Are your child’s shoes small again? These children’s shoes that are popular this year are trendy, comfortable and good-looking

Autumn has finally arrived, and the recent drastic cooling across the country has made moms feel it.

The chill of cooling is not cold, but the child’s shoes are small again!

LOOKING AT A PAIR OF SMALL PAIRS OF NIKE AND MIKI HOUSE, MOM LEFT SAD TEARS, AT LEAST A PAIR OF Jimmy choo’s money every year! How to say that if you can’t wear it, you can’t wear it! Who did you negotiate with?

After wiping away tears, you have to continue to buy new shoes for your child, and the first choice is of course a sports and leisure brand.

Although the children are small, they run and jump all day long, and the eating mode is completely turned on.


It’s not that the blockbuster is instantaneous, and choosing a blockbuster also requires some skill.

Otherwise, even if you work hard to get together a rainbow caterpillar, it has nothing to do with fashion.

Today, I will introduce a few children’s shoes online for mothers with both appearance and comfort, which can be bought and bought with your eyes closed.

Comfortable canvas shoes

When it comes to the most convenient children’s shoe styles, mothers must answer “one foot” in unison,

After all, compared with velcro and shoelaces, one foot is more convenient.

Mini Bonden likes to make a fuss about shoe shapes and patterns, and his novelty canvas pull-ons series has a variety of cute shapes and rich colors, which children will fall in love with at a glance.

But the elasticated one-foot shape is not fashionable enough, and the fit is not suitable for all children

For example, children with high instep choose shoes with a larger instep area, and the comfort will be greatly reduced.

Moms can try the Cienta Spanish national canvas shoes, the upper fabric has been washed, the color is old, and it has its own fragrant smell.

After years of polishing, the shoe shape is very good-looking, and the colors are also a variety of high-grade gray and versatile colors. There are high-top, medium-low-top, lace-up and velcro options available.

A similar brand is Spain’s Igor,

Compared to Cienta, Igor is more lenient.

Children with wide feet and high instep can buy with confidence.

The colors are also a little brighter than Cienta, with a lot of choices and a variety of styles.

Scheming little white shoes

A pair of small white shoes is still a hot hit this year,

Don’t want to be too mediocre, you can make a fuss in the details.

Like Boden laceless pull—ons, simple red and blue lines are added to make ordinary little white shoes unforgettable.

If you are troublesome with purchasing, you can choose a similar model of ZARA Kids,

The elastic design of the collar also fits better at your child’s ankle.

The most classic little white shoes are Adidas’ shell head and Smith green tail, which look very beautiful and can be turned into a limited edition by changing colors at will. Both laces and velcro are available and can be chosen according to your baby’s habits.


If you enter “green tail” in a certain treasure, you can also hit your head and break your blood.

You can choose Adidas’ new autumn model, the cute M&M Disney series,

Simple little white shoes immediately become cute and lively.

You can also learn the idea of Boden canvas high tops,

Add some graffiti and embroidery, and you’re no longer afraid to turn into a bad street.

Stylish little pink shoes

This year, the one that is more popular than the little white shoes is the little pink shoes

, but not only baby girls, many baby boys are also dressed up by fashionable mothers and put on small pink shoes.

Like the popular PUMA brought by Rihanna in the past two years, there is only a pair of PUMA Basket Heart or Suede Heart series between it and Xiaogongju.

It also looks great with a parent-child model, and there are three materials to choose from.

Of course, ZARA, there are similar models,

Intimately designed a zipper on the inside of the shoe, there is no need to worry about whether the child will tie the laces.

Some moms will say that the quality of ZARA is not that good, but it really looks good!

There are several tips for choosing ZARA’s children’s shoes, fold the sole in half when choosing, 1/3 can be bent, the sole + insole is moderate in thickness, it is best not to exceed 5mm, so as to ensure basic comfort. Similarly, the anti-slip effect of fashionable children’s shoes also needs to be checked by mothers themselves.

Adidas also has a pink shell head, the material is breathable, is not a girl.

Old Soles’ home also has comfortable leather small pink shoes. With a pair of warm long socks, you can transform into a soft little lady.

Versatile sneakers

When it comes to trendy and comfortable sneaker brands, Adidas and NIKE, two leaders in sports culture.

LIKE NIKE, THE ROSHE ONE SE SERIES, WHICH HAS BEEN POPULAR FOR TWO YEARS, HAS MAINTAINED ITS MOMENTUM THIS YEAR. The comfort and support are great, and the simple color scheme of black and white does not have to worry about obsolescence, but it is a pity that it is the same model for the whole people.

Isn’t it too much to change to old denim blue? The baby walks on the street without worrying about bumping into the model at all, after all, it is the pick-and-choose of the fashionable mother.

Children often run and jump, small feet are also easier to sweat, you can choose his home with better breathability, both good-looking, wearing will not be too stuffy.

And NIKE’s autumn and winter children’s shoes this year are super good-looking, and you can easily wear them until winter with a new pair.

Another popular model that can be side by side is Adidas’ little coconut, the baby looks really good to wear, but the imitation is flooded, and it seems to be forced to become a rotten street model.

Adidas’ new ORIGINALS TUBULAR SHADOW SHOES this year has its own explosive temperament and a chic design, and mothers who like small coconuts can pull grass for their babies.

Finally, I recommend an affordable alternative model, Kenop is basically a Velcro style, the most characteristic is that the insole is particularly breathable, the price is touching, but the style needs to be carefully selected by mothers.

Few years

There are more and more styles of children’s shoes, and they are becoming more and more fashionable, but comfort is becoming more and more difficult to guarantee.

The most important anti-slip and basic safety protection is that many brands do not do so well. In addition to the mothers’ fiery eyes, it is difficult for children to communicate with parents in the first time, and a good reputation is very important.

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