Only 600KB open source free electronic teaching whip – “ppInk”

When school started, many schools have installed new information equipment such as Xiwo interactive screen, and teachers are gradually accustomed to answering students’ questions through knowledge capsules and Tencent meetings, so there is a special market for screen annotation tools, and fat teachers have also recommended some for everyone before:

Online Start|What is the e-whip? All I know is pointofix screen callouts

However, pointofix is prone to jamming and misoperation in use, and there are too many functions, which is not conducive to getting started quickly. Recently, a “gInk” gadget on GitHub has caught fire, making everyone pay attention to the new gameplay of electronic whip.

Blue out of blue and green in blue

Technologists designed a ppInk based on “gInk” open source

It allows users to mark, write, smear and wireframe directly on the screen, and share the screen after the callout.

Compared with gInk, ppInk is more convenient to get started, just press the shortcut key Ctrl + Alt + G to call out the console, press Esc to exit. There are ready-made tools, including brushes of different colors, wireframes, number markers, etc., which are suitable for map markers.

When necessary, you can also press the photo button on the right side of the toolbar to take a screenshot, and this desktop with annotations will be saved as a picture. And the eye of the toolbar, you can hide the callout with one click. If you need to temporarily stop annotating, just click the arrow icon in the toolbar to resume normal computer operation.

ppInk can be opened in several ways:

Tap the floating icon

Tap the icon in the system tray

Use global shortcuts (default is Ctrl + Alt + G)

If “-startInking” is added to the command line, it happens immediately after starting ppInk.

Run again (without launching additional instances).

The buttons on the toolbar can be customized, including the ones you want to hide, or different brushes:

Exclusive benefits for fat friends

The open source version of this software is easy to find, but it should be noted that it is the French version (it is estimated that the developer is French), and the fat teacher provides you with a Chinese Chinese green version, which can be used by unzipping. A private message “comment” is enough.