Autumn Korean fashion women’s top

Although a single traditional women’s top will not go out of style, it feels a little too ordinary! Friends who want to pursue fashion personality, you may wish to enjoy the autumn Korean version of the fashion women’s top brought by Xiaobian for you next~

01: The court storm point mid-sleeved shirt

This year’s super popular polka dots and court-style elements can be said to dominate the major fashion shows. This autumn Korean version of the court polka dot mid-sleeve shirt looks very tasteful, and the polka dot is a very classic element, blending with the modern court style to add to the elegance. This autumn, you need a top like this!

02: High neck long-sleeved top

The Korean version of women’s clothing design is very distinctive, not only elegant, fashionable, sexy and sweet intellectual, even noble, no wonder so popular. This deep purple high-necked long-sleeved top looks very elegant, the upper body effect is very good, and girls with thick arms are very suitable for wearing this dress! Wearing a skirt with this top in autumn is the nicest.

03: High neck lace top

Lace shirts have always been a hot item, and they are still hot in autumn. This Korean version of the turtleneck lace top gives a simple and atmospheric feeling, and the upper body effect is even better! It not only shows temperament but also looks very elegant and generous, which is very suitable for OL women with suit skirts or trousers~

04: Korean version lace lace-up blouse

The Korean version of women’s tops is more sweet and individual, elegant and generous, this lace tie style blouse features a unique lace-up design, plus sweet ruffles and vibrant orange-orange to add a beautiful and playful overall. Autumn is the most suitable for wearing this style of top, with jeans is the best look~

05: Korean version of the personality off-the-shoulder shirt

Since recent years, there have been more and more styles of shirts, especially Korean versions of personalized shirts, which are indeed more popular. This Korean version of the statement off-the-shoulder shirt has a beautiful shape, with an off-the-shoulder and lace-up design to add a Korean style to the whole. This top is also great for autumn, whether it’s with shorts and trousers or skirts.

06: Korean mid-length off-the-shoulder top

The off-the-shoulder model has always been a hot element this year, and the beauty will be displayed! This black Korean mid-length off-the-shoulder top is sweet and sexy, and the upper body is not only thin but also temperamental. With a pair of ultra-shorts bottomed, it can create a sense of déjà vu with legs below the chest! Wearing out of the street like this in autumn is not only charming but also looks back, and girls are envious and jealous when they see it!

If your wardrobe is still empty, you may wish to refer to the above autumn Korean fashion women’s tops~ If you like it, take it away quickly~

Autumn Korean fashion women’s top