design.


Price: 260 yuan

Purchase: Taobao store MARSEVEN original jewelry design


Mackyo The diamond series

Wang Likun’s first appearance on stage with star fringed earrings. It feels like a very suitable style for the annual meeting performance, the earrings are large, and there are many flash diamonds (zircons), so it is still very brand to wear.

Mackyo is a niche jewelry brand. Draw design inspiration from niche cultures such as streets, stages, and music. There are not many brand information that can be found, but there are also many celebrities who have worn it~

Brand: Mackyo

Price: 1399 yuan

Purchase: Mackyo Official, a Taobao store


Daartemis orchid series

Sister Chen Songling brought a pair of orchid earrings at the party. This style is more ladylike, and it has a feeling of softness on the outside and rigidity on the inside. It is more in line with the sister’s temperament. If you buy it every day, you can sell it to yourself or to your elders.

Daartemis is a designer brand created in 2016. The name of the brand is “D” and “A”, the designer and founder, combined with the name of Artemis, the goddess of nature in Greek mythology, and the designs are mostly inspired by natural flowers and plants.

Brand: Daartemis

Price: 1980 yuan

Purchase: Taobao store daartemis Jewelry brand store

Which sister and her earrings did you pick?