The shirt usually highlights the temperament, and it is too practical to wear it at work

Different people are very different when choosing a shirt. Some people like decent styles, and they can’t go too wrong anywhere. But there are also some bold fashion trendsetters who like to pursue a sense of novelty and love to challenge those shirts full of design. This year’s fashion week played a variety of unexpected tricks on shirts, which made people dizzy. In fact, whether it is a traditional or novel shirt, there is no absolute difference between good and bad. The key is to see what kind of style the personal temperament is suitable for, rather than blindly pursuing the trend, no matter when, what suits you is the best.


White can always bring people a fresh taste, the classic stand collar is special to show the face shape, the hollow crochet design is more sexy and charming, the design of the chest is off-the-shoulder to bring you cool and little sexy, and the design of the butterfly sleeve is more fashionable.


Black and red is relatively low-key compared to white flamboyance, but while showing low profile, it also shows your feminine atmosphere, seemingly simple but very atmospheric, and the loose fit is also very thin and thin.


The loose fit is very slim, but also brings you a casual atmosphere, the neckline of the small V brings you a sexy taste in the casual, the stylish pocket panels show your fashion Oh, if you want to be casual, you can’t miss the beauty.


The design of the shoulders is very sexy, revealing your collarbone and shoulders to be more elegant and attractive, and the loose fit is very fleshy and thin. The ruffles of the cuffs and the cinched waist are still very unique and stylish.


The strong woman Andy is quite capable and dressed every time she appears, with a strong OL style. This temperamental chiffon white shirt has a classic and elegant design, which is simple and big, yet distinctive. The unique small V-neck makes an ordinary white shirt stand out at once.


Wen Jing’s well-behaved and well-behaved girl Guan Guan is the standard for young women in literature and art. This super versatile and comfortable cotton white shirt, with long sleeves cutout design is simple and careful, it looks particularly thin and sexy when worn.