Exquisite tassel drawer sleeve Paper towels can also have good looks (below)

The first half of the paper drawer tutorial was released yesterday, do you guys still like it? Anyway, JOJO has already been used, and there is still a little heartbeat to do a few more to send to family and friends.

The first time can achieve a more satisfactory effect, I really recommend that you try it.

If you adults have any small things you want to do, welcome to leave a message to discuss together, maybe JOJO will make a tutorial for you.

▲Step 10: Ribu is the same, centering the 13cm opening.

▲Step 11: Fold it in half, then sew both sides of the car, leaving a blank space in the middle.

▲Step 12: Blanch and sew the part.

▲Step 13: Put in the inner pocket, align the opening, and walk another line in the outer frame of the crimped line.

▲Step 14: Crimping.

▲Step 15: Fold the inside bag back and iron the sewing portion.

▲step16: Take two pieces of fabric at will, overlap the tassel rope up and down, and squeeze alcohol glue in the middle to bond (the tassel rope can be tied in several knots to help fix).

▲Step 17: Squeeze alcohol glue on the inside of the bottom fabric.

▲Step 18: The tassel cloth sheet is placed and bonded.

▲Step 19: Place Velcro on the other side (length can be adjusted according to personal preference).

▲Step20: Velcro is squeezed on both sides to help positioning.

▲Step21: The left side directly presses the two lines of line.

▲step22: Press two lines along the mouth of the bag on the right side.


Those who do not understand and understand are welcome to leave a message

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