2022 couture air cushion is good to fry! Dior houndstooth, YSL red velvet, plus a chain are luxury bags

At the beginning of the new year,

The new products began to roll up inside.

Especially the air cushion, it is simply crazy.

Like YSL, Dior… The thief fouled and directly used the design of his own bag on the air cushion,

Doesn’t this just take the girls’ seven inches to death?!

The air cushion you bought is not only a touch-up room, but also a trendy accessory!

Can you not honestly pay for it?


Buying a Dior air cushion for the New Year is already a reserved show for many fans, and it can only be said that Dior is really dior!

These two years Dior will

Take inspiration from your own collection to design an air cushion limited edition enclosure

, killing every time.


2018 Linger air cushion

Inspired by the classic Daify bag, the leather feel is simply silky smooth and delicate.

And also

“Punk style” of 2019

, rock rivets + classic check + big gold logo, I go my own way super personality.

2020 classic reading flower air cushion

As soon as it was launched, it was robbed madly, and the 1:1 restoration of the old flower elements of the Dior vintage canvas series was simply fatal.

In 2021, the launch of the matte black leather embossed reading flower air cushion

, casually taking it out to touch up makeup is a capital beauty.

In short, every year as soon as it goes on sale, it is immediately killed in seconds.

In 2022, the classic “houndstooth grid” pattern is reproduced.

Dior houndstooth air cushion

In the Spring/Summer 2022 collection, Dior

The classic houndstooth check commemorates the brand’s late friend Marlene Dietrich

In addition to clothing, limited edition air cushions, lipsticks, and perfumes were also launched.

The air cushion is packaged as

Canvas material

, black and white tones, outlined

Vintage, elegant three-dimensional flow silhouette.

The black and white houndstooth check has become more eye-catching while maintaining Dior’s refined elegance. and the “Christian Dior” logo waist seal in the middle

Reflect each other, and the sense of high-class is directly full!

Sultry not only the appearance, but also the air cushion itself is super easy to use.

Dior Home Permanent Air Cushion, also belongs to the skin care air cushion, enough moisturizing, good coverage, and very long-lasting, can

Maintain an even complexion for 24 hours without dullness.

This year, two finishes will be launched, soft fog light and water moist light, each with 4 color options


Before using the soft mist model, the upper face is a high-grade soft mist matte finish, strong oil control ability, when the skin begins to produce oil, it will slowly transform into smooth and creamy skin, light and long-lasting.

Risbai just wanted to shout out loud: Me! Can! In order to! Can’t afford Dior’s bag and can’t afford an air cushion?


This time, the Dior houndstooth lipstick is also very good!


Starting from last year’s leather air cushion, to this year’s marble air cushion, it has been hanging all the way

, which makes many teenage girls crazy!

Leather air cushions are truly eternal gods!

The appearance is too killing, using its classic V-shaped embossed leather, plus the branded LOGO, with the same delicacy as a YSL bag, and it is absolutely eye-catching to take out the makeup.

There are also ingenious little sisters who add a chain to the air cushion, this

Isn’t rounding a YSL bag?!

And the 2022 YSL air cushion is replaced with red velvet packaging, the texture is beautiful!

YSL Red Velvet Air Cushion

This was launched by YSL

2022 Valentine’s Day limited red velvet air cushion.

At first glance, stunning!

Sexy red-black, so killing!

Seriously, I can take it out and “make up” makeup 10 times a day, I’m afraid you won’t ask!

The red velvet air cushion uses the previous YSL leather air cushion, and it is also the brand’s unique V-stitching design, but also replaced

Vintage red velvet fabric, a big upgrade to the touch.

At the same time, with the black “YSL” logo,

The whole feeling is so advanced!

The “chaebol thousand gold” style in the hand came out.

Leather air cushion is easy to use, needless to say,

The powder is micron-sized and super delicate

, the details are not easy to jam.

It is a clear cream skin finish with high coverage and realistic shine that moisturizes and fits without masking.

The upper face is dermabrasive in one second, achieving the effect of “skin filtering”, and the makeup is also held for a long time, and the makeup is very nice all day long.

In addition to the romantic and retro red velvet model, YSL will also launch a dark air cushion.

YSL Ultimate Black Leather Air Cushion


, with a “ultimate black fashion” design in haute couture style, infused with street elements.

All-black packaging with vintage-style black embossed leather, clever distressed leather design,

Not only does it have a vintage feel, but it is also very wear-resistant.

Coupled with the matte black logo logo, it is cool and premium.

Black air cushions, like red velvet, are YSL

Classic leather air cushion, less picky, normal skin, mixed muscles can be closed eyes.

Marble air cushions are recommended for dry skin.

Valention Big V Air Cushion

In 2021, Valentino also entered the beauty circle.

A range of makeup

It is personally carried out by Valentino’s creative director and Italian fashion designer Pierpaolo Piccioli

, can it not be beautiful?

Classic Valentino red as design packaging, plus exquisite large V logo,

The sense of luxury is amazing.

Big V air cushion, the appearance inherits the inspiration of VALENTONO “big V bag”, red is warm and romantic, the red and gold color scheme plus couture leather material and gold logo, is completely capitalized beauty!

Although this is on sale in 2021, it is booming, so suitable for the New Year~

Its puff is to boast

, is a 135° ultra-wide angle flannel puff, full score of powder grabbing, and will not eat powder at all.

Big V air cushion

The main feature is a slightly misty cream skin finish, which is very natural.

The texture is very moist and fit, dry skin will not be powdered, the upper face is semi-matte finish, and the concealer effect is unexpectedly good.

However, wearing makeup is not admittedly good

, Just after applying the makeup and the makeup is good, but it won’t take long to get powdered and take off the makeup…

The beauty of the big V air cushion is really beautiful, but the cost performance is relatively low,

For the same price air cushion, I still prefer YSL and Armani.

However, what kills more than the air cushion is its powder box!


A replica of the lipstick packet from the spring/summer 2017 runway, combining powder and lipstick into one

。 The top lid of the powder box is hollowed out, just enough for lipstick.

Bright red spelling gold

Very elegant and imposing, with the addition of a gold chain strap, it instantly becomes a “Valention haute couture bag”

。 Not only for makeup, but also for fashion accessories back body, high-grade!

As a brand lover, this one is so worth collecting.

Not only Valention, GUCCI, HERMES have also made up their makeup,

More and more luxury brands have entered the beauty industry, the appearance is absolutely worry-free, and the quality is also a test,

You have to be worthy of the big name.

All right

Which of the above couture air cushions do you like the most?

Can’t afford a big-name bag? Let’s start with the same air cushion to solve the gluttony! The girl said: It’s so happy to pay for the appearance~

Which air cushion do you like best?

Welcome everyone to say your true life air cushion planting grass in the comment area,

You are also welcome to complain about the products that are not easy to use and pull the grass for everyone!

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