The physical test of domestic running shoes is recommended

Recently, many friends have asked Xiaoyu in private messages about the physical test of Xiaoyu Ge Middle School, what shoes do college students wear for physical examination, can alphafly be? Is Peak Tai Chi OK? Here is my point of view


Shoes should be as light and thin as possible to ensure that shoes will not be a burden for you.


Try to choose thin-soled shoes, thick-soled shoes are not very stable in the corner, and there are certain requirements for ankle strength. Untrained friends are prone to broken feet. Thin-soled shoes have stable curve performance and good grip.


Do not choose the kind of cushioned jogging shoes, such as UB, Tai Chi, etc., the shoes are soft, it is difficult to exert force.


There are no shortcuts in this world, and a proper pair of running shoes is used to help you perform at your current best, not to improve your performance, nor can it improve your performance.

Ye Qiu: Losing is losing, what can this mean? Children, you still have to practice.

The following is the first domestic running shoes that can come to mind that are suitable for the physical test of the middle school entrance examination, and only represent personal views. The prices below are the lowest prices I can find, with a size 42 gold as the standard.

Li ning:

Li Ning Chitu 4¥195:

Li Ning Chitu 5pro ¥328


Anta Mach 2.0 ¥449

Anta Run ¥216


Xtep 260¥619

Xtep Flyon (40 yards) ¥529


Duowei Journey ¥246

Duowei God of War 2 ¥273

Pie burns ¥429

Pizza 42K PB¥278

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