Workplace OL style must have a solid color long-sleeved shirt

The workplace OL style must have a solid color long-sleeved shirt ~ with casual trousers classic fashionable, pointed toe heels cleverly lengthen the legs, petite MM’s long leg outfit is instantly created!

Solid color long-sleeved shirt is simple and classic and invincible, with pencil trousers + clip-on sandals, the overall sense is bursting ~ embellished clutch, giving the shape more small thoughts

The popular loose cut, using a long-sleeved printed shirt to add a sense of tension, paired with suit cropped pants and pointed stiletto shoes, instantly increases the sense of stability & gorgeousness!

The printed long-sleeved shirt and skirt avoids excessive cumbersomeness, and the low-top lace-up shoes on the feet are comfortable and instantly complete with the personality of the expert.

The broken flower long-sleeved shirt is full of lightness, and can modify the big breasts, and the big wave MM no longer worries ~ with pencil trousers to set off the upper body, flat heel lace-up single shoes comfortable and avant-garde, a good choice for dating ~

The loose long-sleeved shirt covers the annoying little belly and is tucked into plaid cropped pants. A pair of block heeled and ankle boots embellishment, want to increase height, look over!

The long-sleeved chiffon shirt brings a light and mature celebrity feel, with a slightly formal feel. Tucked into a skirt with a hip wrap, embellished with pointed stiletto shoes, the high shape is very chic, and you are the coolest at work.

Loose long-sleeved shirt with a short skirt with a half-body hip wrap, the basic conservative matching method of professional wear, fishmouth shallow high heels added, so that nobility and aura coexist, beautiful people casually complete ~


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