Automatic induction door

Automatic sensor doors

Induction automatic door refers to when people or objects close to the door, through the door signal, trigger the automatic door controller to achieve automatic door opening and closing, from the theoretical understanding should be an extension of the concept of the door, is the function of the door according to the needs of the development and improvement. The basic composition of automatic induction doors is generally the same; The action of approaching the door (or a certain entry authorization) is recognized as a control unit of the door opening signal, the door is opened through the drive system, the door is automatically closed after the person leaves, and the process of opening and closing is controlled by the control system, plus the sensor that recognizes the human body receives signals, it can be configured into a simple automatic door system. The infrared thru-beam photoelectric sensor of the large depth sensor is anti-magnetic field interference, has high-precision detection, and is very proficient in the application of automatic door sensing.

Automatic sensor doors in public areas

Applications for automatic sensing doors

The door opening signal of the automatic door is a contact signal, and microwave radar and infrared sensors are two commonly used signal sources:

Microwave radar is a displacement response to the object, suitable for walking speed normal people through the place, its disadvantage is that once the person near the door does not want to go out and stand still, the radar will no longer react, the automatic door will close, which may be unfavorable to some slow people.

The infrared sensor reacts to the presence of an object, regardless of whether the person moves or not, as long as it is within the scanning range of the sensor, it will respond to the outgoing contact signal. It is suitable for slow-moving places and also helps to protect people with disabilities and strollers who do not move.

Automatic sensing doors in non-public areas

The principle of access control system is the same as that of automatic doors in non-public areas. In the community, for the safety of community personnel and ease of management, access control, such as face recognition, is often added. When face recognition passes, the sensor installed on the induction door also senses the human body, and the automatic door will open. This is like a 24-hour security guard, which not only makes the work of security guards a lot easier, but also identifies and verifies people entering and exiting, and prevents illegal intrusions. Compared with manual management, automatic sensor door management can be omission-free and more accurate, and make residents’ passage experience more convenient and comfortable.

The application of sensors in automatic doors is quite popular and effective, and in many shopping malls and communities served by large and deep sensors, convenient automatic doors make people’s lives more convenient, fast and safe.

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