The cook does not pick the pot, infrared heating has no high-frequency radiation, and Daewoo multi-purpose electric ceramic stove is evaluated

In our daily life, may be the electric ceramic stove for most people are quite unfamiliar, electric ceramic stove as an upgrade product of induction cooker, there are many advantages and functions of induction cooker does not have, in our home has actually used induction cooker before, induction cooker, although the price is relatively cheaper, but in the actual use is really not good.

First of all, there is radiation, there is harm to the person, there are pregnant women, the elderly, children at home are affected, followed by picking pots, not all pots are suitable for induction cookers, and finally induction cookers heating is not as fast as electric ceramic stoves, and the safety is not high as electric ceramic stoves, so electric ceramic stoves are now also recommended by many homemakers.

This time the new house is well decorated, although the home has a gas stove, but I still choose to buy an electric ceramic stove, although there are many brands of electric ceramic stoves on the market, and finally I chose Daewoo brand multi-purpose electric ceramic stoves, which have been used for a period of time, on the whole, really good, cooking does not pick pots, infrared heating without high-frequency radiation, Japan imported NEG crystal plate, imported EGO high-performance furnace core, 2000W high power, 8 levels of fire control, intelligent timing, bass low noise, six-fold protection, safe to use.

First of all, a simple unboxing, soon after starting to receive a large package from SF, really big, the packaging is also very good, without any damage, the packaging is done very well, people can rest assured, when the box is opened, you can see that there is also a color box packaging, it seems to be very intentional, the packaging of the color box, so that giving people more face.

After dismantling, you can see the true face of the product, from the packaging list, it is relatively simple, after all, the protagonist is an electric ceramic stove, so there are no accessories, only an instruction manual, but this instruction manual is also quite detailed, can let you know how to use an electric ceramic stove.

Daewoo electric ceramic stove first of all what surprised me was the design of the appearance, the appearance is better and more exquisite than ordinary induction cookers or other brands of electric ceramic stoves, followed by the color matching is particularly good-looking, using purple tones, more in line with the aesthetics of young people, and finally the details, the design of rounded corners, so that it is beautiful, and makes the whole a grade.

The panel is made of NEG crystal plate imported from Japan, integrated molding, its high-quality material is not afraid of bumping, but also has explosion-proof and temperature resistance, making the thermal efficiency higher.

The furnace core adopts imported EGO high-performance furnace core, the temperature rise is very high, and it is vertical penetrating heating, no open flame, no high radiation, and not easy to paste the bottom.

The heating rate is very fast, 550°C only takes 150 seconds, the temperature is high, and the furnace surface can reach up to 540°C.

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The key key, this design makes the whole point added, through the +, – keys can enhance or decrease the power of the electric ceramic stove, of course, you can also adjust the timing time, especially when stir-frying, the adjustment is more convenient.

Press the + key to increase the power

Press the – key to reduce the power

The panel is also integrated with various function buttons, namely timing, furnace ring, function, power supply four buttons, the buttons are respectively touch-type operation, the operation is also very sensitive.

On its left and right sides is also designed with handles, the handle is designed with a binaural anti-scald handle, which can keep you away from the high temperature and heating area, and it is more convenient to move.

The side is also designed with air intakes, using a grille design, so that the air enters more smoothly, and also ensures that the electric ceramic furnace works more stably.

The design of the bottom is very flat, respectively composed of silicone anti-slip mats, with four corners balance, safe and stable, and the bottom exhaust hole is also very large, built-in heat sink, can protect the electric ceramic furnace, when overtemperature, the machine will automatically stop protection, so that the use of more assured and reassuring.

In terms of safety, in fact, the electric ceramic stove is much safer than the gas stove, why say so, the use of the electric ceramic stove environment is not picked, there is a socket where you can use, and do not pick the pot, usually we cook stir-fry, so it is very convenient, and the temperature of the electric ceramic stove stove is also high, especially for stir-frying is better, but also in line with our Chinese cooking habits.

This Daewoo electric ceramic stove has four modes, namely hot pot, stir-frying, soup, boiling water four modes, and the other 8 levels of fire control, but also to meet the needs of different cooking, such as barbecue, fragrant frying, hot pot, soup, stewed meat, boiled flower tea, etc. can be, I feel that Daewoo electric ceramic stove is very suitable for Chinese family use.

In terms of actual use, I think it is also good, because do not pick pots, suitable for a variety of pots, such as ceramic pots, glass pots, teapots, pans, enamel pots, baking sheets, tin foil, etc.

Daewoo electric ceramic furnace also has a high power of up to 2000W, through the cyclone heat dissipation system, so that the noise in its operation is very low, as low as 45db, and adapt to different pots, allowing you to easily get started and meet the needs of different groups of people.

Because I like to drink tea, usually I pour directly from the kettle into the cup for brewing, so this time I use Daewoo electric ceramic stove to boil water, by adjusting to the boiling mode, the teapot is directly placed on it, you can boil water, and boil very quickly, that is, convenient and fast, you can also put tea leaves in the teapot, directly boil, so that a pot of fragrant tea is boiled.

In our Chinese family like some stir-fry, such as stir-fried eggplant, stir-fried pork liver, etc., these are our home cooking, through the stir-fry mode, stir-fry first, stir-fry fast, and easier to make the dish cooked, of course, you can also increase or decrease by adjusting the power, very convenient.

However, there is a saying, because although the cooking temperature of the electric ceramic stove is high, it is relatively balanced, and the effect of stir-frying is not as good as the induction cooker with a large fire gap, and I feel that the electric ceramic stove is the best for small stir-frying and stewing and stewing.

I believe that many families like to make soup, the main thing about soup is to take a long time, we can open the soup mode, and then select the timing, adjust the time you need, when the time is up, it will automatically shut down, without your constant care, so that the soup is also delicious, and it will not be mushy.

It is worth mentioning that the Daewoo electric ceramic stove also has anti-scald protection, that is, when we turn off the machine after use, there will be the word “HOT” on its panel, reminding you that there is a high temperature on the crystal plate, which can effectively prevent scalding without hurting your hands.

Overall, Daewoo electric ceramic stove is still very good, at least during the time I have used it, I feel very good, can be fully qualified for gas stove, and no open flame, no pots, no radiation, high safety, four major menu modes, multi-ring heating, eight power adjustment and long-term timing, to create a multi-functional electric ceramic stove, but also to meet the cooking needs of our Chinese families.

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Daewoo multi-purpose electric ceramic stove



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