What are the disadvantages of long-term consumption of dandelions? These 3 “troubles” you won’t want to experience

Dandelion is a very common Chinese herbal medicine, it has high nutritional value, in daily life many people will use dandelion soaked water as water to drink, but although dandelion is a relatively high nutritional value of Chinese herbal medicine, but if long-term consumption is also a certain harm to the body, pay special attention.

What are the disadvantages of long-term dandelion use?

Although dandelion contains a lot of vitamin A, vitamin C and other nutrients, it can help the body lack of nutrients, and it can also clear heat and detoxify, for some of the pain caused by fire can be effectively relieved, but dandelion is a relatively cold herb, if long-term soaking water will bring the following disadvantages to the body.

1. Cause damage to the spleen and stomach

Dandelion cold, if long-term soaking water drinking will cause certain damage to the spleen and stomach, will make the spleen and stomach in a relatively cold state, so that it is easy to compare some symptoms of deficiency, such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc., especially women in the state of spleen and stomach deficiency is easy to affect their menstruation.

Second, it will lower blood pressure

For people with relatively normal blood pressure, if long-term drinking like dandelion soaked water will cause blood pressure to be reduced, although high blood pressure will bring harm to the body, but long-term keeping your body in a state of low blood pressure will also cause a series of symptoms.

Third, the appearance of allergies

Some people will have allergies after taking dandelion, this is because it contains a substance that can cause damage to the body’s immune system, especially people with allergies, if the dandelion is soaked in water for a long time, it will cause the allergy to reappear. At the same time, we must also know that dandelion not only can not be eaten for a long time, but when the body is in the following three situations, it is forbidden to eat dandelion.

Under what circumstances should dandelion not be consumed?

1. People with chronic enteritis

Since dandelion itself is a relatively cold herb, people with chronic enteritis are prone to diarrhea, and if dandelion is taken, it is easier to make diarrhea symptoms worse.

Second, dandelion cannot be drunk after cooling

Generally speaking, dandelions should be drunk when warm, if the dandelion is boiled in water and cooled, it cannot be drunk, drinking after cooling will make the stomach cold and cause diarrhea.

3. People with cold constitution cannot take it

Because dandelion has the effect of clearing heat and detoxification, it is a cold substance, if the patient’s body is relatively cold should be vigilant not to eat, especially when fever is only fever and no other symptoms to be particularly vigilant, at this time taking dandelion will not only make the condition better, but also lead to side effects.

In general, although dandelion has high nutritional value, he has certain taboos in eating, and regardless of physical fire or normal people can not drink dandelion water for a long time, long-term drinking dandelion water will lead to a series of hazards.