Wang Hedi and gossip girlfriend are classmates? The sweetness of the same frame in ancient times exploded, and he shot a little “abuse” of the girl

“Debut has a net worth of tens of billions”

“The popular little flower of the partner attracts attention”

“Face of the Iconic Idol Drama”

These day-wide adjectives all point to one person.

Wang Hedi ↓


This is not said by Tachibana, look at the paparazzi’s love melon ↓

Tens of billions of net worth, probably talking about his representative role Daoming Temple.

The popular little flower is none other than the drama “Shancai” Shen Yue.

The face of the idol drama, the bright strip is also in line.

This year, the audience is getting worse and harder to “fool”,

It’s easy to lock parties in advance with photo silhouettes.

Yesterday there was speculation:

What type of girl does Wang Hedi like?

The answer is finally revealed today:

will be subconsciously considered a girl by the comment area to be a sister.

Watching the paparazzi’s revelations, Wang Hedi spent 72 hours with the mysterious woman.

On the first day, I had dinner with my good buddies, and then went to another brother’s house, accompanied by the girls throughout the process.

The two kept a safe distance in public.

But as the night grew deeper, walking into the community, the girls playfully bumped into each other.

Maybe the girl didn’t pay attention and accidentally knocked it down?

The next day, Wang Hedi played basketball with friends, and she was still by her side.

One moment playing with the phone, the other looking at each other seriously.

During breaks, there is naturally interaction.

When they left, the two still opened their distance.

But in the end, I got into the same car, and at night I went to the supermarket separately to buy ingredients, and then I went into the same neighborhood separately.

If it’s really a sister, don’t you have to avoid it so deliberately?

On the third day, the two of them, who had changed their new outfits, walked out of the community building together.

I got into the same car and went into the same hot pot restaurant separately.

I was happy with my friends until late at night before reappearing on the street to greet each other.

Although there is no intimate act, my sister should not revolve around my brother for three days, right?

If you want to explain, maybe it’s the female assistant who takes care of the living.

But then a second wave of videos seemed to rule out this possibility.

Will the assistant ask his entertainer to help remove something accidentally pasted on his face?

Will the artist be willing to accompany the assistant to the street to buy snacks and then eat the fried chicken that the assistant has bitten?

From personal experience alone, not very much.

But there are still many people who identify relationships, relying on “appearance”?

Because this girl looks like this in the video ↓

#知道摄像头对普通人残酷, but I didn’t expect it to be so cruel #

In fact, her figure is quite spicy, not much shorter than Wang Hedi who is 183cm next to her, and she can also hold the clothes of idoufan.

Looking at the frontal face shot, it is still not amazing, but it is also beautiful in ordinary people.

It’s just that for many people, they still fall through the glasses –

It’s not that the girl is too bad, but that the painting style is not worthy?

Wang Hedi, representative of the new generation of ruffians,

His debut film is the new version of “Meteor Garden”, which has won a group of fans in Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia.

The follow-up splash is general, but relying on the face often makes people regret the “beads to be exploded”.

The appearance is even more natural, and he looks like a hip-hop hipster during the amateur period.

He has even been complained about too many scandals, “filming a drama to pass on a girlfriend”.

The first one, newcomer actor Sun Qian.

played Xiaozi, the fiancée of Daoming Temple, in “Meteor Garden”.

The appearance is pure, and the shadow of Jun Ji-hyun can be seen in hard photos, and the plain face has a bit of Sherry’s taste.

The two had a scandal or because there was too much interaction.

Originally, it was because of this intimate photo of the crew on Weibo on New Year’s Eve.

The girl sent a small essay, and only put a photo with Wang Hedi.

The interview during the publicity period was even more cue to Wang Hedi himself all day.

In private, Wang Hedi greeted her and said “touch your pig’s head”,

In private, as an otaku girl, she often helps Wang Hedi play games and break through,

filmed more than ten kiss scenes with Wang Hedi and gave his first kiss on the screen,

He also said that his ideal type in real life is the type of Wang Hedi.

Originally, the idol drama chased the CP sense of the male and female protagonists,

This wave of operations naturally made her the target of everyone.

In the face of the attack of fans, Sun Qian deleted the relevant Weibo,

And Wang Hedi still praised the girl at this juncture.

Naturally, it caused a lot of discussion, and then looked for evidence from the details:

The same bags, shoes and highly similar Weibo launch times.

The second place, actor Song Yiren.

Sang Sang, the heroine who starred in “Will Night 2” in 19, the male protagonist is Wang Hedi.

Nortel was born in the performance department and initially became popular with a set of school uniform pictures.

But after filming, it was always controversial because his appearance was not outstanding enough,

Plus the actor’s makeup and hair need to serve the role, not the blessing of beauty.

Sometimes the effect will make poisonous tongue netizens sigh how she can debut.

This time the basis is that she followed Wang Hedi back to her hometown in Leshan, Sichuan,

Coupled with the anonymous area saying “go home to see your parents”, naturally you can’t escape the scandal.

The third is still a rookie actor, Zhou Ye.

Last year, the two collaborated in the Republic of China drama “Our Southwest United University”.

Also a Nortel performance student, Zhou also walked the beautiful wind.

played the vicious, slightly neurotic female number two Wei Lai in “Young You”.

Recently, relying on the historical stills of handsome men and women,

The two swiped the screen a little on the homepage of Tangerine-kun.

The scandal between the two should also be recalled to October last year,

Netizens found that they used the same type of mobile phone case,

Transparent bottom + my own sticker cutout.

At the same time, some people claim to see the two playing in the crew, and the sweetness of the details is quite high.

Plus the drama that the two collaborated on is about to be broadcast,

Yesterday everyone guessed who Wang Hedi’s girlfriend would be,

The name with the highest sense of existence at the bottom is Zhou Ye:

Even if it’s for the promotion of the series, why not be so pleasing to the eye?

As soon as today’s real heroine was exposed, I could see many netizens disappointed…

If the three gossip girlfriends are all true, it’s simply seamless.

Although this style is quite consistent with Wang Hedi’s appearance, Tangerine Jun should complain.

But the next direction suddenly brought a feeling:

It turns out that Wang Hedi’s heroine is her from beginning to end.

Yesterday, someone broke the news that Wang Hedi’s girlfriend is an amateur.

The girl’s surname is Liu, a flight attendant major.

#Amateurs This is verified today#

An earlier timeline is three months ago, when fans discovered the idol’s love melon:

The boy has been with his girlfriend in college, and he has not broken up since his debut, and 520 has also updated the dynamics.

Put the two revelations together, it’s amazing!

Wang Hedi himself graduated from the 16th level flight attendant college of Sichuan Southwest Aviation College.

Without packaging, he is already a handsome guy with clear eyebrows.

During his college studies, he went out part-time as a military training instructor for a year of high school.

This year the 520 did open.

So this handsome guy and his girlfriend fell in love in college and have come to this point?

So, these photos that were taken as ex-girlfriends were turned over and revisited…

This little couple full of the sour smell of love every day,

After experiencing so many glamorous glitz in the entertainment industry,

It can still be maintained in the present tense…

In comparison, Tachibana feels that the seduced man is more valuable?

However, the premise of all this is that the scandals in the three circles are fake.

Tachibana can find some basis for explaining the scandal.

Anonymous revelations are not accepted, only look at the actual evidence –

Zhou Ye, the phone case is not a complete couple,

The same phone case has been quite popular recently, and Taobao can be customized.

Song Yiren, appeared in Leshan together,

But in addition to them, there are other actors and crew,

After all, it is not only Wang Hedi’s home, but also a tourist paradise for foodies.

Sun Qian is indeed familiar with Wang Hedi.

She plays “Daoming Temple’s fiancée”, and most of the opponent plays are naturally with “Daoming Temple”.

Turning back to Wang Hedi’s likes, it is basically to help the other party promote the new drama.

But Wang Hedi does not have much distance when he gets along with women.

For example, all kinds of photos with Sun Qian, the posture of putting on the shoulders can be accepted.

For example, various set tidbits have always liked to amuse people, and girls are no exception.

But between the fights of elementary school students, some delicate and gentle details will be interspersed.

If you stand in your girlfriend’s position, you will probably be angry, right?

But because of this relationship, passerby Tangerine-kun has changed a lot in his heart:

Wang Hedi was in my heart before, except for the “Daoming Temple”, it was the “Trump” who was disillusioned when he opened his mouth.

A song “Confession Balloon” was sung as “Confession Leadball”,

And let countless viewers choose to say goodbye to the earth,

The starring “Will Night 2” used his original voice in the film,

The audience has been asking the film party to quickly find a dubbing to save,

So much so that I’ve been making him a big hit in Southeast Asia,

Attributed to the fact that foreign fans cannot understand Chinese accent.

#当然, it is also related to handsomeness#

In this relationship, Wang Hedi’s image was much fuller in flesh and blood.

Appearances aside, he is still the straight man but not


Good character boy.

He is said to be a straight man because –

If you have a cold war with your girlfriend, you will run out and hi with your brother.

Very directly rank fans behind their various hobbies.

In the variety show, he took Yang Zi to ride a sea motorcycle, and the whole process of drag racing scared people to call their mother.

Say that his good character is because –

My parents opened a fried skewer shop in Leshan,

After becoming famous, Wang Hedi still often went to help.

It’s not the kind of temporary help to record variety shows,

Passers-by have met him at different times.

The day before he was still a big star at the airport surrounded by crazy screams from fans,

The day after, I returned to my parents’ small shop to make miscellaneous dishes.

Usually I will naturally do something that does not match my appearance style,

For example, writing small essays,

For example, self-catering,

Also such as a long-distance romance run with his girlfriend…

Talking about his own fried skewer shop, he is also very proud,

From Wang Hedi’s account, we can see the simple happiness of the family.

In this way, it is understandable that year’s debut variety show “Super Dimensional Idol”,

Why did Teacher He choose to save Wang Hedi, who withdrew from the competition, which allowed him to be seen by the director of “Meteor Garden” and open his later career path.

I guess I also saw the flash of human nature and the potential of the future.

Wang Hedi, born in 1998, is still very young, and his life is still so long, and he may not go to the end with his current girlfriend.

But I hope he can maintain this determination and strive to sink in this circle.

At present, it seems that he is a good person, but he is far from a good actor.

I hope to see him in the future, not a scandal, but a flash of the work.

Last sentence

What other artists have improved their liking because of romances?

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